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I have spent hours on here reading all of you...

I have spent hours on here reading all of you lovely ladies spill your guts, and now it's my turn! I am 27 years old, 5'2 and 110lbs at my heaviest. I have three kiddos, 7, 6, and 3, all were breastfed. I have never been happy with my breasts, but those babies did not help anything. I finally went in for my consultation today with Dr. Foley and I am so excited! I was totally anxious before going in, I think mostly that he would tell me something that would just crush my dreams, but everything he said was amazing! All of the little things I was worried about seem to not even be problems. I was fortunate to get to schedule my surgery in just two weeks... so soon! I have a physical with him on Monday, so I need to come up with my list of questions I was too excited to remember today :) I am going pretty conservative, I'm a small A now and am debating between 225cc and 250 (mentor gel under the muscle). I want it to be discrete, and since I always have padded bras I think I can pull it off at that size :) Surgery is scheduled for July 10th! Whats your best advice?!

9 days to go... Pictures!!!

I had my physical/last appointment before surgery today. The office visit was pretty rushed, which I was a little bummed about, but the front desk gal is super friendly and told me to call anytime, even if it was just to get her opinion on something. I (for now) decided on the 250's... you knew I would, right!? I am feeling really anxious, worried about after surgery and not being able to be a great mom for my kiddos. And super worried about not being able to sleep. I think more than anything else, I am so stressed about my husbands family noticing right off the bat and being judgy and isolating. They are a big group and already I don't quite fit it (I am the only one who ever wears makeup, does my hair, dresses up, etc). Ahhhh, so dumb that I even have to worry about what other people are going to think! Anyone have experience with others disapproval? What do you say if someone asks you if you got them done? I don't want to flat out lie, but seriously if I'm not throwing them in anyones faces it's none of their business. Any idea's on good answers?

Did some shopping today...

Shopping for post surgery with three grumpy kids today... not so good of an idea. I did find what I needed to, a front closing supportive bra from walmart (7.88, much better than the 32.50 for the one from the office!), arnica Montana (is this what you used?), and some odds and ends. At this point I am super excited, but am exhausting myself by thinking too much. I am sort of feeling like I made the decisions I needed to make, and now I just wish I could shut down that area of my thinking until surgery date is here. I have been wearing my rice sizers inside my bra for two days and so far so good! I don't want to take them out! Probably a good thing...
I am realizing that no matter how much I try to prepare myself for recovery and to not have any expectations for myself, I am still somehow convinced I am going to have this easy breezy recovery, which I realize is totally not necessarily likely. Not sure why I can't shake that. I don't want to set myself up to be disappointed or discouraged afterwards. I am a little afraid of having an emotional breakdown after everything is said and done... or maybe I'll get it out of the way before surgery day is even here! ha!

less than 2 days till surgery!!

Wondering if anyone has some advice/suggestions for healthy snacks/food to have around the house for after BA. Besides fruit and raw veggies, I can't decide! What was your favorite thing to eat in the first few recovery days? Less than 2 days now!! Wednesday at 9:45 can't come soon enough :)

12 hours!! Shoot, I am seriously nervous!

Surgery is tomorrow at 9:45am, just talked to the anesthesiologist, not sure if it made me feel better or worse. I am so worried about the going under/coming back and being nauseous after. And a little nervous about the anxiety kicking it up after all is said and done. Nervous to see them and think "What the heck did I just do!?". Well, wish me luck! Best of it to you gals whose turns are the next few days as well! I'll be back tomorrow!

I didn't die!!

Ha, okay, I was only a little afraid of dying before today, but this morning I was feeling a little bit like I should have written down life instructions for my family. Turns out I didn't, so we are all good. The good news is that everything went totally smooth, got myself some 260cc silicone implants under the muscle with a nipple incision. My mom and my sister were with me, which I am so thankful for, as much as I would have liked my husband to have been there, I think they were able to offer the exact support I needed. So my day went like this. I couldn't sleep past 6 of course!) so I was able to get some last minute stuff done, making beds and folding last nights load of laundry, running dishwasher etc. Took a HOT shower and scrubbed every inch with loads of antibacterial soap. Got my kids to there various locations, and then headed in. My appointment was for 9:45, but they were running a little late, so I think I ended up going into surgery maybe like 10:20? I was super nervous about getting put under, didn't want to wake up confused and unstable. I don't remember going under, even though I asked over and over again "you'll let me know when I should start to feel sleepy, right?" I'm sure she did, but I cant remember anything after they started the IV and put on my compression boots. When I woke up, I was definitely emotional, and FREEZING!! I'm not going to lie, the pain/pressure is worse than I had expected. I couldn't get a full breath in which made me feel so claustrophobic. Super tired, and I really couldn't move hardly at all. Got me home, set up on the couch, and I've taken two cat naps, which seem to help a lot. My sister is being wonderful about bringing me anything I need, and I feel like I am constantly eating when awake. crackers, grapes and tapioca pudding are feeling wonderful! I still am hurting and having a hard time moving for basic things, although I did just go to the bathroom without any assistance. Got ice packs on the girls, can't get a great look at them yet, but they are not nearly as high as I was expecting, which is a huge relief. Praying Praying Praying that the rest of the recovery goes better. I had high hopes for the easy breezy recovery some of you gals have had, but I guess it didn't happen :) I forgot to mention, my PS did use that funnel thing, which I am so happy about! Love that there were not hands inside of me or on my implants. I'll touch base again soon, much love to all of you, and thanks for the encouraging words today :)

