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I want a BBL, been looking for a Dr contacted over...

I want a BBL, been looking for a Dr contacted over 10 & all but 1 said I need a TT & they wouldn't do it unless I got that. I am 30, & don't have kids yet so that was not an option for me. I then began looking for a Dr that would do AquaLipo on me & found Dr. Carreon. She was the 3rd Dr I had a consult with and the only one that said it could be done. But she said I would have better results if I got the SmartLipo because it would help my skin in the long run. Had in done on May 22, 2012. Greatest thing I have every done for myself besides going to college! I paid for my upper/lower abs & flanks. But she did my lower back also. Hey, I aint' mad at her. Beginning stats 5'9" 221lbs 36-45-47. WOW I know. Now 207lbs not even 3 whole weeks out & my waist is a 37. Yes, I have a few lumps but you can't see them you can only feel them when you touch my stomach. Massages help and are softning them up so I got 2 keep at it. I didn't have a lot of pain & only needed someone to come help me the first 3 days. I have only taken 3 painpills & that was cause I couldn't sleep cause I was so uncomfortable. It's not the pain that is getting me but the swelling & stiffness. She removed 5.5liters & I am loving my new body. I am dieting & exercising to lose more weight. I am trying to get down to 180. This has been top secrect for me so before the surgery I hit the gym HARD! 6 days a week. I was 228lbs when I had my consult which was a month before my surgery. So I only lost 7lbs in a month. And with the surgery 14lbs in less then 3 wks. Oh, I forgot to mention after my surgery I didn't feel like eating but I knew I had to put something on my stomach so I ate small cans of pineapple, soups, salads and fruit buddys. Yes, those drinks you give to your kids. Oh, if you do the pineapple get em in the all natural juice. That still has a lot of suger so get a jar pour the juice in there & water it down. If you can stand it try to but some kind of meat in your soup. You need the protein to help you heal. Couldn't do shakes they taste nasty! EW! Still swollen & will post pics @ my 3 month mark. And if your considering BBL follow my other post there. That is the last surgery I want to have before I have kids. If I left something out or you want to know more just ask.

Also working out helps with your recovery. If you...

Also working out helps with your recovery. If you are out of shape & get winded easy it will be worse after surgery. I can only do so much before I have to sit down. I kept all my supplies on the floor next to the bed & lined up all my pills on the night stand.
My list:
Vitamin C
Arnica pills
Arnica gel
Extra strength Tylenol
non stick bandages
tape for bandages
shower curtain to sleep on so not 2 ruin bed
pads to stick inside of garment
vitamin e oil
silcon scar sheets
2 extra garments in different sizes for when I shrink
pee funel
aintibacterial soap
pee pads 4 bed
caster oil this will help you go poo
flushable wipes
dermaplasty it's an aintibacterial spray works really good
gloves for helper
depends 2!
I didn't really use the pee pads cause they moved when I slept so that is why I used the shower curtain. I Only had one accident that I needed the depends cause I couldn't get that dang garment off fast enough. As soon as you feel it start making your way to the toilet! Since I know I will be have a BBL I got a boppy but this came in hand for back support. I didn't poo for 2 days & took that caster oil & was cool after that. Didn't want to wait to feel the pain. I had enough pressure from the swelling. Boyfriend laughed when he saw me peepee standing up.
I only really drained for the first day, after that it pretty much stopped. But I think that is why I am soooo swollen. I want tubes next time. Since I didn't have a lot of drainage I didn't need the pads.
The Dr gave me a script for pain, aintbody, nausea, and bloating. They also gave me 1 garment & a ab binder. Forgot to get epifoam so I went without. But I massage & rub everyday. So I dont' have lines.
I get pings of pain now but they said that is the nerves coming back to life. Parts of my body are still numb. But it's cool she told me to expect that.
This is pretty much the same list I will be needing for BBL so I am just going to stick with it.

Okay so I made up my mind to at least post my...

Okay so I made up my mind to at least post my before pics because I noticed I haven't seem anyone else will as much volume as me. I see a lot of smaller people. I would always get asked when I was due, & I would kindly tell them in 13 months! LOL Funny but sad. I was so mad when I saw these pics cause in my head I didn't look that bad. Then I saw this & I was like I look like sponge bob & mr. potatoe head had a baby. SAD! So this my before pic which I am not proud of at all. I am happy with how I am looking now. Will take new pics soon. Still have some area's to tightn up or touch up. Or mabye save that fat for my BBL? What to do?

So I like how I look from the front and the back...

So I like how I look from the front and the back but I am still not like the side view. I know it's a world of improvement and and I am still swollen but I still feel like there is room for improvement. I started seeing a weightloss Dr & got some diet pills. I am now down to 206lbs and still got room to lose even more weight. I see a few girls don't have real expectation for surgery & think someone need to really sit them down and tell them the truth about all this. Unless it's a bypass or something of that nature surgery is NOT for weightloss! It will not make Precious look like Byonce. You got to be real about all this. IJS I know how I looked and wasn't excepting to look like a model after all of this so I am happy to have come this far. So stay strong and be real.

Okay, I am ready to stop wearing this compression...

Okay, I am ready to stop wearing this compression garment! The only thing is when I dont' have it on all I want to do is get back in it! LOL! I am too small for my corset now, and have to find new ways to keep the compression on. I got a waist cincher and yeah it fits my wasit but it's hard to get it over my hips. Most of my clothes no longer fit. I was a size 18/20 before & now I am down to a 14/16! It would be a 12/14 if it wasn't for these big ol hips. I am happy but got drama too. My boyfriend does not like my new confidence & all he can tell me now is that I cheated my way to were I am & that I still need to do a lot more work. Is my body were I want it to be no, but I am trying to enjoy the steps I have made regardless of how I got here. SMH!

So I am now 2months & 8days post op & I am still...

So I am now 2months & 8days post op & I am still very happy with my results. I still get zings in my back but my stomach is okay. I am down to 198lbs & still on my diet. The diet has been getting harder since I have been more stressed out but I can hang. I still have a couple of knots but I ordered a ultra sonic massager to help out with that. The only thing I am not happy with is that I have more celluite now then before. Skin isn't as tight as before and my legs look more ripply. I am going to take a krava maga class & see if that helps. Other then that I think I look much better then before but still can improve as long as I stay on this path I will get there. Oh, I still feel like I want a bigger butt so I will wait a year and then go over it all.
Dr. Carreon

She is an awsome lady & will tell you honestly what she can do for you. She has worked on a lot of larger sized people which was a plus for me. She knows what's she's doing, she got skills!

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