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My story is similar to so many that I have read...

My story is similar to so many that I have read here. I developed early, and can remember having "big boobs" as early as 7th grade. At that age, being overly developed was something to be admired almost. I secretly wished that I wasn't known as "the girl with big boobs" but never shared these feelings. As time went on, my boobs continued to be disproportionately larger than the rest of my body. Looking back and remembering high school I can remember them always getting in the way with sports and fashion. I was always trying to find the right super supportive sports bra and sometimes wore 3 bras to smash them into submission. Like many other large breasted women, I could never wear a button-up shirt or find cute bras at the department store.

At some point in my 20's I became very fit and lost a bunch of weight. My boobs got smaller, but were still a DD. I still had to wear 2 bras to confine them while I worked out.

Well at the age of 32 I had my first child. I knew my bust size would increase during pregnancy & while breast feeding but what I never expected was that they would never decrease in size! I'm 36 now and my daughter is almost 4 years old. My boobs are the same size as when they were full of milk!!! What happened? Nonetheless, I always had it in the back of my mind that I would go on some super diet/exercise plan that would cause me to loose the excess baby weight (fat) and maybe my boobs would return to their DDD size (as opposed to the current G/H cup).

What I didnt realize is that working out at a level needed to loose weight is HARD with really big boobs. It's nearly impossible to find bras that fit, much less ones that will make working out comfortable. When I do wear 3 bras which is needed to stop them from bouncing up to my chin I get burns around my ribcage from the tight bands not to mention that the bras are so tight I feel like my breathing is a lil constricted. I have also developed very deep unattractive grooves in my shoulders. Very un-lady-like and I hope that they will disappear after my surgery.

I came to know that it was a no-win situation and decided that it was time to do something about it. I approached my doctor for the first time in November 2011. He suggested that in order to get my insurance company to pay for the surgery I needed to exhaust lesser treatments and perscribed massage therapy. I did a few massages, and althought they were great I knew that they would not cure my problem of excessively large breasts. Around January of 2012 I switched insurance companies & Dr.'s. I explained my wish to pursue breast reduction surgery to my new Dr. and he referred me to a plastic surgeon. I subsequently made an appt for an initial consultation which was around Feb 2012.

During this first appt with the ps, he flat out told me that I have "giant breasts." They are not just big, or huge, they are "giant." I guess I felt good that my assessment of my breast size was correct and was not offended in the least bit at his comments. He took pics & said that he would send off a package to my insurance company to see if they would pre-approve the surgery.

Well about a month later I got the denial letter. I was so let-down. Discouraged. Disappointed. It said that I had a medical necessity for the surgery but had not yet exhausted lesser treatments. I went back to my PCM and he perscribed physical therapy. I was reluctant and unhappy but decided to continue pursuing surgery. I did 6 weekly PT sessions. Once I finished that, I went BACK to my PCM and told him that the PT was not successful in stopping the constant "hunched over" feeling and that I wanted to be reconsidered for breast reduction surgery. He said that he would fax my insurance company a letter as well as the PS but most likely I would have to go back to the PS who would then re-submit some sort of package requestiong approval for the surgery again. That appointment occurred on a Wednesday. On the following Saturday I received an email notification that my "referral/authorization" had been processed and that I should log in to the insurance website to see the results. When I logged in I saw that I had been approved!!!!!!!!!

I have since seen my PS and scheduled the surgery for 8/10!!!!! I'm so excited but also a lil nervous. I will take some pics of my "before" boobs soon and post them.

I cant believe that soon my body will change in a drastic way forever. Although my breasts are uncomfortable and heavy and annoying I am so used to my body as it is. I'm nervous that my stomach will all the sudden stick out and look huge wihout my bust to minimize it. Although I hate being eyed as an over-sexual being because my boobs are so big, I'm nervous that they will be so small that I will not be attractive at all. Nonetheless, I'm hoping it will all be worth it!!!!!!!!!

So it's T-11 days till my surgery. Im so excited!...

So it's T-11 days till my surgery. Im so excited! Ever since I made the decision to pursue breast reduction surgery I have dreamt of the day I will be ab;e to see my new body. Of course, I do have some anxiety / nervousness, mostly about the surgery & recovery. I got a call from the hospital business office today which made all that much more real that it's finally going to be happening soon!!! I really wish I could fast forward about a month but of course that is wishful thinking.
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Referral from my PCM.

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