41 yr old with under-bite all my life.

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I have had this under-bite all my life, and while...

I have had this under-bite all my life, and while I have never really been bullied or anything, I still get treated way different than anyone else. It has been a social nightmare. Now, I want this done so bad. It is my mission. And I will not stop until it is done.
I have been checking overseas to get it done from some top notch surgeons because it is much cheaper there. All in all I am going to need about $12k plus maybe a little more.
I have no idea how I am going to come up with that money, but it has to happen. I appreciate any support I can get on this forum. It is a nightmare socially, mentally, and emotionally to have this. Not the same as an overbite where at least you can smile. I can not even smile and people mis-interpret this all the time. Hellish.


Clearer photos of my under bite

Wondering about the cost of treatment, length of treatment with braces and surgery?, braces or not braces? I am 41 yrs old and several of my teeth have had deep cavities filled. What are my options?
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