Hi Def Vaser to Abs & Flanks - Notts, GB

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Ive never 'blogged' before so please dont expect...

Ive never 'blogged' before so please dont expect anything special! Lol

I've always been fit, healthy & active. My build is small frame 1.67m 60kgs, slim & athletic. Swimming 3-4 times weekly (1mile in 40mins) throughout my adult life has always helped keep the lbs off - but has never made me 'muscular'. My biggest concern was the obvious middle age spread (waist increased from 29" to 33") with the lower abs fat becoming an issue. I will be posting before and after pics in part two of this blog)
I first heard about vaser a little over a year ago

Choosing the doctor..........
Reading other posts on here I had consultations with 5 doctors. I chose Dr Bassi in Selston (Nottingham). Although not as 'local' for me as the London based doctors I really liked his approach and felt he understood my needs. His pricing for high def was cheaper than standard and mid-def compared to the london based doctors. It wasnt just this huge price difference it was the overall set-up of the practice and other positive reviews. As i waited in the consultation room I was fortunate to chat to another guy who had had the procedure 4weeks previous. Speaking with him first hand he explained how pleased he was with his results and his aftercare. A bonus for me was that Dr Bassi is also the local GP and his practice properly regulated.

Because I was having two separate areas done (abs and flanks) I would need two distinct dates, (the london based doctors would have performed these all in one go and two stated a general anaesthetic would be needed which greatly added to their overall costs). Dr Bassi explained that my procedure would be undertaken by himself and Dr Vlock who is also Hi-def trained and that by utilising this two person approach the time needed would be halved, less of the local anaesthetic would have worn off and there was a reduction of risk to lignocaine toxicity (a risk known with this type of procedure).

Two dates were set separated by a week which meant Id be in compression garments and foam inserts for 5 weeks 24/7 and then for 4 weeks 12hours per day.

Unlike the London based doctors who would supply the garments, i was advised what i needed and given details of a company who offered a 10% discount if I quoted the clinics name. It wasnt so much of a hassle to order these myself. A minimum of 2 was recommended (1 worn 1 laundered) A tip I had been given was to order a size smaller - initially after the procedure there is lots of swelling so the body is naturally bigger, but after 2weeks when the swelling reduces and you get better compression with the smaller size. I didnt use the recommended company to purchase my garments - as i said im small framed and the smallest size didnt seem to offer much compression. Instead i used a company favoured by one of the london based doctors (macom). I bought three garments (2 small 1 xsmall).

Dr Bassi suggested i may have a wheat intolerance as we went through my history and examination and recommended i go 'wheat free'. For a long time ive felt bloated after eating. Sceptically i followed his advice in the weeks before my procedure but was amazed just how my bloated tummy reduced (although still rotund from my middle-age spread) and how much more 'comfortable' i felt after eating. I know im not suffering from coeliacs disease where i would need a completely gluten free diet but withholding the quantities of bread and wheat i was eating made a difference.

I booked myself into a local premier inn (£29 per night) which was about 10mins drive /taxi ride away from the clinic. I drove up on the day of the procedure and enjoyed 2 full english breakfasts! One at home before i set off and one when i arrived (about 2 hours before my procedure). I was advised to drink plenty and plenty of water commencing 24hours before so to ensure i was well hydrated as you can lose a lot of body fluid. This wasnt such a hardship and i religiously was drinking a glass every hour.

The distance from my home to the clinic was 160miles and took me just under 4 hours stopping twice.

My next entry will cover the two procedures :-)

