Starting the 40'S off with a New Body- Lower Body Lift!!! - Seattle, WA

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I have had 4 csections, been up n down in weight...

I have had 4 csections, been up n down in weight and maintain. I currently wear a 16/18, down 30+pounds and I am not looking to be a size 10, just a fab 40 mom with a better body. However, I would like to get rid of my hanging belly from pg and csections. I am going with Dr. Mary Lee Peters because she is a wonderful, board certified surgeon, and is willing to help me obtain the best contour I can. I am hoping to be flat as she can make me and for my upper hips to be raised and smoothed. Loosing weight is great, but sagging skin sucks. I am in the process of gathering items I will need based off the list of those who have posted here. I am on the fence about getting the lift chair. Not sold on I have to get one. But we shall see. I will admit it is worrisome 5 hours of surgery, but I just can not see living another 40 yrs with Filbert the Veranda hanging off of me. I just want to tuck in my shirts again, feel sexy in my own body, and wear a bathing suit without a cover up. I go for my Pre-Op appt March 25th. And I am beyond excited to get to the flatter side :).

Getting close!

Hope ya'll are doing good!
I am all set cash wise for my LBL next month, 5 weeks away!!! I am very excited and I can't wait for Filbert to go awayI
I go for my annual appt tomorrow, which will include my CBC and metabolic panel blood tests. Pretty standard for pre op before a big surgery. I decided to go ahead and plan on the bed being my spot for recovery. I have several bed positioning pillows on order and I have been educating my hubby in how to position me with them. I picked up a wedge pillow, a donut ring for my tushy, and a knee separter for side lying. It will help alleviate the strain on the hips incision while side lying. I did just get over the flu and subsequent bronchitis I caught a few weeks ago. Taking lots of vit c and such to ward off anything else.
Now lets talk about the excerice routine I am doing in preparation of this surgery. I have increased my steps per day to 15K, and will steadily increase it to 20K per day, love my fitbit. I typically walk 5-7 miles per day at least 6 days a week. I am adding in a big squat challenge this month to get my booty in better shape, I am not wanting a flat post op booty. And I also have started a couch to 5 k program to add more running vs walking into my routine. More cardio, so I am at my best. I am also focusing on 3 times a week core strengthening programs and building my upper body strength so I can use my arms n legs up so I can use those while my core heals. I have to climb 13 steps to get to the bedroom post op. Not too worried about that as I have done that climb 3 times right after my csections with my boys with no issues. Just go slow n steady and have a hand to help if need be.
Pictures will be coming. I am trying to decide where I would like the back incision to be placed. I am making a list of additional questions for my PS on pre op appt on the 25th. Mainly fine tuning and clarifying the process in my mind. I am a lil concerned that I may not be able to get a pain pump. I have a sensitivity to morphine and fentyl, so hoping we can find something else to put in the pump. Both of those meds make me have intractible emesis, cant stop puking, so I may have to opt out if the anthesia doc doesnt have an alternative. I am concerned about pain managment for me. After 4 csections, and numerous other surgeries, I know I have to be on top of meds to keep my pain controlled.
My youngest is in half day kindergarten, so I will ride in with my neighbor who works at the hospital I am having my surgery at. Then hubby will collect the youngling and come fetch me post op. We have no family and our friends honestly have enough on their plates, so hubby will be my primary caretaker. My older boys are ready for me to be done so I will quit talking incessantly about it. hahaha.But I am excited and scared and more excited. I even bought some swimsuit patterns so I can make myself a pretty new suit for this summer!
Ok, next post will be a preop post with photos. Pre OP appt is 03/25. SQUEEEEE!!! Take care !

Pre- Op with my GP- Passed with flying colors!

So I found a new GP to get an annual and a pre op once over including labs for Dr. Peters. I am so proud of how much I have changed my health int he last 12-18 months. In 2013, my cholesterol was high and frankly my numbers were not great. 40 pounds lighter and gone from not too active to very active and my numbers are in the normal limits now! Yippeee! Also my CBC was normal. So as far as I know I am good to go for surgery. Weight loss isn't just a number on the scale, but seeing that my cardiac health has gone from not optimal to very much improved is another way of measuring how far I have come in being as healthy a mom and wife as I can be. So just keep that in mind those of you out there who are just staring out or who are picking back up. Ok so next update is March 25th, pre op with Dr. Peters!

T minus 6 days til LBL!!!

