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I'm 5"10... about 140lb... 32B (truly A, if it...

I'm 5"10... about 140lb... 32B (truly A, if it were not the skin!). I have a 6 year old boy, my one and only! I have considered the Mommy Makeover for the past 4 years. After working out 5 days a week and getting fit, I am still unhappy with my body. I simply can't stand the skin. Before my son, I was a 34DD, since 6th grade. Having lost my breast after breast feeding, I have absolutely NO curves. I'm tall, muscular, but no booty, no boobs, and extra skin on the belly. That doesn't exactly scream sexy!! I don't mind how I look in my clothes, but when they come off, I want my confidence back that I had prebaby! The abs are there, the skin just has to go! :)

I'm terribly nervous. I have a wonderful support group. I have bounced back and forth on sizing. I remember how difficult it was before when I was a 34DD finding button up shirts and clothes that fit propperly.. So I'm thinking a 32D... I make my final decision tomorrow at my appointment!

Proceedures: Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift and implants. Thankfully, no lipo needed on the flanks!

Before Photos to come: ACK!!!
Just readdy for "Agatha" aka my aggervating belly to be gone!!! Oh and my breasts to no sleep in my underarms when I lay down!!!

Only 2 more days to go!! I'm seriously ready for...

Only 2 more days to go!! I'm seriously ready for my breasts to stand at attention and stop sliding out of my training bras or hiding in my under arms. I have been going through a mix of emotions, but right now, feeling much more confident in my surgery. I just keep reminding myself that this is a process and at least I have this forum to share.

I spent the entire week "daddy" organizing that house. I have some major OCD. I have all the laundry done, and labels on everything... not to mention a binder for the poor guy with a list of snacks and how to do everything for our special needs son. He is always traveling for work, but in his words "We are going to dude it, I survived Iraq, we got this babes." hah So, with those wise words of wisdom, as long as my little one gets his meds on schedule, fed, and bathed, we are doing good!! It shall be interesting to say the least. I'm just so glad that he is so SUPPORTIVE. When I start to doubt myself and my decision, he reminds me that I'm worth this and that its for me. While yes, he will love the results, he just wants me to love my body like I did when we met.

So, surgery it is Monday morning with a report time of 9:30... I can't wait to not have to buy training bras and wear some sexy one's from the ladies department and not the little girls!! :)

Finally BRAVE enough to post my preop photos...

Finally BRAVE enough to post my preop photos considering in less than 72 hours, this will be my old body!! I work so hard to stay fit, but there is just nothing that can be done with excess skin, but the hand of a skilled PS.

Less than 24 hours!!! I'm a ball of emotions. I'm...

Less than 24 hours!!! I'm a ball of emotions. I'm ready to start this journey!! More ready to start recovering. I will be going in tomorrow morning and coming out with a lovely set of breast and a flat tummy with pain :) I'm so excited!!

Ladies, my surgery went beautifully last Monday on...

Ladies, my surgery went beautifully last Monday on the 17th. I was in the hospital until late Wednesday afternoon, then had a follow up the next morning at 8. ACK. That was too quck of a turn around time, but the doctor wanted to ensure that I was getting along ok.

My surgery only lasted a few hours, and I woke up in very little pain. Staying in the hospital for 3 days, pain was not really an issue. I just kept drifting in and out of sleep. The reason for the extended hospital stay is because my bladder would not wake up after surgery. This is a very common side effect of going under that I have. Thankfully, the cath came out Thursday morning around 10:30, and I was able to urinate without assistance!!

I'm surprised at how manageable the pain is! Let me say that again, I can't believe how manageable the pain has been. I was able to have my first shower Thursday after the doctor told me to get in the shower and relax. I was too scared before that to even look. I'm healing incredibly fast, but absolutely not pushing it! I have been walking the house doing "hot laps" as my hubby says. I am also climbing my stairs at least 5 times a day.

Yesterday I had a terrible coughing spell. HELLA PAINFUL. I just wanted to cry, the pain was so intense. I'm still very sore from the coughing episode, but a nice shower and a day of rest has helped. I finally felt up to returning numerous calls and checking in here :) Before today, I wanted nothing to do with any electronics. I just wanted to sleep, take pain meds, and sleep some more.

Attached is my post op photo on day 4 (right before my shower). Its not the greatest angle and it makes my chest appear as it has too much space between, but its merely the angle. I love my new breasts. I have hardly had ANY pain in my breasts what so ever. They are bruising now and swelling a bit more the last few days.

I would ABSOLUTELY do this procedure all over again. I just can't wait to get the drains out on the 26th. I have had very little draining, but they are uncomfortable and have accidentally pulled on them. That was extremely painful.

Well ladies, the pain meds have kicked in, and sleep is calling my name. Congrats to those who had their MM's this week, good luck to those that are having their's soon, and keep recovering and being such an inspiration to individuals like me to those who have gone before me on this journey!!

This is such a wonderful support group.

Thursday was my first real day out of the house!...

Thursday was my first real day out of the house! My son had several specialist appointments that I couldn't bring myself to miss. Needless to say, we were out of the house from 7:30-4. I completely overdid it. I was a swollen, painfilled individual when I got home. Yesterday, I stayed in bed with the exception of a nice long warm shower. The swelling has came down a lot in my stomach and breast.

I am feeling pretty great to be honest. I have very little pain as long as I don't make a marathon day like I did Thursday. My breasts feel great as does my stomach. I am still slightly hunched, but nothing terrible :) Loving the new breasts!! Silly as it may seem, my addiction has been simply trying to find cute bras to wear without underwires! Oh, what a problem .. hah.

I don't go back to the PS until Jan 22, but I feel great. This was definitely worth the pain. I really only felt pain for the first few days. I didn't have any lipo, just the breasts and tt. My breasts never hurt too greatly, just felt engorged from when I had my son.

This was definitely a wonderful decision for me personally. A couple weeks of being uncomfortable was worth it! I was very lucky and only had one (single) cough! That hurt terribly!! The tubes coming out hurt terribly as well, thanks to the PS assistant who was anything but gentle.

I'm still stuck in the binder for at least another 3 weeks, but I honestly don't mind it. Its not very flattering in clothes. However, it does make me feel more secure, so that is a good thing. I think at my next appt, I will be able to begin with the spanx :)
Tacoma General Surgeon

My PS was a referral from a friend. I loved his work!!

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