O9 Nov 13 Saturday
The date of my first procedure (upper and lower abs) soon came round. I was a little nervous but also very excited :-) My biggest concern was about possibile pain but forewarned is forearmed as they say! I took pre-op pics and measured my waist .....33"!! and said goodbye to my abdo fat by enjoying one final cooked breakfast lol
Arriving at the clinic I completed the final paperwork and consent and went through the procedure and the expected outcome with Dr Bassi. He took some pre pics and marked me up. I was given 20mgs of diazepam, got changed into paper pants and gown and made myself comfy on an examination couch. The next i remember (some 40mins or so later), Dr Bassi was waking me up from my deep sleep and i walked to the surgical suite. Within 10 mins i was being injected with local anaesthetic and we were underway! The only 'pain' i experienced was the local anaesthetic needle and stinging which soon passed. All the time Dr Bassi and Dr Vlock were asking if i could feel this or that which i fortunately couldnt! I was aware of a tugging and pulling type sensation but certainly no pain or discomfort. I was awake enough to be able to talk - most probably I was talking absolute jibberish as i cant remember anything. My next recollection was again being woken and the procedure finished - one and a half hours and 750mls of ab flab gone in the blink of an eye!!
I was helped to stand and fluid flowed out of 2 incisions down my leg. Dr Bassi supported me as we faced the full length mirror. I was amazed at the initial result :-) Gone was the ab flab replaced with definition and the outline of a six-pack. As i said before I've never been muscular but the definition was there.....not shadowing or a trick of the light. I could feel for myself the indentations and delineation :-)
I was padded up and helped into my compression garment. Although i had had 2 full meals I felt hungry and ate some snack bars and some chocolate to boost my sugar levels. Dr Bassi went through the immediate post procedure instructions and gave me a supply of pain relief tabs plus also an extra diazepam (i am a poor sleeper in hotels at the best of times). I had his mobile phone number and was told to call should there be any problems.
I was driven to the hotel in my car and the first thing i did was to protect the hotel bed with a plastic matress protector as i knew to expect lots of oozing overnight. I was settled in bed within an hour and was even too tired to watch 'Strictly'. I slept on my tummy on top of 2 beach towels and woke about 5hours later feeling very sore. I knew to expect this and took some pain relief. Id brought a healthy supply of food and drink and drank 500mls water. I could feel a damp sensation where i was oozing but this didnt concern me. Dr Bassi had sent a text checking all was well (but at 1am i felt it was too late to respond).
I slept for a couple of hours at a time.

10 Nov 13 Sunday
By 7am i knew i was heavily bruised and my entire torso felt incredibly tender. I gingerly lifted myself off the bed and went to look at myself in the mirror. What a site ! Lol! Unshaven, messy hair, morning breath and all trussed up in my compression garment wearing paperpants!! Not a look if youre on the pull i thought!
It took me about 2 hours all in all to get ready for the day. First i needed to get out of the garment, shower and then pad myself up and get back into my garment. I knew it would be messy....and it was! I felt a little light headed when i first undid the garment but my body soon adjusted and i was able to shower. The smell of the fluid soaked pads was quite 'clinical'. I enjoyed a refreshing,albeit short, shower. Soon enough i was re-padded and gauze swabs placed over my incision sites and in my compression garment!
I enjoyed a good healthy breakfast and returned to my room for a day of 'Game of Thrones' which Id downloaded onto my tablet.

The day passed quickly. The pain and tenderness got a little more pronounced as the day wore and i was taking pain killers every 4-6 hours. Anyone who writes this procedure is painfree is obviously not talking about the first 24hours!

Oozing persisted throughout the day and i changed the pads and gauze swabs again before i settled to sleep. I slept on my tummy which i knew would help with the drainage and compression

11 Nov 13
The pain was bearable but worse today than yesterday. I returned to the clinic for my first review and therapy session. The bruising was very evident as you can see from my pictures, but everything was as expected :-)
The session consisted of an ultrasound therapy followed by a massage to encourage drainage. As you will appreciate this was not a pain free experience!! Four letter obscenaties poured from my lips with apparent ease as i gripped the sides of the couch!! If youre reading this about to have vaser please please disregard other posts which gloss over the pain aspect. This first therapy session hurt like hell lol!! Having said that, i felt incredibly more comfortable and relaxed afterwards :-)

I took my time driving home stopping twice. Like in the hotel, the first thing i did was put the matress protector on the bed. Showering and changing the pads etc was just as slow as the first time but i was in no hurry.

More to follow........


Second Procedure

15 Nov 13
I drove up to Notts to have my third therapy session. Dr Bassi reviewed me and confirmed all was well. The stiffness and soreness were both greatly reduced post therapy (Id been doing self massage and using the little ultrasound machine id bought on ebay every morning before showering. I noticed in the first 3or4 days post what can only be described as 'bubblewrap' beneath my skin as i massaged - this was easy to massage out. Towards the end of the week from about days 5-6 this turned firmer to a 'mashed potato' sensation. Either way i knew my skin needed to be smooth without any lumps or bumps so i religously braved the discomfort).

