Vaser on Knees and Front Thighs - Hopefully to Make Legs Look Less Chunky and Boxy - Selsted, GB

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Back in 2005 I did liposuction on my saddlebags...

Back in 2005 I did liposuction on my saddlebags and inner thighs. At that time the surgeon refused to touch my front chunky knees.

After 11 years, I decided to get it done, I believe technology has changed and surgeons have more experience doing this part.

I saw 2 plastic surgeons, decided on Dr. Bassi in Nottingham as his approach was very conservative. He highlighted it to me that we could not remove too much fat as the skin might not be able to contract nicely. I totally understand. I have chunky calves, huge butt so I really didn't want too much taken out and making my thighs look weird either.

I made the decision to proceed with Dr. Bassi on the day of my consultation. I paid £200 for the deposit and booked my surgery 2 weeks later. I was given documentation to read and sign. Some do's and don'ts before the surgery are:
1. Do drink loads of water
2. Don't take any blood thinning pills, including ibuprofen
3. Don't drink alcohol
4. Do exercise

I did have to buy some stuff before my surgery. Those include the following:
1. Compression suit x 2 (you will get the details where to get this from Dr. Bassi)
2. Boots stay dry pads +++ x 3 packs (I only had to use 1 pack)
3. Paracetamol with codeine

* Kindly note that the total cost above are in USD, £2800.

The surgery

When we arrived the clinic, we met with Dr. Bassi and was given a bunch of paper work to read and sign. After everything was signed, we reviewed the area to work on. I loved that we talked for a long time before deciding on what needed to be done.

During my consultation, the area was thought to be larger than what I expected. On the day of surgery we agreed to be more conservative, focusing only on the knees and small bit of the front thighs. These were areas that really bugged me, I really didn't want the upper front thighs to be touched.

I was given 2 pills of diazepam and waited for the pills to take affect. I felt tipsy, calm - I guess I was ready for surgery!

During the surgery, there was some pain when the first probes were inserted. I would moan a little but soon after I didn't feel a thing.

Surgery went quicker than expected - happy pill worked! - then I was shown the results before I was wrapped up in pads and my compression garment.

Then I went back to the consultation room, feeling no pain. I was given some tea, and I munch on my toffee popcorn while Dr. Bassi explained the post-op care step by step. When I was happy with everything, I was presented the card machine to settle the bill and then everything was over!

The journey back home (about an hour) went by quickly.

I only had to take some pain killers (2 x paracetamol with codeine) 6 hours after the operation. I slept really well, too.

Day 1 post op

I get to take a shower and remove these pads.
This is the first time I am seeing my legs after the vaser with no happy pill affect!

Day 1 post op

Forgot to mention, I did take another 2 pain killers today.

Day 2

I feel less pain now. The bruising is becoming darker, too. I have been massaging myself with a rolling pin from the day of surgery and today it does not hurt as much. I haven't had to take any pain killers either.

Day 3 - the bruises

Hardly any pain anymore when I massage with the rolling pin.

And it itches

The bruises behind my left knee is still very dark purple. The incisions are itchy! I think they are healing well.

The wounds

Just noticed one of the wounds is slightly infected. Thank god I'm having a check up tomorrow. Perhaps more antibiotics!

Bruising is almost gone, been kindly replaced by major swelling.

Post check up

Went to see Dr. Bassi yesterday and he seemed really please with my progress. Yes, I am very swollen but the skin looks good and the bruising is a lot less, too. I was worried about some of the wounds, but Dr. Bassi said they looked fine.

I'll post pictures next week when I feel less stiff.

Double layers

I am starting to wear 2 compression garments as I noticed it is getting loose at my knees!

Yay! Lipo worked!

I put on a pair of shaping leggings I got from primark, then the original compression garment on top. Going to the bathroom is not an easy task.

I also spent 20 minutes massaging into the lumps I have on my thighs. I am so sore now.

I'll try to remember to take pictures tomorrow!

Can't wait to be less sore

Small changes, I'm happy!

Last night I couldn't wear my garment

I've been itching like crazy lately. Last night, I slept without my compression garment. It felt odd, but I scratched less.

I massaged myself with oil today. I'm very lumpy bumpy!

Hard lumps

Hard lumps have formed now. Reading forums online, it seems normal during the healing process. I'm massaging my legs on a daily basis. Will call my doctor to see if he recommends anything else.


I think my scars are healing nicely????

I see and feel the change!

Bruising is almost gone.
Lumps and bumps are going away.

Some before / after photos

This was a technical procedure and I'm happy with how my knees look now.

Scar treatment

I've been using cicacare on the scars. See the changes to the keloid?

Before and after

Dr. Bassi

I really liked Dr. Bassi and Mags. He listened to my concerns and was very clear on how conservative he was going to be to avoid loose skin.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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