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Hey ladies, I just wanted to give a brief...

Hey ladies,
I just wanted to give a brief glimpse into my thoughts, expectations, and whatnot before my BA date (january 6, 2016), as I will probably make it more comprehensive at a later date when i have more time. This site has been so beneficial to me and i hope that my post will help someone else in their journey before and after surgery.

I am 5'2, 92 lbs and have a 27'' rib cage. honestly i don't know what my true bra size is but i wear 34b push up bras ( though from what i have been reading on this site i think i may be a 30b lol. that would be so far off from what i thought). I feel like i am a size aa though and the only way i feel good about my breast size is when i am wearing add two cup size bras. i want to get rid of my padded bras and be able to wear t-shirt bras and feel comfortable and confident with my breast size. I would like to be a D cup quite frankly..... but im not sure how realistic that goal is. I'm just happy to be getting an increase in size in general. My doctor said he would put up to 400cc's under the muscle but he recommended 375cc because that is the size that would fit my body the best and that 400 would give me some side boob. personally i don't see side boob as a bad thing but my fiance doesn't like that look so 375cc hp (mentor) silicone breast implants it is.
one more side note before i wrap this up until next time is that i chose my surgeon, javad sajan because he was the intern at la belle vie when i had my bbl done last year around this time and now he has his own practice. I believe he was doing mostly facial surgery before he expanded to body contouring but don't quote me on that. He is so friendly and respectful and has an elite educational background. I have complete faith in my doctor to give me the most natural, aesthetically pleasing look possible for the large implant size that i desire.
Thanks you for reading ladies and i will keep you updated the best i can.

wish boobs

i forgot to show pictures of what look i was going for so here are some of my wish boob pics.....a girl can dream right :P

it's official... 375cc hp silicone unders

Just so you know ahead of time before you see my photos and get scared..... when i swell up during surgery i swell up big time. when i had lipo for my bbl i gained 18 lbs in swelling and i only weighed 90 lbs. so now that i had my ba i gained 10.5 lbs. so keep this in mind when viewing my photos. with that said please check out my photos. i would like to write more about my thoughts through out the past few days since the surgery date of january 6th til now january 9 but i just got home (i was staying in seattle with my fiance for surgery through post op apt. some quick thoughts that came to my head after surgery were
- my boobs where never high on my chest, my doc said he uses that technique with all his patients, and they will drop less than an inch more.y
- my boobs never felt hard as rocks. they were soft after surgery and day 3 post op they remain soft
- i can reach over my head after i take my oxy as directed. i am able to put my own hair up in a bun or reach for items in the hotel above my head.
- i have no bruising, and there was very little blood during surgery so no drainage tubes were necessary.
- because i swell way more than most it is hard to tell what size they will be when the swelling subsides. for whatever reason my left side is swollen way more than the right and so is my left foot lol.

ok i have so much more to say but for now im going to let my med kick in so i can think straight lol.

Day 6 post op...

bruises that appeared on day 3 or so have darkened and i feel a bad ache all over my chest and arms. i never felt pressure in the beginning when i first had the surgery like most though. i never felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest.

post op day 9...

so im probably doing too many updates but its a good way to personally track my progress as well share with others. anyway so today i am loving the size of my breast and although they have a lot of swelling and thus shrinking to do yet, i wish they would stay the size they are now. i think that is what most people say when their boobs have yet to take their final shape after surgery.

my left breast has shrank a bit but is still larger than my right. my doctor did say that one will be larger than my right all said and done because it was slightly larger before surgery but the difference is so minimal that he didnt even want to give the larger breast 25cc's less. i really love the way they both look today. my weight went down to 95.5 so the swelling is continueing to subside which is wonderful. so my 3 week post op apt with my surgeon is about a week and a half to two weeks away now. i am hoping they get a little softer by then. they feel soft to the touch but then again they are too stiff to squish together so i guess that means they have a ways to go before they feel like natural boobs to the touch.

