44 Year Old Mom to 3 Boys Excited to Perk Up my Well Nursed Breasts - Seattle, WA

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I have wanted to have this procedure ever since I...

I have wanted to have this procedure ever since I finished nursing my last baby, he is now 6 and I nursed him for 19 months. I had 3 consults before I found my PS. I love the one I chose!! He will be doing a donut lift, with 375cc under the muscle silicone implants on July 28th and I can't wait!! I'm 5'4" and weigh 127 lb

Pre-BA lift pics

Wish pic

Pre BA/ lift photos

Pre-BA lift pics
9 Jul 2014 18 days pre

2 weeks tomorrow!!!!

I'm getting very excited and nervous!!! I've purchased 2 VS zip up sports bras, Metamucil, and a button up top. I will be staying in a hotel for a few days post-op. If anyone has advice on any additional supplies I should have, please share with me. I want to make sure I'm prepared!

4 more days!!!

I can't believe it's almost time! My bags are pretty much ready to go. I had my pro-op on Monday, purchased all my supplies and now I'm going to enjoy my boys and spend some fun times in the sun with them until we leave on Sunday.
I did have a slight panic attack about the lift I choose however, after my pre-op phone appointment Dr. Rand's nurse was able to put my mind at ease and I'm ready to move forward with the peri-areolar lift

13 hours until I check in for surgery :-)!

I can't believe how calm I am tonight! The last couple days I spent a ton of time with my 2 little boys, my oldest was working so we didn't get much time together, but I'm sure he is fine with that ;-). My awesome hubby ran water lines to my flowers yesterday while I played in the sun :-)!! This was a huge relief to me as I usually take about an hour to water every evening. He was worried about me trying to pull hoses and such after surgery. Last night we went to our friends house and watched a movie on a big outdoor screen, such a great way to end our day! Today we traveled to Seattle, checked into our hotel, took a walk, shopped and had a nice dinner. As soon As we got back to the hotel the anesthesiologist called, which made things a little REAL for me :-). We discussed what would happen tomorrow and I now believe. I am all set to go. I took some photos tonight in a swim top for comparison. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers tomorrow, I know I will need them!

All done!!

I'm so happy to be done! Today went great! I'm an extremely anxious person and I was completely calm all the way up until I entered the OR. Dr. Rand was so amazing! He came in and held hand while the anesthesiologist prepped me for my IV. This was so nice, and I was able to relax. They gave me a great cocktail and I awoke feeling really groggy but VERY happy!!!:-).
Now I'm relaxing in the hotel room. My amazing hubby has done everything to maker me very comfortable, he ordered dinner and we are now waiting for it to be delivered.
I've been eating pretzels and crackers just to make sure I don't get sick and so far so good. Here is my post op photo. Thanks again lovely ladies!! You have helped make this experience so much better then it would have been due to all your advice. You are all the best!!

1 day post op

I'm feeling amazing! So far just on Tylenol. We have been released and we are headed home to my babies :-)!! I love my results! Last night I did good until I drank a big gulp of water and then experienced some nausea but I was able to control that with Zofran. I have A postop appointment in one week. Again so thankful for my awesome husband!! Thinking of all you ladies scheduled today. You will do great!!

Update to previous post

I took 2 Percocet every 4 hours and then 1 Percocet @ 5 am and I have now moved on to Tylenol. Hopefully I can stay with Tylenol :-). We will see ;-)

Still feeling great!

Another great day! I'm Extremely tired! I feel like I ran a marathon :-). I woke up at my usual time today so thankfully I got to take a shower as I needed my hubby's help washing my hair, before he left for work. I felt awesome after that!! Still not as sore as I thought I'd be. I'm managing my pain on extra strength Tylenol.
I tried on a strapless dress today and felt amazing! Can't wait to wear cute little sun dresses soon!!
I have no feeling in my nipples. When did most of you start experiencing feeling again?

4 days post op

Still doing good. Maybe over did it a bit today as I had some severe muscle spasms but still not as bad as I was thinking it would be, pain level wise. Only took 4 extra strength Tylenol to get through the day. So blessed to have an amazing hubby taking care of me!!! Still no nipple feeling. Hoping that returns soon! I have to go back to Seattle for a follow up in 4 days. I will update with pics tomorrow

Day 4 vs. Day 7 post op pics

Has anyone experienced sharp pain in their heart area? I've done a lot of walking the last two days, I think it is just my muscle but Im a little concerned. I have my post op appt in the morning but thought I'd ask those of you who are ahead of me post op

Almost 3 weeks post op

As far as pain, I'm only experiencing sharp pain directly under my left implant after sleeping for a few hours. I'm able to breath through the pain move to a different position (basically move my legs and slightly adjust my back position) and then it subsides. Still sleeping with a wedge on my back. I feel tingly when we are driving around and we hit a bump in the road. I hate our roads around here, we have so many bumpy roads!!!

I have had fun trying on clothes!! Love the way I look in strapless dresses! I have to wear my post-op bra for 10 more weeks, ughhhh!!! I hope it is still nice enough to go out with my hubby after my bra burning party so I can wear a strapless dress :]

I have been going crazy in my mind over my house! My hubby is amazing and he has really helped keep our house tidy and clean, but I wish I would have done some heavy deep cleaning before my surgery! I keep my house very clean but I have been going crazy looking at my boy's toy room, clothes drawers and my closet!! It has been all I can think about since my surgery!! Yesterday I spent a good part of the day cleaning all of those out and I feel so much better!! :-)

I have my next pre-op on Tuesday. I'm excited as we are making it an end of summer family trip with my sister and her kids.

I can't wait to start working out again! I am a bit OCD so I tend to stress about things, I have a feeling now that the closets, toys and drawers are cleaned out I will be OCDing over my next work-out program and when I can start it ;-)

Comparison pics

Dr. rand was amazing at my initial consult! His staff made me feel very comfortable!! I had had 2 previous consults and I'm so glad I continued searching! I'm 5 hours away from Seattle but I feel the drive will be well worth it! Post-Op Just want to add Dr. Rand was so compassionate yesterday! He truly cares about his patients!! I was extremely calm up until I walked into the OR and Dr Rand must have sensed my apprehension. He came right over and re-assured me everything was going to be just fine. He held my hand for a good five minutes as the amazing anesthesiologist prepared my IV and my special cocktail. I can't express enough how happy I am with my PS and his entire staff!!! They are the best!!

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