33yr Old, 1 Kid After C -section (Hate the Gym!!) - Nottingham, GB

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Helloo! I've been lurking on here for a little...

Helloo! I've been lurking on here for a little while now, live in London and had a son 5 years ago.

I'm a slimish 5ft 9 , 10st 7lbs (147lbs/68kgs) I used to be an athlete and used to go to the gym prior to my son 5 years ago(never loved it to be honest) but like looking trim! And I have a naughty sweet tooth (chocolate to be specific). However when I was pregs I put on around 50lbs and managed to lose it all within a year without the gym just from walking around and having the odd sugar free week, I was exactly the same weight ad I was before preggo with less hard work. I did the odd 15 min YouTube Pilates vid but hey ho, I got a little bump on top of my c section scar which makes me highly conscious in a bikini. I'm athletic slimish build - so not super curvy (I would love this but God didn't make me that way) but embrace how I am which ain't too bad...lovely breasts, toned long legs and half decent ass all with no gym ????.

Had a bit of a mare diving straight in running up to Harley st and booking with whoever said yes to me (alberto giuseppe) then doing my research on here and other places on him after ...so dumb!! I managed to cancel and lost a few hundred but that's not as bad as being stuck with a bad vaser job. Anyhow after lots of scrolling and reading I've decided on dr bassi at the selston clinic in Nottingham . He's got many great real reviews and truly trust that he'll smooth this belly of mine out! HE WILL!

I'm getting full front abs, and ideally later waist area (I need a bit more of a waist)but will see about that on the day (as he prefers not to do more than 2 areas per session)! **price quoted is in UK pounds £3000**

Positive vibes people, positive vibes xx

Compression garment size? Confused

Hi, I'm a 30 inch waist and. According to veronique I measure for a medium garment. However I've tried it on and it seems a bit too comfy prior surgery feeling I should go for a small? Or would this be silly due to foam inserts etc that I'd have to wear also? Pls advise what's best from experience? Thx x

A few more pics 10 days pre

So I really just want my athlete build to be tidy and neat, il never be hourglass curvy because of my natural build but I can look "tidy"!

Smooth the sides and front (like how I was pre baby), I swear if it weren't for my boobs- good Lord! :-)

Day 2 post op comparison pics

Ok pics aren't fab and I'm feeling slightly sore but better than yesterday. I haven't done my massages yet but hey ho it's day 2 post op so let's have a peek:-)!

Let me remind you I had slightly loose skin from pregnancy therefore right after surgery (once fat was sucked out) the skin above my section scar was like an empty bag hanging over the scar -yuk! By about an inch. Well miraculously by the next morn it had retracted to my abdominal wall already once more fluids had leaked out. Now skin is upright and you can see my scar albeit a bit wrinkled which is fine I now it'll get better, the main thing is I no longer have a fat bump on top of my scar and that was my main bug bear.

Mr Bassi has given me some tips on getting the skin to get even better but he thinks I'm likely to be fine due to my age and genetics. :-). So far I'm happy things can only get better from here. Happy healing my real self amigos! Xx

Day 2 comparison before and after pics

Pics deleted by mistake

Day 3 post massage comparison

Hi, as you can see there's not much "drastic" change as I didn't have plenty of fat to begin with. However the area I had sorted was just looking a bit messy and I wanted it smoothed out to avoid looking like a freak! I hate going to the gym and being a full time working mother, I simply don't have the time. The doctor agreed it wouldn't have gone with working out anyway( they would say this even if it's not true!) . Anyhow I believe I've achieved the smoothed out look and look tidier. Some more pics to demonstrate x

3.5 week update

Getting sick and tired of the garment and all the stuffies that go inside but I'm on a roll now... Still healing!

Deleted 3.5 week pic by accident

5 weeks update

So I feel like an absolute fraud, people have started to notice that I'm looking more streamlined and trimmer. I have told a few white lies about tummy wraps and cellulite creams...a few girls are asking me to send through details because it's definitely worked for me apparently. I feel great that I'm looking trim but bad for telling lies :/....

3 months update

So I'm at 3 months post and had no weird turn around on my results, my skin has reattached nicely to underlying tissues so happy for that. I've put on about 5-7lbs since surgery down to a purely bad diet (too much chocolate daily) and absolutely no exercise :( "boo me"!

Anyway I aim to clean it up to the Xmas run up. And start doing sit-ups etc.i still swell a bit towards end of day but apperently this can take up to 6mths. I also self massage for 5mins daily and wear Spanx from primark (the best in my opinion!) my c section shelf has definitely gone and I have a waist that is almost 3 inches smaller (when measured in the morns) although the skin on my lower right side of belly skin is a little wrinkly and id still like to get my flanks done in the future but( I can live with that) All in all I'm happy. Dr Bassi is a good man! (even though I haven't heard from him in weeks) but hey Voila!

For good measure before & after (post 3months)

1year 4months later...

Hi all,
This will probably be my last update on this. All I can say is healing was an absolute bitch and took ages! They say it takes 6months its so unrealistic and not true for all. I think majority of us take a year to 2 years even now I get 10% swelling in the eves around that time of the month even though there has been major improvement.

Must say I got lax and gained a stone or so since the procedure and lost all tone in my abs due to wearing and relying on Spanx too much.

However I bucked up my ideas and started eating healthily and working out a bit more and surely I started to feel and look better. I still have about 7lbs to go but looking promising.

If I could reverse time and knew what I knew now I wouldn't have bothered doing this procedure it's totally oversold, costly for what you get. To be honest I look exactly the same minus the bump of fat above my c section scar (which was my main issue)I may have well just had a scar tidying procedure for less cost and I would've healed quicker (oh well we live and learn) . I have no bumps any longer and my skin tightened a little bit than before and it's feels smooth. However for the emotional stress, paranoia and living in fear that I had been permanently damaged on the odd occasion wasn't worth it all. I consider myself lucky I turned ok.

Closer look

Another pic

Dr Bassi

Consulted by looking at current pics and over the phone . He seems a personable guy, who seems proud of his work. Comes across confident and trustworthy.

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