i put my shirt over the surgical bra today so i could go out to dinner and run errands and i was so happy to see that the shirt looked exactly as it always did on me before my implants...... i always wore very padded bras and now without any padding i am getting the exact projection i have always wanted :D i tryed on bras too and that led me to believe they are more swollen than i thought but who knows. the medium sports bras were too tight on me. and the 34 c bras i tryed on couldnt cover my nipples. this means i would have to try at least a d cup yay. yes, i did my happy dance in the dressing room lol

day 10 post op...

jan 16th.... so i think at this point im waiting for the left to drop a tad and hopefully shrink to match the right after swelling subsides. i do know that the left is going to be a tad bigger in the end because it was a bit larger than the right was. although i didnt even know which boob was larger before i got implants but the doc pointed it out to me so it shouldnt be much larger in the end.

pain wise.... im carrying on my normal activities and such. at the end of the day my boobs are a little tender to the touch only along the bottom base around to the top base. they are not sore unless i touch them though. i find it a little hard to vacuum still but it is not so bad that i cant do it. i have yet to try to work out my upper body. i think it will be a month or so more before i even think of it to be honest.

my incisions itch sometimes but i spray some antibacterial spray on them after i shower. my right is healing faster then the left. i think the left side could have had one more stitch to close it up more completely. no real big complaints. im very pleased so far with my results and my healing and my overall low pain throughout this experience.

post op day 12....looking better

i swear i just woke up and it looks like my left boob dropped a bit more :D and look how small my bruise is now. big change from like five days ago. i love the progress!

post op day 16

whats new...... The last few days i have been sleeping on my stomach with a pillow under my ribcage and a pillow under my head (creating a gap between pillows for my new boobs). This seems very comfortable to me. All my bruises are gone and I am assuming because im back down to my normal weight that my swelling is gone but who knows. I love, love, love my breasts now! I wear my same clothes with a sports bra on and i look exactly like i did wearing my heavily padded bras. This means i dont have to buy a new wardrobe. I do have to buy all new bras :D I am wearing a size large in the sports bras from kohls and walmart. My next post op apt is in about a week.

three weeks post op

so i had my 3 wk post op and now i will come in every three months for checkups. All is healing nicely and the doc says that i will loose about 15% more size after swelling subsides. i didnt know they were still swollen so i hope the loss is not very noticeable. i dont want them to shrink any more lol.

loving my results two and a half months post op :)

my doc said by three months post op all the swelling is gone. i believe all my swelling is gone already and am loving everything about my results. the incisions do not itch any more as they did when they were closing up. i sleep on my stomach every night without any problems. :)

target bikini

just another look of a large bikini top on me

dr. javad sajan in AMAZING

hey ladies... everyone is asking me about my surgeon lately so i thought now that im back from my three week vaca in florida i would give you an update. first i want to say the girls still look great. im my eyes they look the same as my last pics but i will let you decide. its been three months on april 6th so im not quite three months out yet. the 375ccs brought me to a 34d or 34dd (even though i probably should be wearing a 32ddd but those are more difficult to find and thus more expensive). i have my next follow up with him i believe the first week of april, possibly the secend week and i plan to ask him if he has time to do a gluteal implant consultation with me during that visit because i love his work. feel free to ask me any questions, im glad to help :)

results in different lighting

i hope this is helpful to those of you that still have questions or concerns about getting breast implants :)

forgot this pic

Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

I could not be more elated about how perfect my breast look after my breast augmentation with Dr. Javad Sajan. from start to finish and still today i feel 100 % comfortable communicating my wants, needs, questions, and concerns with Dr. Sajan. unlike other surgeons, he me gave his personal phone number to answer any questions i have before, during and after my surgery. a few things in particular that sets Dr. Sajan above the other plastic surgeons is that when i got my breast implants i woke up from the anesthesia with my boobs in a natural position, opposed to really high up on the chest. Also after surgery the dr. does not recommend icing the breast which was relieving and after my post opp i was not instructed to message my implants into position because they were already exactly where they needed to be. those are just some examples of what makes Dr. Sajan superior to the other surgeons. Furthermore i will be returning to Dr. Sajan for my cosmetic surgery needs in the future ( gluteal implants may be next for me). I researched breast augmentation surgery and surgeons off and on for years and choosing Dr. Sajan was the best decision i made and i feel confident in reccomending anyone else looking for enhancements of any cosmetic kind to go to Dr. Javad Sajan.

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