Ok! pre-op pics are included in this review. I am anxiously awaiting next Monday!!!
My pre-op appt with Dr. Peters was great ( seriously, I think she's just FAB-U-LOUS! ) and I am so excited to see what I will look like. 15 long yrs I have had this apron of flesh hanging off of me. I got my marena garment and its packed in my bag for day of surgery. My neighbor works at the hospital, so I am hitching a ride with him for oh dark 30, aka 5:30am, on day of surgery. Our youngest is in half day kindergarten, so hubby will prep the house and fetch him before he comes to get me. Dr. P said surgery will run about 5 hours long. They will call him once I am out of surgery. I had my pre-op phone registration/ pre op assessment by a nurse via phone on Friday. She gave me an awesome tip to have my post op nurse give me the number to call her directly, so hubby can just pull up and load me up when it's time to leave recovery and go home. So nice since our 5 yr old will be in tow. :)
I have to say as a retired nurse, I am impressed with how well organized this hospital is and so far the initial care has been superb.
I have purchased a wedge pillow, a knee seperater pillow, a butt donut pillow, and washed all my old pillows we keep on hand. Rx will be given day of surgery. And I bought the Hib soap to use the night before and day of surgery. Just gotta stock up on soups, broths, and protein shakes. Also need to pick up some post op bowel helpers :) . I will have an on-Q pump post op, so that will be nice. My first post op is the 13th.
My kids are stressing, ( we have 4 boys ) . I am keeping it positive and upbeat. Telling them how wonderful my doctor is, well trained and very good at what she does, how much more I can do with out Filbert hanging around me. Bicycling will be easier, my seat belt will sit where it should, I will be able to run better/faster and chase them all over the place! LOL.Which is funny as they are on spring break this week. They go back to school on the same day of my surgery. I am exercising every day and mediating to help control my stress.
Overall, just hurry up and wait for Monday to get here!

On the flatside!

Surgery was yesterday. Last night was up every few hours to pee and /or meds. Pain is about a 5, thats even with the OnQ pump and oxycodone . But it looks fab so far. Lots of drainage and my drains are putting out alot of fluid. Hubby has taken great care of me. My post op appt is tomorrow. Hopefully I can get pics! Not eating too much but pushing fluids. Sticking to my shakes. They took 9lbs off yesterday. 5 lbs of it was Filbert, the apron plus 2lbs off of each side. I dont knowhow much she took off in the lipo areas. I am asking tomorrow. Ok off to rest up

First post op appt

Had my first post op today. Drains are still draining alot. My pain pump comes out tomorrow. And I have been cleared to shower. Next week I will get my hip staples and lipo sutures out. Maybe even my belly button sutures as well. It looks so flat! My bum and thighs are still numb. Hubby is taking great care of me. Ok off to rest!

Post Op Day 4 pics

Just adding a few pics. Still swollen but its nice n flat :)

16 days post op

16 days after LBL and feeling much better. Two weeks seems to be the turning point. First week I got two drains removed at 9 days out. I still have two more in . Hoping my appt on Friday will see them go. Drainage has slowed and is now straw colored. It hurt really bad on the first drain taken out. I am still having residual nerve pain there. It felt like fire being pulled. I shower every day and most of my incision is healed. Just a few lil scabs here n there. One lil spot on my left hip we are keeping clean and a 4x4 on. Just a lil spot where the scab came off too early. Not deep just needs a lil tlc.
I havent weighed myself as I know I am still swollen and the drains and all that. I did start putting a cami between my skin and the garment. Much better. Made a world of difference. I did get my period this week, so I had to go buy some panties two sizes smaller, yippee!!! My old ones were falling down hahaha. Eating lots of protein and I am still taking a pain med and muscle relaxer, flexeril, in the am and right before bed. Waking up stiff in the am and worn out n sore by bedtime. I do get up n sit for a bit and today I made it in the grocery store , walking not using the carts, and was up for about 4 hours, and did ok. Wore me out. But hubby goes back to work in a week, so I am working on building up my endurance so I can manage on my own once he isn't home.
Once the drains come out , I am hoping to make it back to bed upstairs. I have been sleeping on the couch/ottoman we have downstairs. Hubby has been sleeping next to me in case I need something.
Overall, I can say even with a long and sore recovery, I am happy with the results. No more FIlbert in my lap. Once the swelling resolves, I know its just gonna get better n better.My doctor has been so sweet and looks like my belly button will turn out super cute! I am posting a few pics of my incision the first week post op. I will get more next time I shower :)

up and about!

