Tummy Tuck 12/19/2012 - Seattle, WA. Two Year update

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I had a tummy tuck and inner thigh liposuction...

I had a tummy tuck and inner thigh liposuction yesterday. So far so good.

When I went to the surgery, my blood pressure high and they could do it at first (I was really nervous) and they stayed with me to get it calmed down. The relaxation discuss did it and I was ready to go.

So far, I've had a little pain (like a big workout soreness) but not that much. I'm sure the pain pump helps!

The staff was so amazing and so helpful. After I had the surgery, I felt good and was coherent. I walked around the house some. I'm hunched over. I've stayed propped up
Day 1 – I felt much better than imagined. I'm sure the pain pump helped.

Today was my post op check up day one. Everything...

Today was my post op check up day one. Everything is going well. I am sore but it's not unbearable. They seemed surprised at how well I was doing (I put on makeup and tried to look presentable). No showers until Saturday. Yikes!

Today seemed to be a much better day. I showered...

Today seemed to be a much better day. I showered (yay!) I've had some pain, but it was better. I put on makeup and fixed my hair a bit. I'm going to walk around a bit. I took a nap again today, which helped. The smoothies are helping nausea. Water helps a lot with hydration. Plenty of water!

Yesterday was Day 3. My husband and I took my...

Yesterday was Day 3. My husband and I took my pain pump out per my doctor (whoa! You can feel the difference). I did feel better seeing my new belly button (was worried about losing my old one), seeing the results of a swollen, but flatter me.

I went to the mall for a few things with my husband and kids. It sounds crazy, I know, but I needed to get out and walk a bit. I ran out of steam by 2 stores, but I was able to get shoes for my daughter and a jacket for my son. I will call that a success.

I stepped on the scale (I know - another crazy thing to do but curiosity got the best of me. I am down 1 lb. from my normal weight. That's 3 days post surgery, no bowel movement and premenstrual.

My back has been sore. It's time for my period. I have really bad periods, so I am not looking forward to that at all.

Day 4 - so far so good. I woke up really sore. ...

Day 4 - so far so good. I woke up really sore. The shower was exhausting but makes me feel like a human being afterwards. I used Tylenol Extra Strength today for pain. No bowel movement, but drinking plenty of water.

I went to Target, Nordstrom, and drugstore (had to get stool softener!) and to get some stocking stuffers.I was only out a couple of hours and wearing my sweats, puffer vest to hide my drains. I put on makeup and tried to be presentable, but I was not the fashionista. :) I didn't carry anything, just pointed to my son, who drove (my husband was at a NFL game today, so my son had mom duty). I was tired when I got home.

I am now propped up on the house for the rest of the evening. I'm taking the pain meds at night when I need it. I also had a prescription for ambien for 5 nights. I wake up in the middle of the night (pain, discomfort - I am a side sleeper and a snoring husband!). I don't know how I will sleep when I don't take it anymore. I am a side sleeper who is also a light sleeper. I stay super propped up by pillows. I took a short nap today on the couch. Nothing like those amazing 2 naps yesterday. :)

I've stayed on water, low sodium food. I've had less of an appetite. I've had a smoothie of some kind every day, which has helped me with energy.

My drains are different - one is 10, 15 or less than 20 daily. The other is 50-70 but slowing down. So weird. My appt. is December 26. I hope to get them out by then.

Day 4 - Warning this may be TMI for many of you,...

Day 4 - Warning this may be TMI for many of you, but it's a Christmas miracle - or at least a happy event! I finally had a BM. I used the stool softener. Holy wow, was it was painful. However, I feel much better now.

The drains are barely draining after I emptied them at 10:30pm last night.

My husband and kids are doing last minute shopping. I'm tired. I slept until 9:30 am. I got out yesterday and the day before. Today, I feel like resting, propping up, watching Christmas shows or reading trashy celebrity magazines. Tonight, I will enjoy my family.

Happy holidays to all.

