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I’ve been keeping track of my journey so far, b...

I’ve been keeping track of my journey so far, but hadn’t yet had a chance to create the Realself review. So I’m posting all of it now, with the dates in order :) ?

4/18 The Consults:
After doing a ton of research online, and looking at before & afters for so many doctors I lost count, I decided my top choice was Dr. Lisa Precht. The pictures of her work (online) are stunning. However, I did do consultations at two different places, just to be sure. I had consults with Lisa Precht (Premier Cosmetic Surgery) and Liz (Patient Care Coordinator) at Sonobello. Liz was a total sweetheart and very knowledgeable, but I chose not to go with Sonobello for several reasons. Sonobello only does oral sedation. I’ve read a bunch of reviews about pain/ discomfort during the procedure with oral sedation. Even though it’s more expensive to do the heavier stuff, I’d rather pay more and not have to deal with pain/ discomfort! Also, it seems that results from heavier sedation tend to be better, the doctor doesn’t have to worry as much about your discomfort level. Sonobello’s before & afters online could be by any of their doctors. At my Sonobello consult, Liz did show me pictures of Dr. Marten’s work (the surgeon they would place me with), and it was good, but it wasn’t Lisa Precht good.

When I went to my consult at Premier, Dr. Precht is the one who met with me. Although I understand why it’s necessary to have Patient Care Coordinators do consults, I loved being able to actually meet the doctor and ask her all of my questions! It was also pretty nice to have a female doctor. Both of my previous plastic surgeons have been men, and although they were AMAZING & I don’t have a single complaint about either one (Dr. Lane Smith who did a spectacular job on my butt implants- see my other Realself review- and Dr. Mark Jewell who did my boobies several years ago- before I found Realself), it’s just easy and comfortable with a woman…especially when it comes to fat rolls lol. Dr. Precht is wonderful, she comes across as genuine, caring, and honest & I was immediately at ease. Plus her results pics- go check them out, they are gorgeous!
I decided to go w/ Dr. Precht, put down my deposit, & reserved my surgery day for May 6. Even though I don’t plan on cancelling, I like that my deposit is fully refundable 15+ days before the procedure; & partially refundable @ 8-14 days. Since I am such a baby when it comes to pain, I’m having IV sedation for the procedure. It costs a little more, but it’s worth it to me.

The Wait:
I had some questions and emailed the office (slightly after hours). Dr. Precht called me personally to answer my questions, and gave me her cell number in case I needed to reach her. I love how accessible she is; it helps me to feel at ease knowing that I will be able to get in touch with her if I need to after my lipo, no matter what time it is!

4/25 Pre-Op:
I met both Nurse Katies today (Dr. Precht has 2 nurses named Katie lol). They are both very sweet. Like the rest of the staff I have encountered at Premier, they are beautiful in a very classy way (much like Dr. Precht is!), which is refreshing (I have encountered a few girls at different plastic surgery offices who are very eager to show off their assets, with low cut tops and very short skirts. I know from experience that when you pay that much money for it, you do want to show it off lol, so I don’t blame them. I just really like the classy, professional vibe that Premier has). We went over all of my before & after care, signed an amount of paperwork that reminded me of the stacks I had to sign when I bought my house, and had lots of time for any questions I might have come up with since the consult. I paid the rest of my fees and took the elevator down a couple of floors to have my blood drawn for lab work. I always freak out about having my blood drawn but the lab guy (an older Asian gentleman) was incredibly gentle- I was impressed!

5/5 The Night Before:
Tomorrow is the big day! I can’t believe it’s almost time already. I think I’m ready- I put a waterproof cover & cheap bedding on my mattress, and I have puppy pads and old towels for the bed and the car ride home. I ordered an ab board in case I want to use one. My fridge is stocked with lots of veggies, chicken, fish, (and propel!)… I have been taking my arnica for a few days and I have my bromelian for afterwards. Tylenol, Benadryl, milk of magnese (just in case), female urinal thingy, antibiotic soap, etc.
The anesthesiologist called me this evening as well to introduce himself and make sure I didn’t have any questions. Alright Ladies!! If I feel up to it I will post tomorrow about how the procedure goes!