Pictures day of surgery

12 hours post op, feeling much better

I am feeling so much better! The pressure is still there, and it is a little painful to get up and down. I am trying to remember to sit up slowly, and to sit down before I lay all the way down. My range of motion is pretty good though, better than I was expecting. I can go up and down the stairs no problem, which is nice since I won't have to be waking my husband up every hour to switch out ice packs. It looks like for now I will continue to only be able to sleep in about 30-45 min increments, which is okay because I wake up each time feeling good, and am able to keep up on my fluids. Good appetite today, I ate crackers right after I got home (which didn't really help me out, because my mouth was SO dry for a few hours after surgery), and tapioca pudding, which my mom had to spoon feed to me :) then smoked almonds, craisins, grapes, and a instant breakfast/banana/peanut butter smoothie with some protein powder in it. I also had some cranberry and sprite, with a dose of miralax in it. Keeping up on my pain meds, I think tomorrow I will switch to half pills, since it seems like several people have quicker recoverys if they can keep the narcotics to a minimum.
I am so excited to take a shower tomorrow evening, and to start to watch for the changes in my new breasts. They are of course hard and sitting high, but not as bad as I had prepared myself for. Hard to tell what size they will be, but I think I will be happy with them. I must admit though, that first 1-2 hours after surgery were so much harder than I was expecting. I thought I would have a few hours to get settled before dealing with pain, but it hit me right away. I had asked the doctor if it would be hard to breathe afterwards (didn't want to wake up and feel claustrophobic) and he said no, it will just feel like an elephant is stepping on your chest. Well, that is exactly what it felt like, and as one would imagine, made it super hard to breathe deep, which I needed to do in order to get the sleepy gasses out of my system. I live 30-40 min from the office, so they were really trying to get me out of there as quickly as possible so that I could hurry up and get settled in at home. I am glad, since I pretty much crashed as soon as I got home and woke up feeling a bit better, but it was pretty confusing to be leaving so quickly. I can barely remember the nurse helping me get dressed, except for the shivering (Shivering hurts!). Happy now, feeling good, feeling accomplished and trying to enjoy my down time. I have given myself a goal to not do any chores, as badly as I may want to. I don't think my husband was expecting me to be going upstairs tonight, because when I just did, it took all of me to not do dishes and pick up todays messes. I think I am about due for medicine and another cat nap :)

Question for you gals

Did you/are you keeping an ice pack on at all times for the first day? I am going through my veggies like crazy! Wondering if I should leave them off for a while or if that will make them swell up... and I keep getting cold.

Day 1 post surgery

Today has had it's ups and downs. I woke up feeling wonderful, even though I only slept in small increments. I even got up, did some dishes and picked up a little bit. I got dressed and went on a quick trip to Walmart, and by the time I got home I was EXHAUSTED! and so sore. Took a nap, but somehow I must have scooted down in my sleep to where I was almost flat on my back, and woke up with the bag of peas I had gone to sleep with feeling like a load of bricks on my chest. Took a little while to recover from that, but I've felt okay since then. Took several naps today, and just took a shower which was wonderful. My girls are super high, I almost just don't want to look at them until they drop, because I just start to worry. My husband sure likes them already, though! The whole thing feels a bit like a dream, I keep waking up and then thinking maybe I dreamt the whole thing! But overall I feel good, a little groggy from the medications but I am happy, and excited for when I can go through my closet to see how my clothes look with my new accessories :) Wondering about the arnica gel, the receptionist at the ps office told me that I didn't need to use it yet, did any of you use it before? I want to do everything I can to help speed up the dropping and fluffing!

Day 3 update- Feeling a little down today

Anyone else experiencing a little post-operative depression? I just feel down! Don't know if its the medication or maybe just from laying low for three days. I am feeling pretty good today, first day without constant help. My sister left this morning, and then a neighbor came by to watch my three year old while I showered and took a little nap. My sweet dad (who just discovered yesterday that I had gotten surgery) came by with flowers for me too. No reason to be sad, but I am. Thankfully it's Friday, so I can get my hubs to get me out of the house tomorrow. I am having a hard time getting excited about the new boobs, hopefully it is just a little stage I am going through. Maybe trying on some clothes tonight will help me out, what do you think?

