Vaser Lipo W/ Dr. Precht - Seattle, WA

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I never really considered liposuction but once I...

I never really considered liposuction but once I started researching, Vaser lipo specifically, after seeing an online advertisement, I was intrigued. I will be as open as possible for several reasons: 1, the reviews I have seen so far have been extremely helpful! 2, there aren't many reviews of young women who have gotten this procedure, but the few that are out there are great. I just think it's nice to see results from women who are younger and haven't had kids or don't have as many problems with loose skin as older women may. We all have our own specific concerns with healing and it's nice to read a review from someone as similar to you as possible and 3. I am concerned with the healing process, even as insignificant as the doctor may make it seem. I'm sure there are others out there feeling just as nervous as me.


I went for my consultation on a Monday morning. SO NERVOUS. As soon as I walked in, Gen was sweet and funny in a genuine way. I just felt at ease. I answered some general health questions and informed them which areas I was interested in working on. Gen had me walk in the room and get undressed. Dr. Precht chatted with me briefly after looking over my paperwork, asked me about myself and then started the examination. So much simpler and COMFORTABLE than I thought. Not exactly fun thinking of someone poking and prodding at your fatty areas. She told me I was a good candidate, explained why, and answered all of my questions (I had 4 pages of questions typed and ready to go, and she was so patient with me!) and I knew immediately that not only would I go through with the procedure, but Dr. Precht would be my surgeon. Gen came in afterwards and gave me my quote, talked with me about financing options, and gave me some surgery dates that were available. I told her I would give her a call on Monday and let her know if I would get it done. Called Monday and made my deposit ($1,000) for December 17th, and made my pre op and first post op appt.


It's so odd....maybe it's because I haven't really discussed it with people but I haven't thought about my procedure that much. Other than my boyfriend and 1 friend, nobody outside my family knows. My employers know that I am getting surgery but that's really it. It's starting to hit me a little more that I'll have a new body soon but idk! Has anyone else felt like this? It's so weird because every other review I've read hasn't been like my experience. Everyone is so excited and nervous but ready, and I'm just like eh. I have my medications ready, and will be doing some laundry and prepping my bed tonight. I'm gonna make sure my room is clean and all my errands are done for the next week or so. But yeah other than that, I am ready!

Night before!

Well I have everything ready. I have read my pre-op checklist several times, have my clothes for the next few days ready as well as books, shows queued on Netflix, everything you can think of down to comfy sock slippers haha. I am getting really anxious which is so odd and unlike me.....I really don't know how to feel about this whole thing. I just hope and pray nothing will go wrong. I need to stop psyching myself out and just GO TO SLEEP. I will be posting my first before pics tomorrow. OMG SO NERVOUS!!

