23 Years Old~ Finally Got Rid of the "Extra Baggage" on my Face! Double Chin and Cheek Lipo! - Korea, KR

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Hi everyone~ I recently got liposuction on my face...

Hi everyone~ I recently got liposuction on my face. I found this site to be really helpful when I was researching so I thought I would post up here too! I would appreciate a lot of honest feedbacks!
My best friend and I have been talking about getting some work done on our faces since high school and after years of considering, we finally decided to get surgery! My body isn’t really fat or anything, but my face was way too big and chubby. Proportions were totally off. I uploaded some pictures I’ve sent to consultants, but I couldn’t really get the right angle. It looked much chubbier in person. Since there are a lot of famous places in socal, I did kind of contemplate whether to get it done here or Korea. I read a lot of reviews on realself too and it helped with deciding what to do. I actually live in the OC area, but I visited a lot of places in LA like Koreatown, Beverly Hills and Malibu. I also went online to have consultations for plastic surgery clinics in Korea. I mean it’s no secret that Korea is now like one of the best places to get ps done. OMG people in Korea were so overly friendly! It was actually great compared to the snobby receptionists or nurses in BH or Malibu. Korea actually has a lot of English speaking consultants now that are very helpful. I’m Korean, but my Korean is awful.. I can speak or understand some words, but I def cannot read or write. At first, I really didn’t know what to do with my face. Whether I needed constructive surgery, or if there was something else that could be done. After speaking to one consultant, they suggested that I wouldn’t need to do anything graphic. They said all I needed was maybe just a little face lipo. Supposedly, it’s all the rage right now! It can totally make your face smaller without undergoing major surgery. I preferred this to osteotomy. I knew someone that cut their jawbone, but I heard she was in so much pain it did kind of freak me out. So I did extra research and found the perfect place that specializes in face liposuction. There’s a lot of competition in Korea now with literally TOO many plastic surgery places. Don’t be fooled. You really need to do your research. I found that the bigger places might have more advertisements going on, but in actuality, you receive better results going to doctors where they concentrate on one or two areas specifically. This place seemed to be the go to for facial liposuction. My consultant was super sweet and friendly. Very thorough with discussing what I wanted. It of course helped that she was fluent in English. I met with the doctor afterwards to finalize my plans for surgery and he really helped me to understand that there are different ways to improve your looks without “heavy construction.”
Undergoing surgery was really scary for me as it was my first time. I thought I would freak out, but I literally went to sleep, woke up, and I was like oh are we done? After waking up, I did feel a little dizzy and I was kind of out of it, but I couldn’t wait to see the results. They of course explained to me that I would not be able to tell until the swelling goes down a bit. It does hurt when the anesthetic wears off, but they do prescribe you painkillers. These are my before pictures and how I looked right after my surgery! Not too bad right? I did have a large bandage around my face when they sent me home, but no shame in that! So many people walk around like this lol. It’s been a few weeks now and I’m pretty satisfied with what I’m seeing!!

Swelling has gone down!

Hi!! I wanted to post more pictures since most of the swelling has gone down. I have to say I'm pretty surprised I haven't really experienced any pain or discomfort. I did feel a little straining under my chin the first week, but that was about it. I don't know if this all in my head, but I already see a major difference. I did pay for another session of high frequency treatment though. The first time was included in my package and since I really liked the results I did another session. This treatment helps speed up the process so its great for people like me with no patience :). I have a little scarring left on my neck, but they said this will go away soon. You can't really tell I had stitching. Aren't the results amazing?! It's still a little chubby around my lower cheek area, but the double chin is definitely gone. I'm so excited!!! Everyday feels like a new and improved me!

Recovering Well!

Hi guys~ I just wanted to post a new update. I have been doing great so far. I think all my swelling has gone down. The skin under my chin still feels a little weird, but it's not too bad. It feels a little numb or tense? It's a little hard to explain! My side profile looks better than my frontal view. I am so happy I don't have my bulges anymore!!

Feeling more confident!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to post a new update. I am doing very well. No problem with sagging or seeing any side effects of surgery. I actually started working out to lose more weight. Before, it seemed like I would lose weight on my body, but my face stayed the same. Thus why I got the lipo in the first place lol. I'm not sure if it's going to make a big difference, but I didn't want my money to go to waste by not taking care of myself afterwards. I feel great. More confident! I can't believe that picture up there is me! I hope I can reach out to more people debating if they should go for it. Feeling good about yourself should be the first step, and I am enjoying my new life! I will update again if I see or feel any changes. Thanks for reading!

Just because!

Hi again! Writing a short one lol. I haven't gained any weight on my face yet. I am exercising, but not dieting. Just trying to keep my figure. I can't believe a couple of months ago I was whining about the compression band! Totally worth it! I feel great! I receive so many compliments when I go out! Good night everyone! :)

Just stopped by to say hello!

Hey everyone~ how is everyone doing? Busy Christmas season coming up! I hope all is well. I'm doing great. Still LOVE my new self! My friend's sister is going next week for the same procedure I had. I just wanted to wish her good luck!! Good for you D****! I hope everyone stays warm! Thank you.
Dr. Jonghyun Hong

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