One week update: I had my doctor visit today. Dr...

One week update: I had my doctor visit today. Dr. Salemy took out one of my drains and removed some of the stitches. He is awesome and answered all of my many questions. I feel like I am in good hands. The inner thigh lipo is doing well, too.

My biggest challenges in recovery are mother nature (monthly cycle + constipation = back pain and swelling after surgery). I'm going to rest up and try to stay off line (my husband's instructions to rest up.)

Day 13 - Happy New Year! Well, my cycle ended,...

Day 13 - Happy New Year! Well, my cycle ended, I've had BMs and I am off pain meds, I almost feel like a normal person! I looked in the mirror yesterday and saw a shape. It was a waistline like I had before kids. I was so happy. I went in immediately to show my husband. He agreed and asked if I did lipo there. I said no, just inner thighs. So, I saw results yesterday. I've been wearing yoga pants, walking but no exercise. I was worried about being so inactive. I stepped on the scale yesterday and today and I am 2.5 pounds down. I've been drinking a lot of water, smoothies (fruit and veggies) and watching out for sodium.

I still have swelling in my tummy and some bruising from lipo but the bruising is getting better.

My 2 week appointment is tomorrow. I go back to work on Thursday. I'll need to figure out clothes with this garment.

I had my 2 week Post Op Appointment today. The...

I had my 2 week Post Op Appointment today. The 2nd drain is gone. My pain went away more with the drain pulling and tugging. My pain is mostly night and morning but manageable during day. My legs get more sore during the day from the inner thigh lip..

I need to wear the binder for 6 weeks post op. My shape on side good, but my front is still swollen and my legs are swollen. I'm watching sodium.

I go back to work tomorrow. I work in an office environment (business casual). I can't button my jeans but can wear some of my stretchy pants and skirts.

3 weeks, 3 days: I am back to work as of 2 weeks...

3 weeks, 3 days: I am back to work as of 2 weeks post Op, back in my pre-op jeans, I am slowing seeing a difference. Some days I am fine and some I am more tired that others. 5lb weight loss but I still have some swelling. I think the weight loss may be do to paying attention to sodium and drinking plenty of water.

One month one day update - things are getting...

One month one day update - things are getting better every day. My scar is getting better and my swelling is going down. I feel better, my clothes fit better, less swelling and I am 8 lbs down (more water, less sodium helps any daily fluctuations - trust me. Still wearing the binder or spanx. Feel more comfortable in it, but will be happy when I can get rid of it! :)

I had my 6 week check up today. Everything is...

I had my 6 week check up today. Everything is going well. I had some blood/scab around my old belly button area that the doctor looked at and it's healing. I've lost 9lbs and you can see the definition on my stomach. Yay! Also, I can exercise and get rid of the binder. Water plus laying off of sodium has helped. I've had people ask me if I lost weight. Things are fitting better. I will post pictures soon.

I bought a pair of skinny jeans today. Wow. A...

I bought a pair of skinny jeans today. Wow. A size smaller. I never thought I would dare to wear anything called "skinny" in the title.

I made it back to the gym. I wore my compression...

I made it back to the gym. I wore my compression binder under my workout gear. I did a weight sculpting class and yoga. I can feel it today but happy to be back in the groove.

This isn't an easy process. Some days are better...

This isn't an easy process. Some days are better than others. I've had some swelling above my belly button since mid-February. Things were looking good then I got this bulge above my belly button. Uhg! On the positive my clothes fit better but I am bummed to see the swelling/bulge. I know there is nothing I can do about it right now but stay positive. I had my appointment today and my doctor suggested lipo around my belly button as an option in a few months.

I still have some swelling above my belly button. ...

I still have some swelling above my belly button. I've started with a personal trainer and working out and got a massage to try to help with swelling. The good news is that my spring pants from last year are loose.

5 months post op

I'm working out with the trainer 1-2 times per week and doing yoga, weights and walks. I can feel it in my abs when I workout. I see some ab definition on top.

