Jaw Shaving (V Line), Zygoma Reduction, Rhinoplasty, Double Eyelid Surgery. South Korea, KR

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I have always been I unconfident and overly...

I have always been I unconfident and overly conscious of what I percieved to be a large jaw, asymmetry of the lower face and generally feeling that my lower face was too "heavy." I didn't like that my lower face always appeared to be swollen/fat/large in appearance and wanted the perfect oval shape (or vline shape) that we see in so many Korean/Chinese actresses nowadays. I also had single monolidded eyes that I wanted to make into double eyelids (I'm Chinese, before all my surgeries I used eyelid tape to make the eyelid crease, this was making the skin on my eyelid lose firmness).
So, when I finally saved up enough money to get all the surgeries I wanted (initially when planning my surgeries I just wanted vline, double eyelid surgery) I made the decision to do everything in South Korea. I contacted a Seoul based medical tourism agency and then arranged for all the appointments with the potential plastic surgery clinics. And so, in Decomber of 2015, not even 20 years old yet, I flew by myself to S. Korea. I was terrified yet excited.
Once in Seoul, I wasted no time and immediately met with the plastic surgery clinics. I had appointments with two clinics: a large, hospital type clinic and a smaller clinic. The consultation with the larger clinic was quite bad; I've heard of stories of "ghost surgeons" where inexperienced junior actually does the surgery when you are led to think that an experienced surgeon does it, and the consulting doctor at the large clinic gave me that vibe. He was quite forceful and even rude at times, and it seemed that my concerns where literally flying over his head. So the large clinic was a definite no. At the smaller clinic, my consultation was good: I met with all the doctors that specialized in their certain area of the face and would actually be doing my surgeries. I felt confident that my concerns and views were actually heard and respected by the consulting doctors, so I decided to go with them.
For anyone planning to go to South Korea for surgery, based on my experience and what I've seen on many forums, one piece of advice I would like to give is to choose the clinic/surgeon that makes you feel understood and can explain all the procedures clearly to you. If the consulting surgeon is very forceful with his own ideas of what would look good on you and ignores what you have to say, or you can't even see the surgeons that would be doing the surgeries (I'm talking about some of those very large clinics--Grand in my case) then take your money elsewhere. It's not worth it to spend a lot of money in a clinic that may potentially butcher your face because of questionable practices and doctors.
Another piece of advice for anyone who is looking to get surgeries done in S. Korea: I was kind of suckered into doing zygoma reduction and rhinoplasty (alar reduction, hook nose reduction via nose shaving and nose tip reshaping along with the surgeries I originally planned to have, which were vline and double eyelid surgery). Looking back I didn't really need the zygoma reduction or the nose surgeries, but the surgeon said they would "really compliment" my overal face, so I decided to do them. So, going to S. Korea I would advise having a very clear idea of what you want to do and what you don't think you need.
Once my surgeries were scheduled, everything was set to go. All of my surgeries were completed at once. I went into the clinic in the morning at 10 and came out at 8pm. So quite a long time.
I had a lot of swelling and by the second day my head was huge like a balloon. LOL.
Also, another warning for those planning to get lots of surgeries in their trip to S. Korea: despite what the doctors say, if you get a lot of surgeries combined on the face like me, your swelling will NOT go down in the 2-3months they say it will. Not possible. (Okay, so I know everyone heals differently, but realistically it's unlikely you will look great in 2-3 months). My surgeon said my facial swelling would go down in 2-3 months; well, here I am 5 months later with substantial and persistent swelling around my cheeks--still waiting for that to go. So right now I don't even look as good as I did before (friends and family constantly think I either got fat or my wisdom teeth are impacted), but I suppose as time goes by it will be better. Anyhow, don't expect to become *instantly* prettier, you will be severely disappointed.
I think that's all I'll post about my plastic surgeries in S. Korea for now, since I'm typing this on my phone and it's a bit tiring (haha).
But I suppose if anyone has questions or wants to know more about my individual surgeries, I'll post a few more reviews.
Also, since I'm still waiting for some 20-30% of persistent swelling to go down, perhaps I'll post another review as my results become clearer.
I'm not going to post any pictures because I'm a bit shy about putting my face here, hopefully what I've written gives a good enough idea!
I hope my review was useful :)
(Clinic based in Seoul)

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