My Breast Augmentation Photo Journey: 5'7" 137lbs 33 Years Old 255cc and 285cc Sientra Textured Round Unders - Seattle, WA

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I have been flat chested my whole life. I've gone...

I have been flat chested my whole life. I've gone thru phases where I loved them and phases where they made me feel insecure about them. As I've gotten older I've become ore comfortable with myself and could truly assess that yes, I was OK with my flat chest and I looked good. But I wear padded bras everyday and I love dressing up and earing fun outfits more than just about anything. And I felt that getting a BA would just make this even more fun for me and I would just enjoy having them just for me. So why not, I'm not getting any younger, I'm still lookin good, so why not look even better while I still can and never have to say what if when I'm old.
So, I did it and It was a long emotional first 2 weeks after surgery. But now it's 2 weeks in and I can see what my breasts might look like when they are healed and I am thrilled! Clothing looks about the same which is nice since I didn't want to look over the top. But with an awesome bra I can look over the top if I want!
My doctor could only fit 255cc and 285cc to correct mild asymmetry. I wanted 300cc, but he said I had the tightest muscles he had ever dealt with and he was lucky to fit what he did. I am happy so far with the size and think I will be glad that he couldn't fit more, although I worry that after they swelling is all gone they will shrink and be a little smaller and unimpressive but I hope not, they still may get bigger with the dropping and fluffing thing, I don't know! And I don't know what size I will be yet, but I still fit in most of my bras(spilling out) So, I think I will probably be a 34C in most, I wore 34A and sometimes 34B push ups before but did not fill them out.
I am super happy with my decision. They still look a little odd naked right now but look bangin' in clothes. I also have a pretty wide gap but I am ok with that for the most part.
I still have pain but I am trying to stop taking my pain pills and take tylenol instead, except when I really need them or can't sleep. At this point everyday is a little better. I just can't wait until I can stop wearing this hideous bra and uncomfortable strap, still got about a month left I think.

I also have to say that the process of choosing an implant size was the most difficult part of this whole process. The regular sizers looked huge to me when I tried them. The 285cc mod plus looked way tooo big my very first time trying them out, but that's what I have in my smaller breast, and its not nearly that big. So when they tell you to go a size upf rom what you like in the sizers they are being truthful(when under the muscle)(this was very hard for me to believe at first, but they know what they are talking about)
And the whole Rice sizer thing made it even more confusing. The 285cc rice sizer looked way bigger than the implant that I have now. I think my 285cc implant inside my body looks more like the 250cc rice sizer I made and the 255cc looks more like the 230cc rice sizer. maybe even smaller. I guess I'm only 2 weeks out though so I'll have to update on this subject later when I really know how they will compare.....

Photos of before and 2 weeks after BA!

Trying again to upload before and 2 weeks after photos.......

Bikini Before and 2 weeks ater photos!

These are the 2 bikini tops I used to wear. Both had padding, I will probably take it out if I actually still try to wear them now.

Bras before and 2 weeks after BA

This is me in a few Bras before and 2 weeks after my surgery. The blue/green one I bought to try on rice sizers in because it is what I was hoping to fill out after the surgery. It is a 34B but the cup is pretty big I think? (So far so good! Looks about perfect so far) The black bra my surgeon told me to get because it has a soft stretchy cup so it would stretch to fit when I didn't know what size I would be after surgery it is a 34C. The pink leopard print is my fav bra with a little bit of padding and a slight push up 34B. Still fits but I'm spilling out of it.

Tank top before ans 2 weeks after with no bra on

3 Weeks comparison photos!!

3 weeks and they are starting to drop and look more natural. You can really see it in the side view. I have been wearing my surgical bra every day and night and my strap day and night.

Scar photos and Surgical bra and and strap 3 weeks

So this is a picture of the surgical bra and strap that I've been wearing for 3 weeks nonstop. super ugly. And this is the first look at my scars at 3 weeks after finally taking the surgical tape off since it was falling off. Now I'll be switching to the silicone scar tape my doctor gave me. So far I think the scars look pretty good and I hope they will heal nicely and not be too apparent.

9 months in and loving them

It's been 9 months and I'd say about a month ago they finally started to soften up and settle in to my body more instead of looking and feeling like they were squished in there( I think this is what people refer to as dropping and fluffing, mine did more fluffing, not so much dropping). My doctor said I had the tightest skin and muscles he'd ever worked with so it would take me longer than most to heal. My right is still riding a little higher and is not as squishy as the left, but it was the smaller one to begin with and it had tighter muscles because I am right handed and use that arm more, so I think I've still got some waiting to do until that one is finally done healing. Overall I love them, they are not perfect but that's mostly because of my anatomy, my boobs and my nipples weren't exactly symmetrical before so they aren't now either and can look a little cock-eyed at times and I wish they weren't quite so wide apart, but they have actually been getting closer together over the past month so that is promising. I love not having to wear an uncomfortable padded bra everyday, I actually have switched almost entirely to bralettes and light sports bras because my boobs still look fabulous and its so much more comfortable. the only issue is that my nipples are still really visible through tops so I have some of those padded inserts that are in bikini tops that I will put in there so you don't just notice my huge pointy nipples through my shirt. :) I can't tell if they got pointier after surgery or if I just never noticed before because I always wore very padded bras? I haven't really wanted to wear a push up bra, when I put one on my boobs look enormous! A little too much for everyday, so I think my implant size is perfect because if I want them to look bigger I can always put on a push up, but I feel really comfortable and natural in the size I have now. I also like the little bit of side boob I get because they are far apart when I'm wearing a tiny bikini. And they rally make my body look more proportionate. My favorite part about having boobs finally is that when I bend over I don't flash the whole world. before I would have to wear a padded bra so that I looked like I had boobs and a ports bra over it so that when I bent or leaned over my bra and shirt wouldn't gape out and I would flash everyone in front of me. So embarrassing and inappropriate, but I was so flat the it happened a lot, I hated that and now with boobs to fill the space it does not happen anymore!!!

Anyone else have torpedo nipples after breast augmentation?

I love my new boobs, the only problem I have is my nipples always nipping out! They are always visible even through light padding, have to add light padding to every sports bra and bralette I wear and I have to wear silicone nipple covers when I want to go braless. I used to be able to get away without padding or nipple covers when I would wear a very tight fitting top. My nipples would just be pushed back into my soft boob tissue and wouldn't be a problem. Now they don't really do that, It seems like the implants pushing out from behind don't let my nipples push back into the tissue, so they are always sticking out :( Not a huge issue but a little annoying. Will this get better over time as my breast get even squishier and soft? I hope so. I always had big nipples to begin with so it's not too surprising.

2 years and happy with my choice.

Almost 2 years now. Thought I should update my photos. Overall pretty happy with my size. Sometimes I wish the gap between my breasts was a little smaller, and that the right side would have dropped a little lower but, I am a perfectionist and these are things I can live with pretty easily. I do have my ups and downs still, sometimes I wish they were bigger, sometimes smaller.... I am a Gemini so, I was never good at making my mind up about anything anyways.

bikini shot at 1 year, Nov 2015

bikini photo from 1 year post op, Nov 2015

Awesome doctor. Would definitely recommend to others.

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