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I am a 39 year old who breastfed 3 babies, and was...

I am a 39 year old who breastfed 3 babies, and was looking quite deflated. (Small B cup, but my breasts looked like balloon 5 days after the party!) I also have chubby thighs and hips, and my stomach has a pooch that doesn't ever go away, even with exercise, so losing some fat while getting larger breasts seemed like the ideal way to go! I didn't really want implants, though I went to three doctors for consultations before deciding on the fat transfer, and got an idea of what size I could get with an implant. The implants would look good, I'm sure, and have the benefit of a reliable size, but I am wary of having foreign objects in my body, having to possibly redo them in 10 years, etc.

I also had a consult with the first doctor for a tummy tuck, but reading the reviews of recovery made that sound very painful, and as I have a toddler, and am a SAHM, I knew I wouldn't be able to have lots of downtime to recover. My husband is great, but can't take tons of time off work to help me!

I have before pictures I will post soon, and will post some after pictures in the coming days and months, as well.

So, I decided on the third doctor I visited, Dr. Sowder. She's very personable and I liked the results of her other patients for lipo and fat transfer, though fat transfers to breasts are still new so there are not a lot of pictures out there!

I had lipo to my outer thighs, hips, abs and flanks. I had sore thighs as soon as surgery was over, but everything else wasn't too bad. Now, less than 12 hours later, everything that was operated on hurts, but it's not excruciating pain. I am not sleeping well, though -- keep waking up before it's time for another round of pain pills. I find it easier to handle the pain if I'm distracted so I'm lying on the couch with my laptop. Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon (not eyeing the clock, waiting for my next dose of drugs!).

I go for my follow up Friday, so will post more then, as well as my before pics!

Had a rough night, first night post surgery. I...

Had a rough night, first night post surgery. I really don't like percocet, the pain pills my dr. prescribed, as it makes me vomit. I got anti-nausea meds, too, but they didn't seem to counteract the percocet. I had some vicodin left over from oral surgery last year, so I switched to that, though it's not as strong as the percocet. It doesn't make me nauseated, though! I'll ask my dr. about drugs tomorrow at my post-op appt.

I'm definitely sore today, feeling like I've been beaten with a lead pipe, not that I've been beaten with a pipe before, so I can't say that for sure! :) I took off my compression garment to wash it and take a shower. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of my breasts, though i know they won't stay that big. The rest of my body is still puffy and fat looking, so I hope all my donor sites will look slimmer when the swelling goes down. I felt light-headed and woozy after my shower, when I was attempting to bandage up that areas that were "oozy". After lying down for a few minutes, I was able to get the bandages on and my compression garment in place. Now, I'm relaxing with some ice packs on my sorest areas - each thigh, my stomach and my back. I'm not sure why my back hurts (the spine). It may be that my mattress isn't very supportive anymore and I'm not used to sleeping on my back.

Today, day two post-op, I feel so much better! ...

Today, day two post-op, I feel so much better! Just like I've been working out hard. However, every time I sit down or stand up again, my thighs and back hurt a lot. If I stay in one position, I'm fine. I actually drove a bit today, because I had to take my son to an appointment and my husband had already taken the morning off work to take me to the dr., so couldn't take more time off. I feel fine after the long appointment (mostly sitting around for a few hours, but I had to stand up/sit down several times, which is the hardest part for me right now) and driving, but I'm trying not to push myself too hard. The stitches I have (a single stitch in each liposuction spot and couple on the breasts where the fat was "piped in") are a bit itchy today, as well. I had a follow up with my dr. and she said everything looks good and that today would probably be my worst day for swelling. Hope that is true! I go in again next Wednesday to have my stitches removed.

I'll take some pictures tomorrow of my still swollen body, but I want to remember my boobs at their largest!

Feeling better every day, though it's still very...

Feeling better every day, though it's still very painful when I move around - sit down, move from sitting to standing, bending, etc. My stitches are very itchy, but I only have a few days until they come out on Wednesday.

Feeling better every day! I looked pretty good...

Feeling better every day! I looked pretty good this morning when I first got up and took off my garment to shower - the boobs are still big, and my stomach was pretty flat. I will miss the size when the breasts go down, but they are so much better than what I started with! Now, I don't get dimpled flesh when I lift my arms over my head. I hope they'll stay that way! I'm starting to second guess not using Brava for that reason, but we'll see.
Adding some pictures I just took - I don't look as good as first thing in the morning, as my stomach is a bit fatter looking, but it gives a good idea of the breast size. Plus you can see the pretty yellow bruises I have! I have giant brown ones on each thigh. Ouch! Get my stitches out tomorrow, and I can't wait! The ones on my back feel like they're pulling out every time I bend over or sit down.

I'm almost a month out from my surgery. My...

I'm almost a month out from my surgery. My swelling is down, but things look good! Now I just have to see how much I retain in the coming months! My dr. told me she added 280 CC to one breast and 310 CC to the other - don't remember which is which. That was the size implant I would get if I was going to do implants - 300, so I hope I keep some of the size!

My thighs are still a little sore, and my lower back doesn't have all the feeling back yet - feels a little numb - but other than that I feel back to normal. My stomach still looks a bit swollen. I am exercising again, though not as hard as I did in the months before my surgery. I'm starting slowly to work back up. Hopefully my lipo sites will flatten down more in the coming months when I'm exercising more!

