5'1, 92 lbs, Natrelle 410LX Anatomical

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26 years old 5'1, 92 lbs 234cc or 255cc...

26 years old
5'1, 92 lbs
234cc or 255cc anatomical, submuscular, inframammary incision

I barely have any breast tissue and quite a large gap between my breasts. My ribs are also very noticeable between the breasts. At my consultation, I tried on 213cc and 234cc and they both feel a little big on me. Maybe I'm just not used to having boobs........lol. The nurse said 234 looks great. Anyways, doctor suggested to go with 255cc as the implant will appear smaller once they are inside (so the 255 will look more like 234). I want a small natural looking boobs. Currently 30AA, wishing to be a full B or small C. Doctor recommended Anatomical Natrelle 410LX (low height, extra full projection). I'm afraid the extra full projection will give me the fake look. Has anyone had any experience with this profile?

My appointment is booked on Jan 21st, 2016. Pre-op on Dec 28th. I will take some photos at pre-op as I forgot during consultation...

Can't wait to have boobs! Yayyyy

Pre-op Done! Size Dilemma......

Filled out all paperwork and prescriptions, and paid everything today. I tried on the round sizers since anatomical ones are not available. Tried the round 213cc and 234cc. The anatomical conversion will be 225cc and 255cc. I felt like the 234cc projected too much. It's not that obvious in pictures, but when I tried it on it feels too projected for my body. Width wise they are both fine. Dr suggested Natrelle 410 LX - 255cc (see 234cc round), but I decided to go with 225cc (see 213cc round). Sorry if this is a bit confusing.

I asked some friends for opinions and they all suggested to go bigger 255cc. Dr said I wouldn't even notice the difference once it's inside and to stop worrying so much. It's driving me crazy gyahhhhhhhhh. Help???? Anyone with implants smaller than 250 here? Thanks in advance for your inputs and words of encouragement. So happy I found this site!

Dating and BA

I started seeing someone new about a month ago. We've gone on several dates and things are still casual at this point. I haven't told him about my upcoming BA next week. How do I explain going MIA for a few weeks? On one hand I'm tempted to tell him because if he's judgmental about it, better cut him off sooner than later. He will inevitably find out once he sees me after recovery. However, I also feel like I don't know him long enough to share this information. Any advice ladies? Tell before or after BA? How to bring it up?

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