Day 1

Surgery went very nicely. They put me under general anesthesia, which is not typical for this procedure but was the appropriate option for me for several reasons. Being younger, the doctor said that I may have a higher tolerance for the pain medication and would be uncomfortable during an in office procedure. Also, she knew that she would be able to get a lot of fat from me and said that if she can really get in there and be more aggressive, I can have more dramatic results.
I got to the surgery center late, even though I left my house 30 minutes early. I5 north was closed down of course. There was a 1 hour 15 minute wait to get from seatac to Seattle just to give you an idea. The nurse was very nice about it and was totally understanding.
So I got to the surgery center, signed a few forms, then changed into this awful bra and underwear set haha. It was just used for modesty in the pictures. After the nurse checked my vitals, I met with the anesthesiologist. I was quite anxious and he was very reassuring at a time when I needed reassurance. I then met with my surgeon and we took my "before" pics, made the markings, then headed on back.
I can't stress enough how amazing my anesthesiologist was. The nurse as well. And of course my surgeon was amazing, beyond amazing! I love her! I haven't taken off my garment yet but I can already tell she got quite a bit of fat out. Since she was more aggressive, of course the soreness will be slightly worse than a typical patient. But to all the ladies out there, we know sometimes beauty is pain. Soreness for a couple weeks or however long seems a small price to pay for a new body shape!
After the surgery (I came at 9, asleep by 930, up by 2 and loaded in the car to go home by 230) I was a bit woozy as expected and said some....awkward things to my surgery team haha. Once in the car I took small sips of water but every sip made me nauseous. Eventually I was able to get full sips down. About an hour and half after surgery (rough estimate) I was able to get a bowl of soup down. I drained quite a bit in the car so be prepared for that if you are considering this procedure. I want to be as honest as possible, and one thing that was kind of weird was I could literally feel the drainage dripping down my buttcrack (eww I know) it was so much. The lower back incisions leak the most. And the give you a diaper like thing to put on which was just lovely (sarcasm). Once I got home, we set up my bed with plastic sheets from the garage and pads with towels underneath.
One more thing I just remembered was gas pains. I have never had gas pains before and they scared me SO BAD. You get a warm sensation that rises into your chest and it is quite uncomfortable. Gas medicine doesn't help because of course, it's not gas in your stomach. Thankfully my mother is a nurse and she is able to explain all these things to me. But it scared the crap out of me to say the least.
Back to my bed. Got in bed, took my anti nausea and oxycodone and laid down. I was very comfortable until later on in the evening when my numbing medication wore off. I took 2 oxys instead of one and I was out of it. Super tired too.
They tell you not to take off your surgical pads, so we have been reinforcing with the abdominal pads they gave me. Once we ran out, we used maxi pads. I am also wearing the diapers as well. By far the best part of my day was my dads reaction to having to purchase the diapers and pads. When he asked what are pads I was like umm period pads. Just the mention of periods was a no go haha it was hilarious. I mean I'm an adult and not weird about stuff like that but I guess dads will always see their daughters as their little girls.
I've attached several photos, will be adding lots more later.

Before photos

After - Day 2 (first taking off my garment and first shower)

The shower stung a bit when I rinsed over the incision marks but wasn't too bad. I can't even begin to tell you how awesome it felt to just BE CLEAN after just soaking in drainage ugh. I leaked A LOT the first day. The front is definitely the most swollen. Another side effect is a swollen groin area. Annoying but eh it's worth it.

Addt'l day 2 photos

I know it's super dirty in the background :( but the last thing I want to do is clean right now.

Day 2

Day 2 is definitely more painful. It's mostly just getting up and sitting down, and the initial pain of starting to walk around after getting up. I do this kind of scootch and roll movement that is hard to describe but definitely makes it easier to get up. Definitely didn't drain as much, don't know if that's bad or normal. Ate a lot better, and wasn't as drowsy. I changed my pill schedule up a little to taken Tylenol w/the oxy, then just taking 1 oxy and 1 Tylenol with helped with the drowsiness and the pain was still manageable. I showed part of my med schedule, it's not the whole thing. I'm taking:
Stool softener
Cephalexin (antibiotic)
Arnica pills
Zofran (anti nausea)
Oxycodone 5mg pills
Tylenol 500mg pills
Fluconozale, which is a pill for yeast infections. Not fun I know. When you take antibiotics it kills bacteria, but it kills the good stuff too. So I don't have the bacteria I need down there, and that's where that pill comes in. It usually happens everytime I've been prescribed antibiotics.
Got to shower FINALLY, and even though I am still very swollen, and haven't finished leaking, I can see a difference. LOVE MY SURGEON.
Other than the pain intensifying (but still manageable) and my first shower, it was a pretty uneventful day. And it has taken me about 5 minutes to write that last sentence cause I am really out if it right now. I'll write here later.

Before and 6 week after photos

Dr. Lisa Precht

There are way too many good things to be said about Dr. Precht's office. Her and Gen, the office manager, are extremely knowledgeable. They made me feel at ease as soon as I walked in the door. I will update my review once I have completed my procedure.

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