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After having received botched botox in my forehead...

After having received botched botox in my forehead over six months ago (which still hasn't gone away), I was left with a very droopy left eyelid (see my other posts). When a coupon came through for Ultherapy around the eyes, I checked into the procedure and decided to do it in hopes it would help.

I was prescribed a "cocktail" of three different meds to take an hour before hand to help with the pain (and nausea). I'd read the procedure was painful, but let me tell my book, something like this qualifies as torture. I've had 3 major surgeries, suffered decades of migraines, and endured plenty of pain, and am no wuss. BUT, even with the pain killers, this was NOT the "comfortable" procedure they describe!

The pulses in my forehead across the top of the eyes sent white-hot shooting pains up through the nerves into my skull and up through the top of my head. I have images of scenes from Frankenstein movies where the electricity is shooting through the monster's brain! It was bizarre to be able to actually feel the tracks of the nerves when the heat shot through them like lightening, and I asked if that was supposed to be happening because I was concerned about nerve damage. She explained that they stay away from the "roots" of the nerves and that the procedure was most painful near the bones

Thankfully, the pulses under my eyes were only mildly uncomfortable.

So...even though I was HEAVILY medicated, I would rate this procedure (on the forehead over the eyebrows and on the sides of the eyes, anyway) EXTREMELY PAINFUL. When I sat up, I almost passed out, and became nauseous and vomited (could have been the meds). My husband was there to drive me home (if they give you meds, be SURE you have a driver!), but I was so woozy I couldn't walk. I had to sit in the waiting room, slumped over in a chair for another fifteen minutes. When we left, I threw up repeatedly on the way to the car (fortunately, they'd given me a barf bag!). At home (2 PM) I passed out and slept until 7:30 PM. Went to bed at 11:00 PM and slept through the night. Quote from husband: "You are not EVER doing this again."

I had no redness or bruising (thank GOD), but the treated areas and up another three inches or so into my scalp remain very tender and sore six days later, and I am worried that there MIGHT be nerve trauma. My husband says he can see a positive difference in my eye area (that initial temporary plumping and tightening they talk about), but my left eyelid is still very droopy and unless there is a lot more improvement over the next couple of months, I would NOT say this was worth the money or the pain or the aftermath of the treatment, even at a 50% discount. (Original cost $750)

It's been four months since my HORRIFIC Ultherapy...

It's been four months since my HORRIFIC Ultherapy procedure, and there is no noticeable improvement in my eye area (either above or below). I still have tenderness and pain in my temples and upward into my scalp and head...the white-hot "route" that the current traveled through my nerves when she zapped me. I find myself rubbing it to try to alleviate the pain, but it is deep, so that doesn't help. I think the nerves were so damaged that they may be scarred, and I have serious concerns about it ever going away, i.e., "phantom nerve pain." I do not recommend Ultherapy to anyone for any reason.

Hi Kristy...Before and after photos won't help.....

Hi Kristy...Before and after photos won't help...there was no change. So...a lot of money, torturous procedure, phantom pains in left temple many months later...and no benefit. I get more lift from one session with my Galvanic Spa (home version). I did learn a valuable lesson, however. Check RealSelf before buying any advertising hype!!! Appreciate you all so much!
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I cannot accurately rate some of the categories because I only had the procedure 5 days ago. Chose the provider through a coupon offer and called them, talked extensively to practitioners beforehand, as well as at an in-office consultation. Was never told about how painful the procedure could be.

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