Smart Lipo - The Importance of Wearing Compression Garments! - Seguin, TX

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I've been reading everyone's testimony on this...

I've been reading everyone's testimony on this smart lipo topic; both good and bad. I've seen a lot of concerns regarding the compression garments we've been told to wear. I personally, have had smart lipo last week and I will post my full-blown story and pics hopefully by tomorrow.

OK, I've finally had the chance to take pictures...

OK, I've finally had the chance to take pictures. A little a$$-backwards, I will post my before pics as soon as I retrieve them from my doc, sorry. But I forgot to take some B4 pics with my phone prior to procedure.  I had my arms, upper/lower back and thighs done on 09NOV12 and then I had my upper/lower abs and love handles done on 09NOV19. I'm in the Army, so this helps A LOT with my tape. I normally work out, but after I had my daughter 3 yrs ago, it's been seemingly impossible to work off these areas in a decent amount of time. 

Dr. C and her staff are the sweetest to deal with. Mary the consultant is also a joy, as well as Lindsey and the others. They answer all of your questions and even the Doctor herself comes in to greet you and answer any more questions you may have.

During the procedure I felt absolutely NOTHING but a comfortable massage feeling... However, after the local anesthesia and drugs wore off I was in a world of pain until I controlled it with Percocet (I have a high tolerance and Tylenol just wasn't cutting it for me).

I cannot stress how much better I feel with the garments on (as opposed to off).  It certainly feels as though the garments are supporting me and holding me together. But at the same time I cannot WAIT to be able to take them off and KEEP them off.

I am still swelling, but feeling much much better than a week ago and two weeks ago. I can see immediate results but I am expecting my back and arms to look way more sculpted than this. Also, I am waiting for my waist to shrink a LOT more than it has so far. I will keep you posted!

UPDATE: 2011FEB20:::::::::::::::: So now,...

UPDATE: 2011FEB20::::::::::::::::

So now, it's been over a year and a half since I did this... The most noticeable are my rolls. Although, my upper abs, I notice no difference at all... Neither do I notice any difference on my right arm. My left arm shows difference, though and is actually noticeably smaller than my right arm...

My suggestion would be to not do too many areas at once. This way, they Dr. can focus more on your desired areas (as opposed to spreading his/her time between the areas before the anesthesia wears out...

If I were ever to do this Smart Lipo again, I would not ask Dr. Carreon to do more than 2 areas at once and most importantly, I would ask her to use more of the vaser and to actually suck more of the fat out.

It has been a year and a half since my procedure.....

It has been a year and a half since my procedure...

Looking back, I regret spending so much money for smart lipo, because they don't suck much of the fat out and instead rely on your body to flush it out..

I have just discovered Dr. Rhoads in Austin, TX ( She offers water-assisted lipo (google it), which sucks out all of the fat and power sprays the inside area with the jets. The machine simultaneously shoots more anesthesia into the area being worked on, during the entire process.

I was referred by a friend and she and her staff are wonderful. She offers water-assisted liposuction for $500/per area and does anesthesia in-office, cutting your normal astronomical typical lipo in half. So, I totally wish I would've known about her before I waisted so much mula for the 'smart lipo'!

I scheduled to have my procedure done on March 9, 2011 and I a sooo excited! I will be sure to post proper before/after pics this time :)

Dr. Melanie Carreon

Professional and informative, but the smart lipo procedure was simply not thorough enough because that machine leaves so much of your fat in your body, leaving your body to flush the rest out (which happens either very slowly, or not at all).

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