35 Yr Old, 1 Kid / 33J to D - BR 2/4/2015

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My surgery is about 3 weeks away. I decided to...

My surgery is about 3 weeks away. I decided to take some pre-BR pictures so I can compare later. You'll see in my pictures I wear a sports bra over my regular bra because I never feel I have enough support. Plus I try to compress them to my chest so they don't stick out so far from my body, and are less jiggley. But wearing a sports bra over a regular bra all the time is very uncomfortable, it's always putting pressure on my neck and upper shoulder area, which is permanently tight and painful. I'm really looking forward to being able to wear one COMFORTABLE bra without the constant pressure and underwire digging into my sides. I'm hoping to get down to a C cup or D a the largest. My surgeon thinks he can do that but of course cannot completely guarantee. I don't remember ever being a C cup, I'm pretty sure I went from A to D overnight in middle school! I have a 16 year old daughter who is very active (not over weight at all) and wears a 32 DDD/G, poor kiddo. She's pretty envious that I'm getting a BR. I think she will get one someday (I would like to see her wait till she's at least 19 or 20). She actually wants to become a surgeon so she is super interested in this whole process. I'm lucky to have her and my husband who are both supportive and will be helping me out for quite awhile post surgery. I'm taking 3 weeks off work and my BR is fully covered by my insurance, thank god. My husband is pretty nervous about me having surgery and scared he's not going to find my new boobies attractive. He's also scared I'm not going to be happy with them. I've tried to tell him I will be happy with anything smaller than what I have now and I feel confident he's gonna love my new boobs too. I think he's just scared of the unknown. People who don't have abnormally large breast really don't understand what it's like. I'm excited to be finally going thru with this and excited for the new me! I'm really thankful I found this forum, it's been very helpful to find all this info and connect with other ladies going thru the same thing.

Post op pics

Here are a few post op pics. I am now 5 days post op but these pictures were taken 24 hours after surgery when I needed to do a gauze change. I look about the same now just a little more yellowish color from all the bruising.
My PS thinks I will be a D cup. The left is a little smaller than the right currently and is a little mis shapen, I'm hoping it will correct itself as it heals. I just love them and can't believe they're mine and attached to my body!!

8 Days Post Op

I made it thru the first week after surgery and I'm starting to feel almost normal again. I'm off the narcotics as of yesterday. I've had quite a reduction in pain and uncomfortableness in the last 24 hours, thank goodness! I don't feel as fragile as I felt the first few days, when I swear a boob was gonna fall off if I moved too much. I think they're gonna stay put now :)
I had my first outing yesterday, did my hair and makeup and wore real clothes, it felt good! A short walk around the city and dinner with my daughter. I realized Im going to have retrain my body and posture as it's so used to accommodating my large chest.
Looking forward to this time next week when I can change out of this compression binder and wear a sports bra!

10 days post op

Feeling really good! I'm still taking Tylenol and Ibuprofen, still sore at times, but overall I have my energy back and feel normal again. I still use ice/cool packs a few times a day.
I had a pretty busy day yesterday (it was my birthday) and was afraid I was going to pay for it today, but I actually feel great today!
My boobs are looking fantastic! They are starting to drop into shape and swelling is starting to go down - I can tell because my compression wrap fits quite differently now and I have to adjust (pull it up) throughout the day, and I can breath again :) I noticed this morning that the under incisions are starting to scar, they're turning a pink/white color. I didn't expect that to start happening so soon. At 3 weeks post op my PS will start using silicone tape (I think that's what he called it) to tape up my scar lines for the next few months.
I will post new pics later today.

10 days post op pics

3 weeks post op

First day back at work today after 3 weeks off. No pain, I had a little discomfort at one point but then realized I missed my dose of Tylenol by 3 hours. I will probably continue the Tylenol for the remainder of this week. I feel great and for the most part I forget about the girls, until I look in the mirror :) I don't think it will ever get old! Here are a few more pictures...

Almost 5 weeks post op

My incisions are healing well. I'm keeping silicone tape on them and will continue to do so for another month or two. I really need to go shopping for new tops. Many of my shirts are a little too big and just look frumpy now. And when I look in my closet I see a bunch of shirts I used to try and hide in.... I don't want to wear them! I think I will spend some time this week cleaning out my closet and then reward myself with some new clothes :)
Here are a few new pics. Sorry for the quality, my lighting was bad. And disregard my daughter in the background doing her homework while mom takes boobie selfies in the mirror!
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