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So I thought that I would share my experience on...

So I thought that I would share my experience on this website. Seems like no one on here really had an experience like mine. I sifted though, searching for answers and found none. Hopefully this will help anyone going though what I experienced.

I decided to get Fraxel Dual to eleiminate some light scnce scars on my cheeks, also to help with some pigmentation on my nose. I have some freckles that I wanted to take care of. I also wanted to get ‘ahead of the game” so to speak. I just turned 30 and I wanted to give my skin a boost before I start to look old. I was recommended 3 treatments of Fraxel Dual and v-beam laser treatment, for old pink acne spots. I received 3 treatments of the v-beam with no problem, my skin looked lighter and thanks to the new face wash/lotion the Dermatologist gave me my skin was really clear.

I went in for my fraxel treatment feeling a bit panicked as I have sensitive skin and nothing I do seems to make it happy. The treatment itself was alright, no problems there. I had 2 passes covering my whole face but 3 on my cheeks, where the scarring is.

My face was really hot afterward and pretty pink for about a day. Which is normal, I even “peeled” or the skin flaked off on day 3. Day 5 noticed I was starting to break out, badly. I woke up every day with whiteheads and a red rash (it looked like dematitus) I messaged my dermatologist and they assured me that this was normal but everything I read online said otherwise.

I found myself a new dermatologist. I went in for a consultation, as the pimples kept getting worse. He said it was not acne and was likely a contact allergy to either the topical cream they used during the procedure or one the creams they gave me to use while I was healing. I was prescribed antibiotics and given anti-inflammatory injections to calm my skin. My new dermatologist does not recommend going back for a second or third treatment as my skin is too sensitive. I definitely won’t be, so glad I’m not tempted to see if subsequent visits will fix the damage.

While all this has been going on I have noticed that my skin is very different, from before the procedure. One of the biggest concerns is the “orange peel” texture I see other post about. Before the procedure I had minimal pores, perhaps they were bigger on my nose but nothing noticeable. The pores all over my face are now huge, at least to me. It’s the worst on my forehead. I also have small lines forming (nasolobial wrinkles) near my mouth that were not there before the procedure. In addition to the damage from the fraxel I have atrophy (dents) caused by the anti-inflammatory (cortisone) injection I received as treatment for the allergy.

My skin is now extremely sensitive. I can only use Cetaphil cleanser and lotion on my face, otherwise I breakout in a small rash with painful pustules. My new dermatologist told me that it might take months for my skin to recover and to only use these products in the mean time.

So to sum up my overall fraxel experience: I now have wrinkles, enlarged pores and dents in my skin that were not there before the procedure. Whereas before I only had minimal scarring that was easily concealed by makeup. I am only on week 6 post, I was told it might even take 6 months to see either the results/damage from the laser. So far it isn’t looking good. I did my research before I went in, both for the procedure and the clinic. I read tons of reviews, weighted the pros and cons but sometimes you can do everything right and still fail.

Anyone looking to get this done please let this be a cautionary tale to you. Be happy with who you are, that sounds ridiculous. I know you might think a slight fix is all you need to be happy but really, you don’t.
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