BodyJet/Smart Lipo on Abdominal and Flanks. Procedure in Dec 2010 - Seattle, WA

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Research and Consult I’d been...

Research and Consult
I’d been contemplating liposuction for my midsection recently primarily because my diet and gym regimen weren’t working on my abs and flanks (I have great legs, though). 1 hour of cardio kickboxing 4-5 times a week did make all of my blood work normal, which I was really happy about. I had some time available from work so I searched the internet for plastic surgeons in the Seattle area. I made an appointment and went in to speak with a counselor, and then with the doctor. The initial consult was pretty comfortable, and they told me about the Body Jet machine, and that the doctor preferred to use that on me if I chose to proceed. He’d also do touch-up with the SmartLipo for its skin-tightening effects. The two areas they recommended me to have done were my abdominal area and flanks; 2 sections. After a couple weeks of hard thinking and more research on the internet (specifically on Body Jet) as well as emailing back and forth a lot of specific questions to the nurse/doctor, I decided to go ahead and put down the deposit to secure a date for the procedure.

Pre-Op Visit
Once I scheduled a date, I went back in for a pre-op visit where the doctor and nurse more closely examined the spots to be worked on. They answered the remaining questions I had and the nurse went over in-depth what I need to do pre and post op. The doctor gave me one vicodin to take an hour before the procedure, and a prescription for percocet to fill for pain after the procedure.

The Procedure
The date rolls around and of course I have some trouble sleeping through the night. I went ahead and took the vicodin along with 2 of ther percocet (per doctor’s instructions) about an hour before the surgery. A friend of mine took me to the doctor’s office and waited for me while I had my procedure. The doctor marked with a pen the areas to be worked on, then I laid down on the table and he numbed the incision areas (there were 4) and then proceeded to use a cannula to inject more lidocaine in the area to be treated. The pain felt during this was pretty severe and it hurt exactly like what you would think it would feel like. The doctor then switched to the Body Jet machine and started the procedure… I have to say that the pain felt during this part of the procedure was just as bad as the part where he injected the lidocaine. Maybe he didn’t wait long enough for the lidocaine to take effect? Though as the procedure went on, the pain wasn’t as bad as initially. I did yelp out a few times when it did hurt. He followed up with the Smart Lipo (without suction) and that didn’t hurt at all, and then cleaned up with using suction only in order to get as much of the fluid out. The nurse massaged the area to squeeze out any more fluid and then gauzed and wrapped me in the compression piece. I walked out less than 2 hours after arriving.

Day of Procedure
The rest of the day following the procedure, I felt discomfort in doing some simple things like getting in/out of a car and sitting down, but it was bearable. I was also on percocet so that must have helped. I did start bruising, especially on my right flanks. I changed the gauze at the incision sites about twice, because they were soaked. The incisions closed at some point during the first 24hours.

Days 2-4
The few days after the procedure were pretty uncomfortable. I am pretty sure that all of the treated areas were pretty swollen; especially the flanks. Getting in/out of a car and in/out of bed were probably the most painful because it felt like those areas were on fire when I moved around. I had to up my dosage of percocet during these days (rather than just taking plain Tylenol). I noticed that there was a horizontal strip around my belly button that wasn’t as swollen as the parts immediately above/below it, but am pretty sure that this is due to the compression garment.

Day 6
Today is day 6, and the pain is much more bearable to the point that I don’t feel I need to take a percocet or any Tylenol. The bruising is still evident, especially in my right flanks; however, it has subsided since a few days ago. Swelling is a bit worse today than it has been post-op, but at least the pain is much less. I can definitely tell there is a lot of swelling because my flanks prior to the procedure weren’t as bulgy, and now they are. I am hopeful that the swelling will subside to leave a nice contour. In addition, I found a Muscle Therapy gel with Arnica at the local drug store and have started massaging that onto the skin of the treated area. I feel that this gel really helps, especially with the pain (there is still a burning sensation in some parts when I flex those areas – like getting in/out of a car or bed).

I do have before photos and I’m taking photos at intervals following the procedure, but cannot find the cord to connect the camera to my computer, so I’ll get photos up as soon as I can!

Merry Christmas! I forgot to mention before...

Merry Christmas!

I forgot to mention before that there was approximately 2,000cc of fat removed that floated to the top of the canisters (maybe a little more because there was some fat disbursed in the lipo fluid).

I'm about 10 days post-op right now and the pain has mostly gone. It's getting a lot more comfortable getting in/out of the car, and I can bend over a lot easier now.

Swelling is still going strong as far as I can tell - in my lower abdomen and flanks. The area of my upper abdomen (above the belly button) looks and feels quite a bit fatty still, and I am unsure whether this is due to swelling or not (I really really hope it's swelling). I was quite loopy when the doctor drew in the lines, but I do remember him suctioning the area. I just hope that he spent enough time in that area and the fat roll in my upper abdomen area is really just swelling. I will confirm with the doctor at my follow-up appointment next week.

I am still wearing the compression garment at my midsection... I only notice it being uncomfortable when I wake up in the morning, like it's way too tight. However, during the day and when I go to bed, it is fine and I actually prefer having the garment on because of the swelling on my flanks/sides.

I've noticed some hard lumps in my flanks which are still a slightly tender when I touch it. My lower abdomen is also quite hard and still numb at the surface (while the nerves re-attach).

Bruising: I still have visible bruises on my right side, but the color is fading away gradually everyday.

I really can't wait for the swelling to subside. Currently, I'm unable to fully button my jeans (just the top button). I'm continuing to take the arnica montana 30x tablets under the tongue, as well as massaging a muscle therapy gel with arnica over the treated areas.

Today I had my 2 week post-op visit with the...

Today I had my 2 week post-op visit with the doctor and nurse and the summary is that everything is normal. I'm actually 2 days shy of a full 2 weeks.

The swelling is totally normal, and the doctor said I could get rid of the compression garment now. There are several hard spots under the skin. Doctor said this was normal scar tissue and would resolve itself over the next month or so.

Apparently the roll in my upper garment is most likely due to swelling and the line probably from the top of the compression garment. The doctor confirmed that he worked on that area, though not as much (I'm guessing in order to blend the treated to non-treated areas).

From the sounds of the visit, it's not unusual for people to be about the same size (sometimes bigger) as pre-op due to swelling at 2 weeks post-op.

Most of my pain is gone. My lower abdomen is tight and continues to be slightly tender. I'm not taking any meds for pain at this point. I'm looking forward to the reduction in swelling in the near future.

I'm about 6 weeks post-op. I do notice that my...

I'm about 6 weeks post-op. I do notice that my clothes fit more loose around my midsection, which is good. There is still swelling in my abdomen and flanks (a little less at the flanks), but I do notice that the swelling is slowly decreasing. The incision sites are healing, too; I just hope that the discolouration will fade more with time.

All of my pain is gone and there's just a patch of skin that's still numb, but from what I've read on here, that's normal. I was able to resume intense cardio workouts at week 4, which was nice after 4 weeks off.

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The doctor is pretty experienced and he and his staff are good at promptly answering all of my questions (on the day I email them). I would recommend at least doing a consult with them. I can't speak for the final result yet.

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