Beware: SCAR REVISION DOES NOT WORK!!! You Will Still Be Scarred - Seattle, WA

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I got a bad scar on my forehead from an accident....

I got a bad scar on my forehead from an accident. It was atrophic, wide, and in a very visual spot above my eyebrow. It devastated me. I had a scar revision hoping to make it smooth and flat so I could at least cover it with makeup. Well after healing for a few months the new scar isn't acceptable. It's still indented and ugly and can't be covered with makeup. Maybe 25% improvement at best. I've been told not much else can be done.

I'm extremely depressed and feel suicidal. I used to be such a pretty confident woman. Now my self-confidence is destroyed, I'm angry and bitter, and I never want to leave the house.

For those of you who have facial scarring and are considering this operation, do not do it. You are just replacing one scar with another. More scar tissue just forms. Fillers and lasers don't work either. Don't believe the numerous false reviews and answers on this website created by doctors trying to market themselves. Skin is like freshly fallen snow. Once it's messed up, it will never be the same.

The bottom line is there is no cure for scarring. It's a disfigurement and we just need to learn to live with it. For me, this means hiding my face in shame with a hat or bangs and not being able to live life to the fullest. I will forever suffer until the day I die.

So save your money and accept the cold, hard truth: scarring is permanent and your face will never be the same.
Dr. Jane Doe

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