24 Years Old Female Experiencing Rhinoplasty in Korea! - Seoul, KR

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Hi, I’m currently living in Singapore and s...

Hi, I’m currently living in Singapore and studying in college. I’ve always been stressed with my nose because it was too wide, especially my alars, and the tip was bulbous and upturned. I wanted to have a doll-looking nose, like a Barbie doll. So I have researched to find the best plastic surgery hospital in Korea on the web because I have heard a lot that Korean surgeons are skillful and have a lot of experiences. After tons of researches, I finally found ID Hospital where is well known for the best plastic surgery hospital in Korea.

I arrived in Korea on Tuesday, which is yesterday and headed to ID Hospital right after. They provided me airport pick-up service because I paid deposit for my surgery. This deposit was deducted from the total surgery cost and if I pay the deposit, I also could ensure my surgery date, so why not paying for it? :) Since I can take a day off no more than 10 days, I decided to do surgery on the same day as my consultation.

After I arrived at ID, I was amused by its size. It is a HUGE building; 16-story building. A receptionist at the front desk welcomed and directed me to the 15th floor. I filled out the chart there before the consultation. It was glad that they have a café and serve free drinks to the patients. Their coffee was so goooooood! After done with filling out the chart, I went to the 16th floor and had a consultation with the consultant first. I was happy that the consultant speaks English so language was not a problem. She recommended me the ‘barbie line rhinoplasty’ which makes a natural nose with tall, straight bridge and sophisticated tip. Then, my doctor came into the room. Oh, you can actually choose the doctor. I chose Dr. Il Hwan Kim because he is the rhinoplasty specialist and also the Let Me In (famous Korean makeover show) doctor. He also recommended me the Barbie line rhinoplasty after seeing my nose. Dr. Kim was very kind and trustful. I bothered him by asking too many questions because I never had any surgery before so I was very nervous. But he answered all of my questions in detail with a big smile :) When he smiles, he looks so cute with the dimples haha. After consultation, Dr. Kim made a surgical design on my nose.

Then, I went to the 11th floor where the operation rooms are located at. Before I went into the operation room, I got changed to a patient gown. I was too nervous but my consultant was with me and put me at ease. When I went into the operation room, I was asked to lie down in the bed. One of the nurses cleansed my face and measured my blood pressure. Then she put the anesthetic injection into my arm and then I have no idea what was going on lol I totally fell asleep.

When I woke up from the anesthetic, I was in the recovery room. I think I was staying there for an hour. I thought it was going to be painful after surgery. I felt a little bit dizzy but other than that, I was totally fine. I did not feel any pain! The nurse gave me a bag with prescription, iced pack, and extra guazes for blocking nostrils because blood was coming out.

I was so starved from 6 hours of fasting so I headed to Korean bbq restaurant right after buying my medication. It was difficult to taste the food and breathe through the nose because my nose was blocked but I felt so good after having some food >_< I have to go back to ID for removal of stitches and splint next week. I will be back within a week! :)

1 week post op

I went back to ID for after-surgery treatment. I could not wait to remove the cotton inside of my nose because I had a difficulty of breathing through my nose since it was blocked by the cotton. As soon as the cotton was removed, I felt so much better!!! Then, the nurse removed the stitches out from the nose. I thought it was going to be very painful but I actually did not feel any pain ? Then Dr. Kim came into the room and said hi to me with a big smile. I really like him because he always made me feel calm. Dr. Kim checked inside of my nose and removed the cast from my nose. I finally could see my nose line!!!! My nose bridge became higher, nose tip towards down, and the part I like the most was alar size!! It became much smaller >_< Even though my nose was swollen but I really liked my new nose shape!! Dr. Kim said my nose is still swollen so it still looks big but it will be more natural and beautiful as the swellings go down. After doctor’s checkup, they directed me to the skin care room. It was done in a really cozy room. I almost fell asleep there. I lied down in the bed and one of the aestheticians cleansed my face with their own products which are called ‘ID.AZ’. Then, I got some laser treatment. I forgot the name of the laser but it was for reducing swellings and bruises. After that, she applied a mask sheet on my face. It has cooling effect and my skin got a lot of moisture from the mask. The skin care took about 40 minutes. They recommended me to use their products because it is the special products for swelling care.

After skin care, I went to the 15th floor to get the tax refund. It was really nice that I could get the tax refund for the surgery. I felt like I got some free money! >_< Then, I went to 16th floor to see my consultant for the last time before I left Korea. She told me that I look much better than before the surgery and I would look more beautiful as time goes by. She also told me to contact her any time whenever I need something. I really appreciate everyone at ID for providing me a good care during my stay in Korea. Now I’m back in Singapore. I will be back to school tomorrow and wonder what my friends are going to say about my nose >_
Dr. Il Hwan Kim

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