42 Y.o. Working Mom, Consistent Intense Exercise Can Only Do So Much! - Seattle, WA

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I have 2 kiddos and work full time at a sometimes...

I have 2 kiddos and work full time at a sometimes crazy stressful job. I exercise regularly: lifting, hiking, some mountain climbing, and started crossfit 6 months ago. Exercise has helped immensely in keeping me in shape after babies, and it always helps me address anxiety and depression. Since having 2 huge babies and breastfeeding each of them for almost 2 years, gravity and the stretching of skin and separation of ab muscles has taken its toll. Exercise can only do so much! After years of debating, I finally took the plunge and went ahead with a MMO
(full TT with MR, and BL with no
augmentation) . The doctor and his staff have been amazing and I can't wait to see how things look under the compression garments.

Pre-operation photos

Pre-operation captures what I wanted to improve.

Pre-op photos, trying again

First peek at new belly button

Healing / Progress!

Trying not to overdo it. I'm 6 days out and it seems like things are going smoothly. I've been able to help a little around the house, answer work emails, go for walks, etc. I can tell when I've done too much because of the swelling and slight nausea and fatigue. My husband has been such a trooper.

Full shot of all the work

Emotional Rollercoaster

Everyone seems to describe a day around 5,6,7 days post-op when they kind of lose it. Well, some of that came on this afternoon. And that point came this afternoon, though as I look at a calendar it seems to be PMS that is rearing its ugly head. Add that to the stress of trying to heal fast enough to start work again as quickly as possible..... and having the stress of trying to ease from narcotic painkillers to Tylenol to make my head clear. The perfect storm. Making me feel like every word out of my husband's mouth is patronizing and exasperated, and making me stubbornly determined to ask no one for help ....for anything! Just went on a nearly 3 mile walk with no issues whatsoever but I think my pure stubbornness drove me through. PS took out one drain and ideally the second comes out Tuesday. I'm one week out but need to go into the office to work a half -day tomorrow. Feeling sorry for myself, angry, frustrated, and alllllll the feelings. On the plus side, the results of the surgery continue to amaze me. I have nightmares that I wake up and everything is all reversed, but everything continues to look incredible.
Need to sleep, I think. Tomorrow's another day. Unless anyone has some magical cure to combat PMS that comes in the middle of surgery recovery??

Happy Thursday to all.....

Recovery has been surprisingly smooth!

I started work again 8 days after surgery. I am at my third day back. I had to pace myself, and I have made sure that the days in my office have lots of sitting and resting if needed, and not a lot of high-pressure performance meetings or presentations (I have a quasi-desk job but sometimes it involves more driving to things and public speaking and lots more movement). I have managed to keep my kiddos in the dark (they think mom wears a "brace" for a "pulled muscle in my back"). I am so incredibly happy with how all of this has gone. Tape came off today, and second drain removed. I am approved to start scar treatment in one more week. This could not have gone any better. I will post photos when more healing to the incisions progresses, and when the final bruising dies down (I bruise so easily that there's a lot even though no lipo was involved). Cheers to everyone in RS land. This site helped me so much, to know what to expect, to be prepared, to feel energized, to feel justified, and to feel excited and worthy of doing this for myself. My self-confidence and happiness with my body is already vastly improved.

Oh, and also!

Also - added bonus that I have read happens to a lot of ladies on this site -- my TT has made my appetite not even 50% of normal, still even now I'm eating much less than normal and feeling full very quickly. I was already at a 'goal' weight zone, so that part wasn't really important to me, but it's a nice feeling of confidence to be able to wear my pre-op work pants comfortably so early on. I hope swell hell (which of course is real, but I expected it! :) will continue to improve with time.
When I went into my post-op today I brought a big bouquet and doughnuts and a thank you card, because Dr. Salemy and everyone working there are amazing and I wanted to make sure they knew how happy I was with their work.
Have a great day, everyone!

4 weeks out

1 month!!! Getting a little tired of the garments, took them off for a few hours tonight to let my poor skin breathe. I have been wearing them about 23.5 hours a day for a full month, rotating them (I have 2 sets) when I clean them every day or so.

I was approved to start scar treatment a week ago, and my PS recommended mederma type gel with silicone sheets on top. They have been remarkably messy for me, probably because I bought the box of 3" long strips, so tons of little bits along my long scars have resulted in lots of curling up sticky ends. Today I started a tape style, called Mepitac. Cheaper and hopefully easier to keep on. I have sensitive skin, so I hope this is not a mistake, as the wounds all feel a bit raw today. I decided to take photos after they were taped up and decided to just leave it on there. The scars are all doing well and seem to be fading and improving daily.

I really really miss lifting and working out. Vigorous walking is juuuuust not the same. But this was a huge change and investment of time and energy (and money), and I don't want to jeopardize the results by trying to do too much too soon.

Trying not to be sad about my breasts dropping back down just a little bit. I think some of the excitement about how they looked in the days after surgery was in part due to them being a bit swollen temporarily. I did not want implants, but it's hard not to feel a tiny bit down when they are slightly less voluptuous now.

I keep having dreams that I wake up and everything is sagging again, hope that stops, its making me obsessive!

My belly button looks amazing, and even though I have had a pretty rough week on many different (unrelated) fronts, I am still very happy about this and do not regret the surgery for a second.

5 week update photos!

Dr. Salemy and his staff have been absolutely incredible. I am amazed to see the final result. He never tried to oversell, he helped keep goals realistic, and he really listened to what I wanted. He is patient, kind, and truly invested in his patients. He is a gifted surgeon and clearly loves his work. I can't say enough good things about him. And he has surrounded himself with an equally stellar staff. Everyone has been absolutely phenomenal through this whole process.

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