Meet the girls

Hey gals! I originally didn't like the idea of posting bare boobs on here, but I think I'm going to anyways! Hopefully I won't regret it! Everything is going okay, but SUPER bloated! I had to go to a family bbq for the kids camp my kids went to this last week, and I had to try on several shirts not because of the new boobs, but because of the bloated belly! 5 rounds of miralax over the past few days didn't seem to help me out at all, but I drank a couple glasses of prune juice (mixed with apple juice) and that did the trick! Hoping the bloating with subside now. I have tons of pressure still on my chest, and still taking the pain meds and the muscle relaxer. What do you gals use when you are weaning off the pain meds? I had bought extra strength Tylenol, but when I picked up my Percocet at the pharmacy the guy told me to not take any Tylenol while on them or I could risk damaging my organs... I know I could just call my ps to ask, but I figured someone here would know. I have my post op on Tuesday, can't wait to see what he says. I think they are getting a little softer, but it's hard to tell. Still keeping ice on them when I am just laying around.

Oh my gosh, they are squeaking!!! Help!

Today my righty started squeaking. Like, everytime I move my arm it sounds like a balloons rubbing against eachother. My left doesn't do it. Please tell me this is normal and that it doesn't last forever. I have a post op tomorrow afternoon, but I seriously can't focus on anything because it is driving me crazy! Help!


that was probably a little over dramatic, I doubt anyone else could hear it, but still...

5 days post op!

New pictures! A little dark, but making progress!

Post op appointment day 6

Just had my post op appointment, doc said they look amazing! I'm in the clear for wearing (or not wearing) whatever bra I want, and swimming! It's amazing how easy this whole process was. I'm super happy with my ps, and love that he gave me excellent results with no measuring, no marking up my boobs with a marker, and no post op strapping (that looks painful!). No massaging or exercises, he said with my being pretty active and having them under the muscle, general movement does exactly the same as massaging them. Makes sense. Super happy with the size and placement, glad I can enjoy them through the whole process of dropping and fluffing. Next post-op is is one month. Feeling pretty blessed and fortunate today :) Hope everyone else is as well!


oops, forgot to add that the squeakiness is gone, ps said not to worry about it, and if it happens again, turn on some music :)

quick tip!

I was just glancing over my posts and I can't believe I failed to mention this! I was super worried about the back sleeping thing (I love to sleep on my stomach with my face buried in a pillow), and a girlfriend told me when I'm able to sleep on my side, I could put a pillow under my breasts (I just bunched up the blanket) and a pair of rolled up socks inside my compression bra, between the girls to support the top one. Worked AMAZING and I've been sleeping at least partially on my side my whole recovery. I even stuffed an ice pack in a sock and stuffed it in-between one night and that was heavenly.
Besides that, my incisions are starting to hurt and itch. Any advice on that one?

One week post-op

I keep feeling like I need to update, but there is not much to say! I'm feeling great, even mowed the whole lawn the other day! I didn't even think about it until I was over halfway done! It's amazing, I keep doing the math because it seems like so much longer ago than two weeks that I got the surgery! Everything feels different, but still mine, you know? I am super happy, excited to see them change over the next few weeks/months. I would like to take some new pics, but am waiting because I'm supposed to try to leave my tapes on until 4 weeks, but they have gotten various colors stuck in them from my shirts, so they just look kind of funky :) But I will try to get some up soon. Everything seems to be even and symmetrical, which is wonderful. I expected them to drop separately like so many others, but hopefully they will stick together. Still have random things I can't do, like closing umbrellas, or occasionally there will be a jar I can't open. I have been living in ribbed tanks with no bra... okay, only when I'm home, which isn't that often, but I really wish I could live in them :) Hope you lovelies are doing wonderful!!

19 days of boobs!

I need to buy a swimsuit. Of course none of my previous ones fit (you know, because of the padding and wires... even in my swimsuits!), but I realized quickly that I have no idea what a nice fitting, breast flattering bikini top should feel like! I know, weird and a little embarrassing, but I just can't tell whether they are too big, too small, or just right. I didn't make it to very many places, so I'm hoping to make it to Target to get a simple triangle top. I don't think the victorias secret nearby carries swimwear, and I don't want to order online without knowing for sure what size will fit best. I guess I need to bring someone with me next time to educate me :) Still doing and feeling great, no pain at all except occasionally on my right side incisions, just when something hits them or rubs too hard. I am loving the way my clothes fit now, love getting dressed every day knowing I am going to fill out my shirt/dress! What a difference that makes! I will try to get some photos up soon. XOXO

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