Fat Transfer to Breast in Korea - Seoul, KR

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The reason for my surgery is because I lost volume...

The reason for my surgery is because I lost volume in my breasts as I got older. I am only 23 years old however my bra's became loose as I became more active. (From full 32C to 32B) I did not want to get implants and fat transfer seemed like more 'natural' to increase my breasts.
I am 5'2 and weigh 118lbs, asian and do not take any contraceptives.

After researching numerous hospitals in Korea I decided with one that seemed well known and was able to answer any questions I had. They had even called long-distance to tell me procedures and what to expect. After sending in a deposit, they requested flight information so they could pick me up from the airport to go straight to their hospital for consultation. Everything went smoothly, they measured me on a BMI scale, took pre-photos, instructed me not to eat 8hrs prior surgery for the next day, and took my payment.

Arriving at the hospital the next day, I was assessed to see where fat would be taken from, mostly from my thighs as the fat there is apparently most stable, as well as back of my legs, back, and midsection. I was then sterilized in the operation room, laid on the surgery table, and received my anesthesia. Below is what they have email to me when I asked about the procedure:
*1. Fat Grafting Breast and Buttocks Augmentation*
Fat grafting uses healthy and young fat cells and stem cell ingredients
extracted from fat to inject precise amounts of autologous fat on the
breasts and buttocks to add volume.
Most commonly the fat is collected from the back of the thighs and injected
to the breasts and buttocks area. The reason for collecting the fat from
the back of the thighs is that the fat cells of the thighs have the highest
possibility of the engraftment.
*Surgery Information*
The surgery is performed under sedated anesthesia
2 ~ 3 hour operation time
No Hospitalization

Post-op first day

After the surgery I woke up incredibly drained, but was able to walk out the hospital and back to my hotel within a couple hours. Picked up my prescribed medications which included pain killers, anti-inflammation and anti-biotics.

I have bandages wrapped all over my body, I feel like a mummy. The bruises are painful to see, especially along my legs. Can't see my breasts yet since they're all wrapped up.

I nearly fainted after my first dose of meds, probably because I had only eaten eggs and toast this morning. After having a bowl of porridge, I felt ten times better. ALWAYS eat a lot before taking meds**

Post-op 2 days

I was able to walk around for hours although I had been wrapped in bandages from my chest down lol I can't stay in my room for long especially in a new country I've never explored before.
It was uncomfortable to walk sometimes as my legs would swell so much to the point my knees clicked when I bent them... And then coming home to see more bruising was worrisome but the doctor hadn't instructed that I should rest and he didn't seem concerned when my bruises were more red. I finally got my garment today though so I won't have to wear these bulky bandages anymore! Also I'll be flying back to Canada soon so I can do all the resting I want when I'm home

Bruising on my legs

Post-op 5 week

They're big again!! But it's mostly swelling... which will subside and leave me with about 50-70% of what you see now (fingers crossed it stays big). The only problem is that I noticed one side is bigger than the other and I know they're not supposed to be symmetrical anyways but it's like a LOT bigger.. I think..

After flying back to Canada, I was still required to keep the strips on my breasts like that for a couple more days. I think it's supposed to help with support? I'm not sure... and once they're off I can go into a walk-in clinic to ask them to remove the stitches at all my lipo sections. Still taking my meds until the end of this week, I'm not even quite sure how I will feel without the painkillers because right now it all feels so...painless lol and normal.

Required to sleep flat on back, which is a pain, as well as keep feet elevated on pillows

Post-op 1 Week

After a week of incredibly painful and tiring days, I reeeeally started to missing those painkillers (Which I thought I didn't need)!!! I felt every movement and turn, my muscles are so tense that I feel it in my tissues. Stretching has never felt so restraining. I'm usually quite active, kind of..., so having to stay home and turn into a couch potato is really upsetting :( But I know it's really important to give myself TIME to heal.
I still try to take walks every day of up to 2km, it's hard when there's no where I can really go without looking old and awkward...
Still a ton of bruising everywhere and my boobs still feel hard, but definitely softening up and decreasing

Post-op 1.5 month

It feels weird knowing that I was just in Korea for the first time just last month! And hopefully I'll get to visit again another time since I was unable to really explore the city while I was recovering.

All of my bruising has disappeared finally, as well as soreness in my legs, feet and back. I still have small lumps in some areas like my right breast and around my waist, but after reading other people's reviews I am hoping that it will go away eventually like they've said.

The size has definitely shrunk from the first week after surgery but I feel like, and HOPE, that it won't go down anymore! It's half a size larger than before, which was previously a B to almost a C cup. I didn't take any before pics but I found one picture when I was in a bikini if you wanted better reference.

I know the doc said I should eat more and exercise less to maintain the size but... I ain't trying to be tubby just to have boobs. So i've started exercising again, just nothing that involves my chest!

4 Month update

Its been four months since the surgery and about a month since my last update.
Breasts have decreased even more... I don't do vigorous exercises but I noticed that I sweat most around my breasts. So sad. I don't want to have to be chubby just to maintain the size of my boobs though.
I have stopped wearing a compression garment for about 5 weeks now as I wanted to slowly stop relying on it to keep my shape. Sadly any curves I had are gone lol and my skin does feel a bit loose but I'm confident that it'll get better with time and more exercise.
Overall do I think it was worth it? I know I still have a decent size and I'm happy, however I might have just gone with implants if I knew the results would leave me with only 50%. Every body is different and my size isn't too bad... I just feel that for the pain and price, it would have been more worthwhile for implants.
Dr. Kim Jong Do

He was reluctant in answering my questions, making sure I felt comfortable with the procedure. However I cannot say that he is reliable as his work on myself and another patient I know of wasn't as satisfactory. They even offered her to come back in the next year to repair the surgery. For myself, it's still fluctuating as they haven't settled yet but so far it's decent!

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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