Finally Got Invisalign for my Moderate/severe Spacing! - Sebastian, FL

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Hi everyone. I have been wanting to get Invisalign...

Hi everyone. I have been wanting to get Invisalign since I was about 15 years old. I never had the ability to purchase them because my family didn't have enough money growing up. No I am 29 years old and I finally took the leap. I have moderate spacing on top with severe spacing on bottom as well as the sort of jetting out toward the front I've learned well over the years to smile with my bottom lip covering my bottom teeth so no one would see it also I had never been to a dentist I got my first cleaning January of this year and I thought my second cleaning the day b4 yesterday today is June 2015. I went in on April 24th to get my impressions made I was originally going for the Damon braces but I just could not imagine myself with metal on the 18th considering how self conscious I am about my teeth already. So I decided to go ahead and get the Invisalign since I was a candidate now on to the review. enter enter I begin treatment yesterday when I went in to get my trace put on the could not put the trays on on the bottom it wouldn't fit on the back right to so they told me they were going to call the company and ask for advice so they called the company and the company advise them to try putting it on from a different direction so that's what she did and she got it on but still the back right to would not seek into the trade. So she said that I should leave them in until Monday and if they're not seating by Monday I'll come in for a visit on Wednesday and we will get new impressions from the bottom but as far as now I've been using my Chuy's very aggressively and it's finally starting to seat on that back to however this morning I woke up after the 24 hours and got back to that wouldn't fit is finding however it is sort of sword painful. The bottom Ridge under my tongue of the tray is irritating my tongue I purchase and wax on Amazon it should be here by tomorrow and when I do you like you is my front teeth get really sore and tingly I'm not sure if that's from the ridges under my teeth or if its from the TV having more pressure placed on them by getting deeper into the tray either way that's my update for now attached are some pictures and thanks very much and I hope that everything works out for me and for you as well God bless


hey guys today is day 3. I just wanted to give you an update !

I finally have been able to remove the aligners for eating and brushing.The back right molars are still not completely fitting so I've been going super aggressive on my chewies, trying to get it to fit the back teeth. However, now I'm putting too much pressure on the top teeth so I'm getting soreness on the on the right on the top so I'm going to kind of back off of that and just push it down with my finger more. All in all today has been a great day I don't have a lot of pain unless I remove and then replace the aligners.
My orthodontist gave me 27 trays! and I'm supposed to wear each for 3 weeks that puts me at 81 weeks or a year and a half and I am NOT down with that. I will be purchasing acceledent to condense this process because I can already tell that I am NOT going to enjoy it very much.

But!! Today I got myself all hooked up thanks to you fellow real selfers.I did my research and I bought a dental bath and effervescent tablets,used to clean dentures and a brush. I bought sensitive toothpaste and clear mouthwash I also got a travel kit to keep in my purse for cleaning my teeth and everything's going really great. So during this next few months / years I think that I'm going to be changing a lot- I've already changed a lot of my habits in just three days: I've barely been eating because it's such a pain and awkward to eat I've been drinking a lot of protein shakes and soft fruit from the can.

Tangent-- We went out to eat today at an Indian buffet that was my first time eating Indian food it was delicious but I did feel awkward with my teeth being loose **only after 3 days they're loose already.

I purchased orthodontist wax on and it showed up today they sent me like a bunch of wax it'll probably last me my entire treatment plus my daughters treatment when she's old enough to have her braces. I also purchased face products to help with my wrinkles; something that you take as a powder (you drink it for wrinkles )and I also got Biore Pore strips, also recently I've been using henna(natural hair dye) on my hair to help with the color and the growing of it. So all in all ,I think by the time my braces come off I'll be skinnier (cuz I can't eat) I'll have longer hair ,I'll have less wrinkles and straight teeth so I'm really excited for what's to come and I'll be following you girls and guys on your journey and follow me on mine! so let's just smile and get through it! :)

Cant stand the "bounce" on rear teeth

My orthorthodontist didn't like the fit of the eyeliner. So she told me to leave it on for 1 week and then see how it fits if its not clicking on to my routines we're going to take new impressions on Wednesday thank God because I've been reading about some of the reviews where the first Reh doesn't fit and then I did as the 2nd 3rd 4th and so on and I cannot live with the next year and a half with this damn thing bouncing around in my mouth so we're going to get that taken care of on Wednesday for sure even if its F me back through weeks I prefer to sit back 3 weeks and be miserable for the next 81 81 we.


The back is seating!! It's so much of a relief. Especially after yesterday's stress, they wouldn't even go down at ask and I could lift them way high with my tongue. Well let's just hope they stay down till Wednesday


we've had lots of changes recently,kids on vacation to California, New house,moving and all that comes with it..

I got my attachments put on today, the pressure was greatest whenwhen the tray was first put in. I am having neck and head pain,my eyes felt weird too, for the first few hours. All that is beginning to subside other than the neck stiffness. Putting the attachments on was an ordeal but we got through it. Dana is perfect for the job and I swear I love her. I am noticing certain details in the position of my teeth I never noticed before. Now I can see why certain teeth have the attachments after carefully examining each tray I can ser the teeth with attachments are slightly tipped more than the others around them. I have Ten buttons/attachments in all. I was due to pick up my acceledent today but didn't bring payment so they said Ican get it on July 3rd at my next appointment, then I will also get additional trays as well. I am excited as previously my ortho said I will wear each tray nearly three weeks, I will now wear each for two weeks, and less with the acceledent. That's exciting, that takes me from 81 weeks to 52 weeks WITHOUT acceledent. (Not counting refinements)
I imagine with acceledent it will cut around 30% off that , (I'm a realist). I'm doing my dreaming in calculations and I think I'll be done with treatment by my birthday in April! We shall see

My progress was halted for some time!

I was really upset, I was supposed to begin rubber bands in February. However, they had me on the wrong treatment all this time. I am finally in the right trays, after much grief. I have around eight months to go

Not real thrilled with my top teeth

My teeth on the top seem to have receded when I smile they don't stick out as much which I released enjoy about my smile the only thing I didn't used to like about me teeth with my bottom teeth when I would speak they were spaced out now the bottom teeth based out of closing up but the top teeth seem to be going back and it might be just that I'm so used to my overage at this moment I'm not really used to how much you think when I'm speaking and I'm not digging it very much at all
dr. schoenfeld @ Wemmer Orthodontics

So far so good. I get the feeling she knows braces.

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