Tattoos Are Quite the Commitment - Seattle, WA

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Everyone was 22 once right? Well I still am 22 and...

Everyone was 22 once right? Well I still am 22 and I feel like an idiot. I had been dreaming about getting a tattoo ever since middle school, telling myself that I would be smart and wait until I was 21 to get one, so that I wouldn't make a hasty decision. I researched and researched different artists, after deciding on an idea about two years ago. The artist is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone, the fact is that I do not want a tattoo of this size on my body. I have been struggling with this tattoo for two months now, scouring these reviews, not sleeping, constantly anxious. I tried so hard to make myself love it but I just don't think it'll ever happen. I finally got the nerve to make a consultation for removal. The place was very nice and ha Picosure, which was my main concern. The doctor was super friendly and helpful then BAM, the price came, 500 for each half. Making it 1000 per treatment. I mean jesus christ, I am sort of at a loss to do now. They don't use the Q switch anymore and the lady was like because its so new we should act fast. I would love your feedback and support... sorry for the bad quality photo, the tattoo is on my thigh and is like 11x8


thanks for all the comments and support, like you all said, I need to take more time and really think it through. I think saving money is more important right now and I need to come to terms with these feelings as they may stem from other things. I'll keep you all posted, good luck in your own removal journeys!
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