Being honest my first week was tough and there was a lot of discomfort (much more than others on here have admitted to experienced). I was needing regular analgesia as I could feel the breakthrough pain, soreness and twinges. The analgesia caused constipation which was an added discomfort.

If you thought buying condoms and lube was embarassing (getting that 'I know what your doing!!' look from the young female sales assistant lol), i can honestly say buying some suppositories was even more so!! Hahaha
I was literally 'resurrected' after a good relieving poo :-)
With my spirits well and truly lifted i was ready for my second procedure - vaser on my flanks

16 Nov 13
Knowing what to expect this time round made this so much easier. I was more at ease and had slept better. Id checked into the local Premier Inn for 2 nights (again a bargain at £29 per night).
An early morning mcdonalds breakfast followed by a midday pub lunch saw me well nourished before my procedure scheduled for 2pm. As before i was drinking a glass of water each hour to ensure i was fully hydrated.

Arriving at the clinic Dr Bassi went through all the consent paperwork, expectations, q&a and marked me up before i had my diazepam premed and changed into gown and paperpants. As before the diazepam soon made me drowsy and sleepy.

As before both Dr Vlok and Dr Bassi would be working their magic. I cant remember walking to the procedure room at all!! and very little about the procedure itself other than i was lying this time on my tummy. My first recollection is standing in front of the full length mirror with Dr Bassi supporting me and looking at iodine coloured body! Dr Vlok had suggested to remove a little fat around my deltoilds which was purely cosmetic. Post pics were taken and i was 'padded up' and dressed in my compression garment before being driven to my hotel.

Just as before i was so sleepy and drowsy that it was a case if straight to bed! And i again missed 'Strictly' lol

More follows..........

Ouch!! The flanks hurt more than abs!

17 Nov 13
It was a long night! My flanks were much sorer and tender than my abs and i became very uncomfortable in the night when the effects of the anaesthetic wore off. By 3am i was wide awake and aware of the full wet pads against my skin making me even more uncomfortable. I couldnt find a comfortable position and was tossing and turning each time feeling more twinges and pain. So come 4am i thought enough is enough i need to change the pads. I undressed myself from the compression garment which felt much tighter. The mattress was again protected and i was laying on beach towels. I gingerly removed the pads which were heavy and soddened with the tumescent fluid oozing from the incisions. I applied fresh dry padding and got back into the compression garment. The whole changing process took my over an hour. Unlike before i didnt feel curious to see the result in the mirror ....i was just too tired! I made a peppermint tea, took some pain relief and after a quick visit to the loo went back to bed this time sleeping the longest till 10am :-)

When i awoke i felt i couldnt move! As if id been knocked senseless by Mike Tyson! My whole abdo region front and back was stiff and sore. The flanks procedure certainly was more severe than the abs. The analgesia (co-codamol) kicked in about 20mins or so after taking so i set alarms on my iphone with 6hour spacing. Come hell or high water i would be taking pain relief regularly! Lol

I experienced light headedness when i removed the garment so stayed laying down for 5mins or so before slowly sitting up; a further 5mins before i stood and walked to the bathroom. I cleaned my teeth first to get my body used to being upright again before taking a shower. I deliberately made sure the water was warm not cold. The water stung the incision sites and i gently washed and massaged. I dried myself, covered the incisions and reapplied the pads before getting myself back into the garment. I felt 'safer' in the garment and was comforted by its tightness and the support it offered.

It was a very slow walk, well more of a waddle!, to the restaurant for breakfast. I felt incredibly hungry having missed dinner last night. I went round the buffet twice and enjoyed 2 cooked breakfasts plus yoghurt, fruit and juice!! I think also having sorted out the constipation problem also helped :-)

I drove home lunchtime taking it nice and easy.

18 Nov 13
First therapy session with local therapist went very well. I had showered and changed the pads before i went. Although id booked an hour my first session was over in 50mins as i felt a little 'too much' pain in my flanks and began to feel nauseous. I returned home and showered to remove the remnants of the gel, took a couple of photos and got settled again into the compression garment. The bruising from last weeks abs procedure gone but fresh appearing on flanks and arms. Ho ho ho!