This isn't an easy process. I still swell above my belly button after gym workout and a lot of walking (annoying) and the blister I had by my belly button (looks like a ropy rug burn) won't go away, although I feel like I've used every scar cream and silicone strip out there. Dr. S said he would fix it when we do lipo but that will be in the fall. It will be after I go to Maui. I'm bummed to still be in a 1 piece but that scar looks red and visible and I'm afraid my kids will ask what happened. My tummy tuck scar seems to be fading well. I'm using silicone strips. I have my check up in June.

6 months post op

Not a lot to update from last month. I had my 6 month check up. In September, I will get a scar revision (from my belly button blister - from the tape and my paper thin skin - it left a darker mark than anything else) and some lipo around the belly button area where I have some fat. We decided that will be a better time to go back to wearing a garment versus summer. I'll have to get a new garment - my other one was washed so many times that it's falling apart!

The Tummy Tuck scar is doing better and fading out in some areas. I've used mederma, Palmer's oil at night and silicone scar strips.

Tummy Tuck - Revision yesterday

Yesterday I had my TT scar revision. I had an area around my belly button that had a blister that didn't heal and additional lipo on abdomen and thighs. Today I am very sore and tired. I'm looking forward to seeing results.

Dr. S and his staff were wonderful.

Revision update

Still sore and tired. I'm resting a lot which I'm not used to! I did walk around more yesterday. I bought a pair of Spanx at Nordstrom. I have a traditional Marina binder (my other one was washed a 1000 times and had seen it's better days, so I got another one, a TC Shapewear )Dr. S said those are fine as long as I am comfortable. I really like that brand and it had compression. He said I could do Spanx as long as it's firm compression. I have some rotation options now depending on what I am wearing.

My check up is Tuesday.


I had my lipo above belly button and scar revision 2 weeks ago and I am now almost 11 months post TT. I love not seeing a belly button bulge and seeing a little thinner scar.

Dr. S was so great. I feel like he's been there for me all the way and listened to me with my many questions. (I make a list of questions every time - usually typed and bullet pointed. :) As a business professional, it's how I go through the many things in my head and make decisions!) I am so happy to see a flatter tummy and feel like I've had great support all the way.

1 Year, 1 month update

Things are going well 1 year, 1 month later. I had my scar revision and lipo October 30th so I am weaning off the compression garment for nights. My scar around my belly button and from revision are red, but I am using silicone strips and bio oil.
I'm working out with a trainer twice a week plus yoga on my own. I'm seeing definition where I didn't before which is good.

2 years, a scar revision, and dermatologist visit later

It's nearly 2 years since I had my tummy tuck. This wasn't an easy process. The results were fine but scar around my belly button and where my old belly button was (where there was tension) is still concerning. Dr. Salemy tried to help and gave me steroid injections, which helped some but then recommended to me to Dr. Rogers in September. I wasn't able to get into to her until today because she was booked. She looked at me for a minute then referred me to someone else (Dr. Diana Chiu) and said she doesn't have the equipment and recommended that I do a V-beam laser with Dr. Chiu and said it could be a 40% improvement. Uhg! After paying for a tummy tuck 2 years ago, I fear anyone seeing my stomach because of the ugly red scar. I've been going to a trainer twice a week and have definition, but I am afraid my shirt will come up and my scar will be seen if I squat, reach for something at times, etc. Now I need to make another appointment with someone else for a possible 40% improvement. I'm so sad that it won't get much better - I just want this to be done! The scars are a distraction and my husband has noticed that it bothers me and makes me self-conscience.

Last year I got a breast lift and outer thigh and flank liposuction. Dr. Salemy was my doctor and he was amazing. I was happy with the results and his work so I decided to get a tummy tuck and do the inner thighs this year. Dr. Salemy was excellent and I had no hesitation going to him again. I absolutely trust him and know that I am in good hands. He's awesome!

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