5/6 The Day is Finally Here!! My Lipo Procedure:

We got to the surgery center about ½ hour early, didn’t need to be there until 8:45 but I was worried about traffic so we left home super early lol. We were the only ones there that early and it was private and quiet, which was nice. After signing some more paperwork I was given a little disposable bra & panty set and a gown. I met w/ the anesthesiologist, Charles. He was fantastic, I felt very comfortable knowing he would be taking care of me. Dr. Precht met with me again before I was taken to the operating room. Everything had seemed a bit surreal during the morning, but once I saw Dr. Precht I got so happy & excited lol. She is so sweet & fantastic, I can’t say enough about how incredibly caring and compassionate she is. She has an amazing bedside manner! She went over everything one last time, made sure I didn’t have any more questions, took my pre-op pics, & drew the lipo lines on me. She was very gentle the entire time. (My lipo areas are my back/ waist, upper & lower abs, and muffin top area. I didn’t get the bra roll done- hope I don’t regret it)

And I had Nurse Katie (the dark haired one), she is amazing! I was so happy that she was helping Dr. Precht. She’s super sweet, and I loved that she & Charles kept a light and funny conversation going while they were getting me ready in the operating room- it helped to take my mind off of everything & keep my anxiety level down. Even though I was nervous about all of the things that could go wrong, I felt like I was safe, in good hands. They had me lay on the table (it was kinda padded and actually comfortable enough) with a blanket, Charles started my IV and my ‘happy drugs’…I started feeling warm and fuzzy and the next thing I knew it was all over, I was in my garment & clothes and was being helped into a wheelchair to go to the recovery room. I brought super comfy (big) yoga pants and a zip-front hoodie to wear- you want comfy clothes that are going to be easy for them to dress you in, dark clothes because you will be leaking, and flat shoes (I had flip flops). They had me drink a few sips of water and gave me a post-op care package with extra pads, large pads for the bed/ car, and a couple extra diapers (yes, I had to wear a diaper- so sexy! because of the leaking. It was really nice that they gave me a few extras, cuz that way I didn’t have to buy an entire package. You will need to wear them for a day or two though).

I was also pleasantly surprised at the care package the anesthesiologist (Charles from Advanced Anesthesia Services) gave me. I have had several cosmetic procedures in the past and this was the first time I received a goodie bag from the anesthesiologist. It was a really thoughtful touch. There was a card, bottled water, a little bag to use in case you get sick, and an assortment of crackers and shortbread cookies, chocolates, mints, lip balm, a Luna bar, and cup of soup.

I’m not 100% sure how long the procedure lasted- maybe a couple hours. I think I was in the operating room by 10 am, and it was 1:00 when we got in the car to head home. Once I got home I went to bed and dozed for the rest of the day. Drank lots of water. In the evening I had some juice and crackers, didn’t get sick from that so I had my hubby get me a chicken salad from McD’s. It was delicious but I did get nauseous, so I took one of the anti-nausea pills from the doctor. Taking my antibiotics and definitely need my pain meds. Took Benadryl & pain pills before bed, got nice & drowsy. Dr. Precht called me to see how I was doing. I asked her if it was ok for me to sleep on my stomach, and she said I could sleep however was most comfortable for me.

5/7 One Day Post-Op:

Ugh, I feel like I’ve been ran over by a truck. Everything is sore- especially my upper abs and lower back. My lower abs still feel pretty numb. It’s hard to get in & out of bed, I can’t bend over at all, and it’s hard to walk. I do a slow little waddle thing. I’m so glad I have my female urinal thingy to use when I go to the bathroom. I can’t imagine trying to sit down on the toilet right now!
When I woke up this morning my eyes were puffy and somewhat swollen. I ate chicken & broccoli, fish & broccoli, didn’t have too much trouble with feeling nauseous. Drank lots of water, had a few cups of coffee. Took lots of pain pills, went for 2 walks but I didn’t make it very far- only about a half of a block each time before I had to turn around and head home. I leak a lot, especially when I lay down. I leaked quite a bit yesterday and last night (slept on my stomach).

5/8-- 2 Days Post-Op:

Woke up with slightly puffy eyes. Actually feel a bit better today- it’s a noticeable difference over how I felt yesterday. It’s still very hard to get out of bed and I hurt all over but after walking around the house for a few minutes I feel a bit better. I’m also walking better- still fairly slowly but not the zombie shuffle I was doing yesterday!

Went to a movie today- sitting is pretty uncomfortable but standing/ laying is ok. Ate some eggs this morning, chicken salad for lunch. Didn’t feel nauseous at all. Still definitely need my pain meds. Taking Benedryl at night, my antibiotics 3 times a day, my Arnica, and started my Bomelian.
I took my first shower this morning (you are allowed to take a shower 24 hours after, as long as you aren’t out of your garment for long, but I wanted to give it an extra day and Dr. Precht said that was fine). I only had a little bit of leaking last night, it’s definitely way less than it was at first. Taking off the garment wasn’t too bad. I laid down and my husband helped me. My lower abs look a bit uneven- hopefully it’s just the swelling, but one side looks noticeably bigger than the other (it might be just when I’m laying down though, I don’t think it was too noticeable when I was standing). My belly definitely looks flatter when I’m laying down- it’s so exciting! I can’t wait to see my final results lol. When I’m standing up I look all sorts of puffy and swollen and not that much different. Except for my upper ab area/ around my ribs under my boobs. That area definitely looks tinier- from the front it’s a noticeable difference. I have a waist curve again- YAY!