Week 2

Some pics from week 2 abs week 1 flanks

Week 3

3 weeks post abs 2 weeks post flanks

6 weeks post abs and 5 weeks post flanks!

I'm now wearing the compression garment and foam only for 12-15hrs per day. They go on after my morning shower and come off before my night time soak in the bath! After a full 5weeks of 24/7 this is an absolute doddle!! Plus it means i can sleep better. Each time i undress i always sneak a peak in the mirror and often do a double take.....'is this really me???' Lol

Many years ago i was diagnosed with psoriasis but this hadnt shown itself for over 5years. However, in the past 2weeks i had a flare up and needed to see my GP. He felt that it had been aggravated by the stress procedure on my body (not as a psychololigical stress). He prescribed the usual paraffin based cream with steroid plus an emolient for my bath (Dermol) and a cream to nourish and keep my skin hydrated and subtle (Doublebase). My skin has never felt so soft and has a constant healthy sheen. Both these can be bought over the counter. I wish i had had them in the first few weeks as my skin felt very dry wearing the garment and foam.

I'm still having 2x therapy sessions per week and always feel so much invigorated, relaxed with super smooth contours afterwards. Reading on here some people only take between 7 and 10 sessions which is the bare minimum i was told during my initial consultations. If youre reading this (i understand if you lost the will to live and probably gave up at my week 2 entry! Lol), and are planning on having this procedure - i would strongly advise you get as many sessions as possible. I did 3 per week for the first 2 weeks and then 2 per week.

Next week (into week 7 post abs) i reduce to just 1 session.

20 Nov 13
Today i drove up to Selston, Nottinghamshire for a review from Dr Bassi. He was very pleased with the result. I didnt wear the foam for the journey just the garment and had a some red marks. I massaged a little and they soon cleared and he took some photos. We discussed my regime and progress to date. He was pleased with the quality of my therapist and said she had done a good job. He said he would happily able to recommend her to clients from essex who wished to have vaser.
Dr Bassi advised i can start swimming (gently) now and in earnest in the new year. Cant wait!!

(I will post the pics taken at the clinic as soon as they are emailed to me).

As all is progressing splendidly i will return in 3months for my next follow up

Here is an update pic taken this evening after my bath and application of the 'doublebase' which i think you'll agree is much better than my 'before' pics!

Final therapy session and a bye bye to the compression garment!.....woop woop!!

Cant believe 8 weeks gone already!
Today I had my final ultrasound and massage session with my therapist Heather and wore my garment (hopefully) for the last time......kinda feel 'naked' without it now!

Today i also went swimming and showed by body in public for the first time! Had a few stares......and even a phone number! Lol
I swam my mile (48 lenths @33m) in 56mins - normally it takes me 45mins so i need to work a little harder to get 'back to normal'. Dr Bassi had advised not to push it too hard initially.

I'm really chuffed with the result of the procedure.....gone has gone my middle-age abdo and flank spread and now i look much more defined and lean without the fat. As Ive said before i have never been muscular - the effects of this surgery have merely defined and enhanced the hidden muscularture which in turn has taken years off me and have boosted my confidence no end.

Vaser is not a 'walk in the park' procedure like many clinics and adverts say. It hurts, is sore is uncomfortable and leaves you swollen & bruised. You are subjected to a regimented routine of compression garment and foam (pain in the arse!) for 24/7 in the the first month....looking and feeling like the MichelinMan. The pain killers leave you constipated (i was resurrected by a glycerine suppository on more than one occasion lol). That said, it has been worth it for me :-)

I have had several private messages about the cost. This site caters in US dollars only.
My hi-def abs and flank vaser cost £5500 (GBP not USD)......this was £10500 cheaper than the most expensive London based quote).

My care at Selston Cosmetic Clinic has been exceptional and i have no reservations in recommending Dr Bassi Dr Vlok and Mags

My next follow appointment is in March and i will update this blog again then

Thank you for reading :-)
Dr Bassi & Dr Vlok

I can recommend Selston Cosmetic Clinic. The entire team were wonderful and I am delighted with the results. I was quoted £10,000 more for the same procedure in London! The results speak for themselves

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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