Trying 275 Cc Buttock (Gluteal) Implants After my Bbl a Year and a Half Ago Left Me Unsatisfied - Seattle, WA

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Hey ladies! this is going to be my second attempt...

Hey ladies! this is going to be my second attempt to improve the size of my a$$. I had a bbl in january 2015 where i had lipo on my hips and abdomen which allowed me to transfer 420cc's of fat to each cheek. now that a year and a half has passed i guess it is safe to say i was hoping for a greater volume of fat to increase the size of my back side but i just didnt have enough fat to transfer. for my second and final attempt to increase the size of my butt im getting 275cc gluteal implants which is the largest that will fit under the muscle. i cant wait. i have some before pics i took today which of course is about 3 months prior to surgery so i can compare later. now im thinking about what kind of after care pillow to buy and what not. wish me luck. i would love to hear from anyone who has gotten an implant of 250 to 300cc's! i know it seems so small but that is all the doctor says will fit..... keep in mind im about 92lbs and 5'2''.

where should i purchase my BBL pillow?

Hey ladies, it is still two and a half months til my surgery but as expected I am doing more research on recovery and what not. So after reading tons about the booty buddy pillow and the BBL pillow I am inclined to say I would prefer the BBL pillow. With that said, which website sells them the cheapest or is their a cheaper route (ebay, or is anyone selling them on realself)? I would love to hear where everyone bought theirs and if anyone wants to share their pillow preference with me that would be much appriciated. Thank you ladies.
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