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This guy gave me what is called Empty Nose...

This guy gave me what is called Empty Nose Syndrome which is a medically surgically caused problem. It happens after over aggressive nasal surgeries. In 2006 I saw him with problems of basic nasal congestion and after failure to respond to sprays, he talked me into a "Sub-Mucosa Resection" which is generally accepted as the best procedure with minimal risks. The only problem is that is not what he did. While I was asleep, he did a "Sub-total Turbinectomy" which is a completely different procedure. SMRs are supposed to reduce nasal turbinates from within and preserve the 3D shape and continuity and function of the mucosa tissue. What he did was cut them off with scissors leaving me with stumps for nasal turbinates. I felt worse after the surgery. My sleep got worse. Breathing felt absent but I didn't know what Empty Nose was then because I was never warned. ENS is a debilitating condition that gets worse over time, generally taking as much as 5-8 years to fully manifest itself. This guy ruined my life and has caused me constant suffering. I saw him 6 years later and he told me "people in the desert had their turbinates removed and were fine". There are many studies out there regarding turbinate reduction and most plead to be conservative but this guy believes in the most aggressive studies and that is what he does. he cuts them out, so stay away from this guy and keep your health.

He believes in radical turbinectomies. Do not let this guy give you Empty Nose Syndrome and ruin your life. ENS is one of the worst things you can have. It causes constant suffering: Anxiety, muscle weakness, disrupted sleep, panic attacks while sleeping, constant feelings of suffocation and dryness and related nerve pain.

Dr. Allegra, Here are the CT scans

Here is your work. Live with it. I have to live with it every day. This is before and after YOUR surgery. My sleep was already worse and I already had many ENS symptoms already but didn't know what ENS was yet. I obviously wish I could take back Herschberg making it worse but YOU already caused it. Sleep isn't supposed to get drastically worse. I remember having no feeling after your surgery and that breathing felt absent. That was you.

Dr. Allegra DID in fact cause my Empty Nose Syndrome

I work in engineering at an Aerospace company and I have done my own CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis on air flow through my nose before and after Dr. Allegra's surgery. There have been many CFD studies done by universities and they generally show that the velocity of air through a normal nose in in the vicinity of 200cm/second. My analysis prior to any surgery was very close to those values which gives my work validity. Following Mr. Allegra's "surgery", local velocities declined by as much as 75% !!!! (see attached charts BLUE is before Allegra/RED is after) Air flow patterns changed from that of a normal nose of air distributed through the upper/middle and lower to an extreme drop of in the upper and middle and a very low flow through the hole he left in the bottom by cutting out my Inferior turbinates. Mr. Allegra quoted me a study where people in the desert had turbinates removed and they were fine etc. This is a minority opinion from a study in the Middle East and it appears he based his life's view on this. This is a minority opinion not shared by most of his peers. That aside, Mr Allegra had a duty to follow informed consent laws and at minimum explain what the function of your nose is (heating, humidifying and filtering air for your lungs). He mentioned none of these basic functions and convinced me that turbinates were useless structures that were in my way. Next, even after I agreed in writing to an SMR (a safe procedure) he performed a radical sub-total turbinectomy which is a much higher risk procedure. He failed to follow informed consent laws by misleading me about even
basic functions of the nose and he mentioned no risks about Empty Nose or even a dry nose, then he performed a procedure that I never agreed to. My breathing felt worse after his surgery and while I did foolishly accept someone's second opinion a year later to take more tissue, it was because I felt worse and the damage was already done. This guy is a NON doctor, NON scientist and falls below the standard of care. Stay Away!
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

This was the single biggest mistake in my entire life trusting this guy.

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