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Hello, everyone. I am scheduled for surgery next...

Hello, everyone. I am scheduled for surgery next week (August 20th, 2015). I am nervous and so, so, excited. Like many of you I have had large breasts for a long time. I started growing when I was 8 years old and was a double D by the time I was 10. They have always been a sore subject for me. I am a whopping 5 foot and quite petite. My ribcage is only 30 inches, but you would never know looking at me. My breasts have always made me feel unattractive so I am very excited to get them smaller. I have already gotten approved and had my pre-op appointment. My doctor is amazing. He is very efficient but is still kind and soft spoken and really makes me feel at ease. Which is good considering my anxiety! This will be the first surgery I ever get I am I really nervous about it. I've never been a big fan of hospitals but this is totally worth it.

Day Before

Tomorrow morning in the surgery. I am as ready as I could possibly be. Really really anxious though. Been shaking all day today. Definitely going to have to ask for anti anxiety tomorrow. Here are some pretty op photos I just took. My front camera isn't the best in artificial light, unfortunately.

Better Pictures

My mama snapped these with her better phone camera.

Today is the day

It's 4:30 right now (way too early) and I'm getting ready to head out the door. 5:45 check in time and 7:30 surgery. It's really strange to think in a few short hours my chest will be gone. Well, smaller at least.

This morning sucked but it's better now

This morning started too early for me and I was exhausted. Managed to check in early and was in pre op way sooner than I expected. Was doing fine with everything until they tried to place my IV. I have deep viens and trying to get them anywhere but my elbow is hard. Unfortunately I can not keep my elbow straight without pain so they tried my left hand. I have serious needle phobia and when she didn't manage it I went into a full anxiety attack. And because nature sucks sometimes, that kick started my period a week early. Got the worst cramps I've ever had. 8/10 easy. I was crying into my mama's shoulder. I was handed a heading pad that helped a little while the anesthetist placed the IV into the back of my right wrist. I was so focused on the pain I didn't notice her placing it and giving me anti anxiety. She then gave me oxygen which combined with the heading pad to calm down my uterus. PS was able to come back in, verify I still wanted to move forward, and then mark me up. He and his team continued to be sweet and helpful through all the crazy. Patient too, I was really really happy about that. I was then wheeled into the surgery suite and they had me lay on the table as they set up my monitoring. A nice nurse hunted down a piece of foam to go under my name so my elbows were bent which felt amazing. Then I remember nothing until I woke up in recovery at around 1. I know I was down there for an hour while awake because my room wasn't ready. They kept apologizing but I was fired up enough I didn't care. Got switched into my room where mama was waiting. Had a raspberry smoothie and then chicken strips with fruit. Unfortunately, the sauce for the chicken had high fructose corn syrup and I am intolerant to that. When I went on a walk down the hall I ended up throwing up. Thankfully my other mama was there and she helped a bunch. Had chicken middle soup for dinner and my stomach seems happier. Going to be careful of it for a few days. Sleeping in the hospital tonight which I am happy with. I don't have much pain, mostly discomfort. My cramps this morning is the most pain I've had today. I think I'm going to sleep now. I'll keep updating you all.

Post op

Ended up staying in the hospital until 6pm yesterday because my normally perfect blood pressure kept tanking. Turns out the oxy was dehydrating me. I'm now taking one every six hours with one Tylenol and it's just enough to let me sleep. Everyone in my life is being amazingly kind and helpful. Other than low energy I feel pretty good. Going to be taking a shower later and I will get some pics then.

Post-op difficulties

So yesterday was really hard for me. Around 5pm I got a migraine. Full head 9/10 pain horribleness. At 2am this morning I ended up calling an ambulance and heading into the ER. They gave me this anti migraine medicine as well as a stool softener and now I feel amazing. Haven't felt this good since before the surgery honestly. I am off the oxy completely since they are pretty sure that is what caused such a bad migraine.


Hey all, does anyone have a suggestion on how to prevent scar puckering before the incisions have closed? I'm getting a little bit and I'd like to start working on it as soon as possible. I know massaging the scars after they close helps in the long run but I wouldn't mind working a little before that.

In other news, tomorrow is a week post-op so I will be posting a bunch of pictures. Wanted to wait until they were more comfortable being out of the bra.

One Week.... Er..... 6 Days Post Op

So apparently I can't keep track of days. Thought today was Thursday when it's actually Wednesday. Oops.

Anyway, here are some pics I took after my shower today. Everything seems to be healing fine. I don't really notice any pain anymore. Every once in a while I get a zinger but that's it. My nipples seem to have the same (miniscule) amount of sensation they used to, which is better than I was expecting.

Only annoyance I am having is that there is a stitch sticking out near my right areola and while it doesn't hurt it is just annoying. I want it to go away.

Healing Speed

Did anyone else find themselves hitting breakthroughs way faster than their PS said it would happen? It's been a week and my bruising is practically gone, the swelling is nearly gone, they just seem way more than a week out. I keep double checking the date to make sure I'm not wrong. I dunno, maybe I just psyched myself up for more recovery time than necessary.

In other news, my swelling and bloating went down so much that the surgery bra wasn't comfortable anymore. So I went to Target and picked up the bra in the photo. It's a medium! I don't think I've ever bought a bra that was sized small/medium/large before. It's not quite comfortable enough for sleeping (I'm using the front clasp soft bras I ordered off Amazon for that) but for daytime it's nice to have the support and slight compression from the sports bra.

I'm really in love with how cute and tiny they are. I am excited for more people to see them. My sister is having a shindig on Sunday and I think I might head there and show off a bit. Afterwards is dancing but if I go to that I'll just chat and hangout. Can't lift my arm enough to put on any of my leads' shoulders yet. ????

Very efficient but very kind and soft spoken. Listened to all my questions and made sure to answer them as thoroughly as he could.

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