I think it would be quite a bit easier if I had a second garment. Even though we washed & dried it while I was showering, I still had to wait a bit for it to finish drying after I got out of the shower.
I tried the ab board for a few hours in the evening. I’m not sure how I like it. It makes walking a bit harder, and it causes the sides of the garment to puff out a little instead of hugging against me. I might need to find some foam or something else to go under the garment though. There are bulges in the zipper areas of my garment and I’m paranoid about them causing funny rolls/ creases as I heal.

I went on several walks today, but I couldn’t really increase my distance. They were still only about a block each (round trip).

5/9--- 3 Days Post:

No puffy eyes when I woke up this morning. I feel about the same as yesterday (maybe a tiny bit better) but I feel like I might have been on my feet a bit too much yesterday. I know I am supposed to be walking quite a bit, but it’s so hard to get in and out of bed that I spent a lot of time standing. I had a bit of numbness in my fingertips of my left hand thing morning but it went away after a bit. I’m starting to feel a bit itchy around my torso. The muscles in my upper back/ shoulders feel sore (no lipo there, it’s just from using my arms more to leverage myself around the bed or maybe from the straps of my garment). I don’t feel quite as sore in my upper abs and lower back, although they are still pretty sore. All of the numbing stuff that was lingering in my lower abs is gone now, I can definitely feel the soreness there, and in my sides! I don’t seem to have hardly any bruising yet. I still can’t bend over, and it’s still practically impossible to get anything from near the floor. I would really love to wash my hair!!

5/11--- 5 Days Post:

I drove to Seattle yesterday (a little over an hour for the drive there, then another hour for the drive home) for my first post-op appointment. The drive wasn't as horrible as I was afraid of- it was difficult but manageable. It was super hard to look over my shoulder to change lanes though! I have not been wearing my ab board (it's uncomfortable and makes the sides of my garment bulge away from my skin) but I do have a lumbar/ back support board that I wore for the drive and it was pretty helpful.

Dr. Precht said everything looked good (I'm still pretty swollen), took off the little plastic things that were over my incisions in my upper back, and reminded me to do a lot of walking, drink a ton of water, and watch my carb & salt intake. I've been pretty good about my carbs and salt, fairly good about my water, and ok on my walking. She also said that I will need to start massaging 2-3 times a day to keep scar tissue from forming and have a better result. I told her I was concerned about the wrinkles/ bulges in my garment along the zippers and she gave me some foam to wear down my sides (where the zippers are). I also talked to her about my worries over my lower abs looking uneven when laying down and she said everything is still swollen & settling so not to worry about it. My next appointment is in 5 weeks, we should be seeing pretty good results by then and they will take my post-op pics at that appointment.

I was getting a little discouraged because I feel like a swollen pear, like my stomach area is all huge and I see stuff about other people who see instant results with Vaser. I was feeling like I didn't really get much in the instant result department, and starting to worry that my swollen-looking abdomen is here to stay (maybe it makes me feel worse cuz always before I could suck my stomach in, and right now I can't do that and I feel like I look pregnant or something lol). I am not seeing much of a difference when I look in the mirror. BUT today I took off my garment and took some pics so that I could compare with before, and there is actually a difference (even tho I don't feel like it when I'm looking in the mirror lol). It is not nearly as much of a difference as I am expecting, but I have to remind myself that I am only 5 days post-op and I still need to give it several weeks for swelling to go down. I am impatient!

I still hurt (super-sore muscles feeling) and it still hurts to do much bending, but I am able to move easier now, and I can actually bend a bit further and reach things nearer to the floor. Sitting is still rather uncomfortable, and I prefer to either lay down or stand.

I miss Bacon Cheeseburgers and McD's French fries soooooo much. But I'm being a good girl and staying away from them.

Oh! A quick note on my weight. I used to weigh around 115 (a little over 2 years ago when I got my butt done that was how about much I weighed), over the past year and a half I gained a bunch and have been fluctuating between 130-135. I was 132 at my pre-op appointment. I was 139 the day after my lipo. Today (5 days post) I am 133. I know that you don't really lose weight with lipo and I'm not too concerned if I don't lose much, just wanted to include it :)

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