70 YO with Multiple Actinic Karatosis with Prior History of Multiple Squamous Cells - Seminole, FL

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Had my first Blue Light yesterday. Read the...

Had my first Blue Light yesterday. Read the reviews here and I was very anxious and expected a great deal of pain. Well, it wasn't bad at all. Granted I would not want to do this on a daily basis but I have to rate the experience as more of a discomfort than pain. I went in, had my face scrubbed with Acetone then the Levilun was applied (I did not have much of a sensation to the Levilun. Some said it burned or tingled but I felt next to nothing). Then I sat in waiting room for an hour. Then was taken to another room where I was put under a very warm electric blanket for another half hour, this was heaven. Then into the blue light therapy room. The treatment itself was very uncomfortable but not much worse than you would feel if you got a bad sunburn on you face. It has been about 24 hours and my face is red and it is warm but the Dr. gave me Alevicyn Dermal Spray (must have Rx) and it helps a lot. I also have one of those little hand held spray bottles with a fan on it that I use periodically. I was told NOT to put Aquaphor on my face but to use a mild, no scent moisturizer so I am using Cereva. I am washing my face with pHisoderm then putting on the Cereva. I don't remember who said this in their post but I want to thank them because they said to take an I-Pod or something to listen to music and I did that and it helped to keep my mind off the burning. I also used the hand held mini fan they gave me and just bopped along to the music. In 4 songs (17 min) it was over. I had no problem sleeping last night at all. My second procedure is not until Feb 17th and I will be much calmer than I was this time. I will continue to post my progress and photos and will have to wait and see what I feel about it after I have had the second and that has healed. I could not post a cost as I do not know what it will be. It was covered by my insurance so all I paid was a co-pay and then I will owe an additional 10%

Round 2

Sorry I slacked off on the first procedure but now we are on to 2nd one. This time I told them that I did not get as much peeling as I thought I would and was concerned if that was a good thing or a bad thing. She asked me if I wanted to do a stronger dose this time and I said yes. After cleaning my face with the Acetone she put on a chemical peel then the Levilun. Still sat with the Levilun for and hour and 1/2 but this time got the nice room with the warming blanket the entire time. My treatment time was also the same, 17 min. I admit that the chemical peel did burn a bit but not unbearable. The blue light was also a bit more intense but again I have my I-Pod and just bopped along taking my mind off the procedure. I was not that red when I got home but it continued to deepen over the day and the night so that I was glowing by morning. The Alevicyn Dermal Spray helped as did the little hand held fan with the bottle filled with water from the fridge. Same procedure. Washed face twice a day with Aquaphor followed by Cereva. The peeling this time was much worse than the first and it is very uncomfortable. First your face swells so you look like a pumpkin head, it gets tight and then the itching begins. I used Aquanil HC (a sample I had gotten at the Derms office and it has 1% Hydrocortisone that helped minimally but better than nothing. You can buy Hydrocortisone over the counter. Once the peeling started I had to almost wear a straight jacket to keep from scratching. I slept in gloves just in case I scratched in my sleep. I decided to try using Vitamin E oil on the rough patches and boy did that help. It softened them and I think it helped them to slough off. I am on day two of the Vitamin E oil and think it is a Godsend. Today, 4th day after my chin is almost done peeling but the area around my nose and cheeks still feel like sandpaper. Not as thick as what was on my chin. Can't wait for that to resolve. Ok, that's it. I will make an effort to come back and post a picture after I am healed. All I can say is don't let the horror stories turn you off. It really isn't that bad at all and if it will help you beat skin cancer on your face it is worth a little misery. BYW, I am doing my chest next month.
Saint Petersburg Dermatologic Surgeon

Maggie, a Licensed Medical Aesthetician did my procedure. I thought she was very understanding and supportive. She stayed in the therapy room with me the entire time which gave me peace of mind. My only suggestion would be for the office to give the patients a printed list of after care instructions on top of the verbal. So much goes through you mind at the time that it is hard to retain everything. I will make that suggestion next time I go in.

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