Kicking off the JeNu Project Today...

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We launched our first product topic for JeNu last...

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I work for RealSelf and we launched our first product topic for JeNu last week. I love the stories on RealSelf, but I'm not much of a medi-beauty junkie (as you'll see in my pics) so don't have much to share besides my dental crown review :). But here goes it...

I'm 40-something know I need to start thinking about taking care of my skin and especially around my eyes and lips. I've never looked too closely at myself, but do know I hate dry lips and dark circles and looking tired. I have two children (6 yo and 11 yo) and work full time so you can imagine how much free time I have. I'm mixed blood (Eurasian), so thank God for my Japanese side to help with the wrinkles. I do use a sonic care in the shower, but not religiously and not with any specific cleanser.

I received my JeNu on Friday, but kicked off the testing this am (Monday). I'm not going to lie, I'm not loving posting my good morning naked face on the internet, but do think it's important for anybody interested in trying a new product to get to see actual real-life examples of how it works. So those with other skin types, please upload before, during and afters if you are willing. I've uploaded before pictures of my eyes and lips. I simply applied the serum that came with it to my under eyes and towards the edges. I used the wand to do it's magic. I didn't feel much other than it was warm and it did have little ticks (not sure if that was just to let me know it was doing something). It turned off on it's own. I did the same on the other eye.

On to my lips. I already have full lips. This was not the desired look growing up so I find it funny how trends change like big lips and big butts are now very desired. I applied the serum and followed the directions. I used circular motions and it heated up pretty fast b/c I already had used on my eyes. My lips were dry. I was at the beach this weekend and went sailing so they were *exceptionally* dry. It ran for about a minute and I loved how it left my lips soft and full. The serum was the consistency of petroleum jelly and the wand really did get it to penetrate in my lips and around the edges (I'm guessing the ultrasound technology?). I uploaded pictures. Not sure if there is a visual difference yet, but my lips did feel so much better. If there was a purse case, I would be carrying it around and applying like carmex.

Okay, here starts the ride...stay tuned!

Day 4 [Photos}

Okay, I've been using for 4 days now. I'm not sure I'm noticing anything around my eyes yet nor visually around my lips, but I am feeling a difference on my lips. I've used 2x at night and 2x in the am. All times took away any dryness and kept them supple and not dry at all. I'm actually pleasantly surprised. I keep thinking Olympic skiers need this because it really gets the serum deep and continues to moisturize. When I wake up, I usually have very dry lips. For this alone, even if I don't see results on my eyes, I will use.

I am curious about any risk of using ultrasound daily. When I was pregnant, they limited the exposure to ultrasound, but I'm sure this is such low's not a risk. I'll ask the in the Q&A and will post the answer in the comments.

Okay, I'm liking what I'm seeing...on the lips

So far I'm blown away by the lips and how it makes them so hydrated. I'm a carmex girl and I do like good lipstick, but this really is amazing. Like should be marketed to olympic skiers amazing. I'm afraid to put in my purse for fear of over use. I have not been as obsessed with my eyes. I'll try to be more dillgent over the next week to see if I can get rid of the tired/dark circles and give feedback.

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