I went to a water park with my family yesterday, and though I wasn't ready for a bikini - still have visible spots from the lipo (red marks on stomach, back and thighs) My breasts looked great in a tankini top. I went down some water slides with my daugther, which were hard on my thighs, but the slides that used tubes were fine. It's amazing how much better I feel after less than a month. Now just hope the breasts stay - I'm a 34 C, which is what I was before kids/breastfeeding.

It's been 5 weeks since my surgery. I'm still...

It's been 5 weeks since my surgery. I'm still wearing a 34D. My lipo sites are still visible red spots (can see them in the closeups) but the bruises are nearly gone (still a little bruised on the thighs). Still have fat in my lipo areas, too, that I'm hoping will continue to go away as I get back into my exercise routine. My stomach still feels puffy and a bit sore when I poke it. We'll see how things look in another month!

I meant a 34C, not D!

I meant a 34C, not D!

Still looking good

I'm still liking my breasts and lipo results - it seems like my stomach has flattened out more, and I love how my back/flanks look - no love handles at all! Yay! I am hoping the breasts don't lose more, but I know it's a strong possibility. If I do lose much more, I'd strongly consider another transfer, but it's a lot of recovery, money, etc. so I think I'd have to go down to a B cup before I consider it. Still holding at a C cup, though one of my breasts looks a tiny bit deflated when I raise my arms over my head. Looks fine otherwise, so I should just not raise my arms over my head when i'm naked! ;) I only notice it when I get out of the shower and am fixing my hair before getting dressed, so I should probably just put a robe on and problem solved! :)

I'm going to wait until 3 months before I put my "worth it" rating up, though I'm pretty sure it will be worth it, as my breasts look much better, as do the lipo sites, compared to my before pics.

Still the same - C cup

Still holding onto my C cups, and like the shape and upper pole fullness. That said, I have not lost an ounce since surgery! I feel like my stomach and flanks are smaller, and my butt looks better - think the lipo from the back of my thighs makes it look perkier, but I am hung up on the number on the scale. That said, I'm turning 40 this year, am done breastfeeding (last summer I was breastfeeding still, so that burned more calories) so my metabolism may be slowing down. :( I probably just need to stop looking at the scale and focus on my body shape, which is fine! I would consider another fat transfer in the future, though, especially if my breasts lose some more fat.

Still the same

Not much going on! Thanks for checking in with me, Amelia! The breasts still look good. I'm not able to work out as much as I'd like this summer, with three kids to entertain all day, but plan on getting to the gym frequently when my kids are back in school next month, to see if I can get rid of the stomach flab. I had lipo on my stomach, but it still looks not so flat. That and my inner thighs seem the fattiest, but not too bad.

I have tried to update my "unsure" to worthwhile, but I don't have a way to change it that I can find. Anyone know how to do this? Also, my surgery date disappeared, so maybe that's the problem.

Nearly a year post surgery, breasts are still good!

Hi everyone! Sorry, long time no comment! Things around here are pretty much the same! I've been working out regularly (3 times a week or so, cardio and a TRX class that uses body weight to build/maintain muscle). I kept thinking after my "bloating" went down (swelling after surgery, etc.) and my body leveled off a few months after surgery I would get back to my "normal" weight, which I was for years before my fat transfer -- 115. That was the weight I would get back to after pregnancies, so I figured transferring the fat around wouldn't change weight much. But, I did pretty much stop exercising for 6 weeks last year in prep for surgery -- holding onto that precious fat so there'd be enough to transfer and went up to 125, which is my current weight for the past year. Now I think that that 5 - 10 pounds isn't going anywhere, and I am OK with that! I like my new breasts still. They seem to be the same since about last summer - a 34 C. I love the way they look in bras, and out of a bra they're not quite as perky/full looking, but I am not dissatisfied enough to do another fat transfer...yet! I still look at my inner thighs, that didn't have lipo done, and think about that fat being added to the breasts, but the downtime and cost will hold me back, I believe! It's almost been a year, though, and I still think it was worth it!

Over a year now

Still look pretty much the same. I've been working out several times a week and have more muscle, but still have fat in my stomach and inner thighs and haven't lost any weight (holding at 125 pounds). I'm at the point that I know my body won't look perfect so I have accepted how I look. I like myself clothed better than naked, especially because my stomach isn't flat, and my breasts look much better in a bra, even though they're bigger now than pre-fat transfer. I'm not willing to get a tummy tuck to deal with my stomach, which I probably the only way to make it flat after three kids, and I don't think I will do another fat transfer, though I have enough fat left to do another one. I enclosed a few more pictures. Not great quality, but things look pretty similar. I circled the visible scar I have left from surgery on my back. Any other white marks are spots on the mirror!

Pictures one year+ post surgery

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Realself - I found the names of three doctors in my area who do fat transfers to breasts, and had consultations with them all. The first dr. said I didn't have enough fat (ha! Look at those before pictures!) but he didn't look at my lower body - I was wearing jeans. The second dr. gave me an estimate for fat transfer and augmentation, as well as the third dr. I went with Dr. Sowder because I thought her fat transfer results looked better. Now, 3 months later, I really love Dr. Sowder's technique - my breasts look great - the cleavage and upper pole fullness are nice. I love her bedside manner, as well. She's friendly and spends enough time during appointments that you don't feel rushed.

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