3weeks out of Lower body Lift and I walked two blocks this am!!! Felt good, my hips are super tight from the lack of activity. Still have one drain but somehow I pulled the securing stitch out. So trying to keep it in til wed. Still putting out 60 cc a day, gotta get it under 35. Otherwise, gonna rest than go to the store for a few things then back home! Still have a few spots with scabs , slight opening where the scab came off a bit early, and we are monitoring my lower back area as its red and swollen. No fever or signs of infection, but it is irritated. I am sleeping in my own bed now. Turning side to side and giving the back a break so it can heal up a bit. I go back this week for the last drain to be pulled. Tentative appt on Thurs, unless the drain slips out further. Still swollen, but looking better. Trying to be patient, but it is so hard. I look so much better and knowing that I am swollen, its just going to get even better as time goes on. I aint the most patient of people lol.

Filbert- All Alone.....

This is just a quickie pic post. I got my photos of Filbert detached from me. I thought there would be more, but nope, all 9 lbs are there. I am up more, my incision is almost completely closed. I have three lil openings, basically where the scab came off to early. So I am also posting the pic of the worst one. Still not bad.

4 weeks Post LBL

Had a good post op visit with Dr. Peters today. My wounds look good. Turns out the biggest one had a lil disolvable staple poking out. So she took care of that one. I am cleared to wear the stage 2 garment, once it gets here, for day time wear and I dont have to wear my CG at night! Yippee! Most of my drain holes have sealed up and last scabs are falling off. I asked about scar therapy and she said Mederma was a good OTC choice. So I grabbed some of that for when the final lil spots heal up. I drove myself to my appt today. I live about 45 mins or so outside of Seattle. So that was fun. Finally feeling like myself. Still numb in spots, and I am still squatting to pick up stuff and being cautious in my side bending. My open areas are right on my sides, so I want to limit tensiont here til they heal fully. I did chang eup my dressing on the big open area. It was drying out with just gauze and bacitracin ointment. And when I would remove the gauze, it would bleed at the edges. Too much trauma, So I went with a hydrogel wound care product and teflon pads once a day. Working pretty good! Big improvement since I started that on Sat.Now tha tthe stale is out and the open to air at night, it should close fast. I go back in about 3 weeks to get pics and I guess a 6 motnh post op would be all thats left. Its amazng. I can not get over how cute my belly is and my belly button is cute to! I just need the swelling to resolve more and then shopping!

More pics

pre lipo and 4wks post lbl contrast pic. Still swelling and not wearing my cg at night so the incision can finish healing up.
I am doing my walks, just every other day due to fatigue and swelling. Happy with my results, just wish the swelling would go away. Still limiting sodium, protein at 100 gr per day, and loads of water. I was really flat first two days, so I am pretty sure at 6 months it will be that flat again.

collage: start, middle, and 4 wks post LBL

5 weeks, sewing some new clothes!

5 week out from LBL, still a lil swollen. Doc says to give it to 3-6 months out. Down 12lbs, but still swollen especially in hips and along incision and mons area

4 Months Post op!

still spitting sutures here n there. But pretty much all healed up. One side is a lil bit thicker than the other and I am still have swelling in the upper mons on days I exercise, which is pretty much everyday. On the few days I do not excerise, its pretty flat. I go back next month for pics and I will ask Dr. Peters about what we can do with the right side that seems not as curvy as the left an also address the mons. I think its just swelling, but we shall see what she says. Overall, I am so much happier with how it looks. Making tons of new clothes and loving my new figure. Here are a few pics of my progress. Still getting better each month!

progress collage

progress so far. just WOW
Mary Lee Peters

Dr. Peters did my abdominal lipo last year and she is the nicest, patient caring doctor who is also a wonderful surgeon. I am very happy so far and will update after I have the LBL. POSTOP: Dr Peters has been so supportive, informative and I know she is as invested as I am in my final outcome. I am 3 weeks out from surgery and I feel good. Still swollen, but my results looking promising. Dr. Peters says my BB is gonna be cute and she is of the opinion the end result after swelling will be great. I can not say enough good things about her and her staff. Her staff have been very sweet and considerate at my post op appts when I was very sore and tired. They made sure I was seen promptly and gently. Her PAs Ana and Margeaux are just as fab as she is. I have recommended her to all my friends and I know she has earned the top doc in seattle for some many years. She is just fabulous!!!

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