300cc High Profile Silicone, 5'4" 118 lbs

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Age: 35 Height: 5'4" Weight: 118 Reason for BA:...

Age: 35
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 118
Reason for BA: breastfeeding 2 children resulting in deflated sagging

My youngest is almost 18 months and I plan to nurse another 6 months. I contemplated breast augmentation after seeing how motherhood and breastfeeding changed my breasts with my first child. I have always loved my breasts. I was a full C and it fit my frame perfectly.

After breastfeeding my second child, I look very deflated. Even my nipples (on the larger side) droop now. I'm very self conscious when I'm with my husband even though he is incredibly supportive and insists I look beautiful.

I assume I'd need a small lift as well but I have my first consultation 6/3/15. I plan to see at least 3 different doctors so I will update again after I have met with each.

Met with first doctor

Met with my first doctor yesterday and so glad I did. There is so much information out there and it's difficult to determine what type of implants would be best for my body type. Didn't realize most consults cost $50-75. It is generally applied to the surgery but since this is such a big decision, I'll be easily spending at least $150 to get 3 different opinions.

The first doc I met with was Dr. Remington in Kirkland, WA. He was great. I really trusted his opinions and experience. His explanations were clear and I didn't feel rushed or pushed into anything.

Breast assessment details (I can't recall the correct terminology):
--Generally symmetric
--Diameter (?) of breasts ~11.3
--Fullness still exists on lower breasts below nipple
--Ptosis (deflated/sagging) of upper pole region

Recommendations: Silicone under the muscle for most natural "concealing" look
--Option 1 (Full C):
--Textured Round, Moderate Projection, Width:11.0/Proj:3.9/Vol:255cc
--Or Textured Round, High Projection, Width:10.8/Proj:4.4/Vol:255cc
--Option 2 (Small D):
--More or less the same but increase to ~280cc

Since I am still breastfeeding (and plan to do so until 12/2015), I need to wait at least 4 months. I am actually deciding to wait until December 2016 more than likely since I will have time off from work and can recover before summer.

Attached are some pics of me trying on sample sizes with the office medical bra and with clothes on. I should have worn something more fitted. But the left shows the full C and the right shows the D. The C felt more natural but I've also read that most women regret not going bigger. I am a mom who likes to workout so I don't need anything big or flashy but I want to ensure I find the right size since it's such an investment!

Anyone have experience in these sizes? I assume when you wear a slightly padded bra, you look bigger so perhaps the C I perfect. Thoughts on anyone who has similar experience/body type, I'd love to hear how you feel.

Thank you!

For previous post; pic didn't upload

Seattle Area Doctors to Look Into

Other docs to investigate over the next several months, which I'll update on:
(1) Dr. Mary Lee Peters in Seattle - A friend went to her. She got low profile, under the muscle, not sure of cc - wanted a sportier look. She was happy at first but now believes she should have been counseled on a lift first. Feels they have drooped a little although nipple placement is good. This doc is rated 5 stars on this site so worth an investigation.
(2) Dr. Ludwig Allegra in Kirkland - Referral from friend of a friend.
(3) Dr. Nacify/Dr. Gottlie in Bellevue - A friend went to them. She got 275cc saline under the muscle and these look really huge on her. I'm not a huge fan of that look. It must have been high profile but again worth the investigation as she was happy with the look bc that's what she wanted.
Docs I've seen:
(1) Dr. Remington in Kirkland - Friend scheduled for BA 6/10/15. She is getting round moderate profile silicon, 255cc, under the muscle. Loved this doc's expertise and knowledge. He can also do my belly button hernia simultaneously.

Ended breastfeeding June 2015

Long story short I had planned to breastfeed until 12/2015 but stopped early at the end of June.

Since then my breasts have def deflated more and I'm now hoping to have brassy augmentation this December. I still need to get a second opinion but I'm very happy a friend has been sharing her journey with me and is about my size with Dr. Remington so I feel confident he's the doctor I'll go with. More to come!

Surgery Scheduled for 12/14/15.

I had my second consult a few weeks ago and this time I brought wish boob pics with me. Based on those photos, Dr. Remington suggested high profile and upped ccs to 280-300. It makes me a little nervous to go too large but I trusty his expertise.

I also got the opportunity to have lunch with the friend who had her surgery with him back in July. She is built similar to me and he gave her a moderate 255cc I believe. She let me feel them and they felt and looked incredible. Idk what I thought they'd feel like but they were surprisingly soft. I was so pleased with that.

She did say she wished she had done the high profile bc she felt she wanted more cleavage. Attached are pics of me before, pic of me with cutlet inserts and my wish boobs.

Nipple Reduction (sleeve cut)?

After my second consult with my doc, I asked if my nipple (which have always been a little bigger on the projection side) wold droop less after impants. He said yes but that I might consider nipple reduction. He explained a sleeve cut which is intended to reduce projection while keeping core nerves intact.

I'm a bit nervous about this as I hadn't considered this in the past. With less than a month until my surgery I'm finding it hard to find information out there on 1) results 2) complications 3) long term sensation side effects.

Has anyone had this sleeve cut before? Can you share your experience?

Night before surgery

I am nervous and anxious. Last night my husband and I made love in a way that almost felt like a good bye to these boobs as we know them lol

Today I've tried to stay busy, enjoy time with my daughters, and not focus on tomorrow. I can't believe I'm doing this.

2 days post op

Feeling better. Key is to stay on top of meds. I did nothing but rest and sleep yesterday. Ate Superformance salad and some crackers and about 7 stool softners during the day. No bowel movement yet. But I didn't want to take chamces!
Spirits are high. They look great already and once they go down I'm sure this will be the perfect size.

No BM since before surgery.

I've been taking 3-4 stool softners each time I take my meds every 3-4 hrs but still nothing. I've not eaten much either. Some superfood salad (bites here and there), a few wheat things, a couple cutie oranges, and water.

3 days post op

Took a shower today which felt great. Pain is still intense but manageable with meds. I don't appear to have any bruising. My stomach is bloated bc I haven't had a BM since before surgery and I swear I've had like 7 or more stool softners plus clean foods!

My umbelical hernia looks good. My nipple reduction looks a little weird still. It's hard to see them all mangled looking with stitches coming out. The boobs themselves look beautiful. I'm very happy with the size.

My arms seem to be a bit more mobile today. I am able to reach high to get stuff although opening a tight jar is still challenging. Hope to be feeling more normal at 5 days so I can clean and be more interactive w the kiddos! Thank goodness the hubs is here taking over!

Switching to Tylenol

Still no BM and it's driving me crazy. I drank Metamucil yesterday and have been drinking lots of water and eating clean. Idk what's going on.

The pain seems manageable except tonight I didn't sleep well for the first time. I'm a stomach sleeper and not being totally drugged up didn't help. I took lorapam so hoping that will help.

I think things are healing great. I put a little vitamin e on my nipples where the reduction was performed. I think I have a slight frostbite scar from my ice packs on my left boob. The nurses didn't instruct me properly to have a layer of clothing in between, they played right on my numb skin (oops). Hopefully it'll heal.

Other than that I love the size.

5 days post op

I am very surprised how well I'm feeling. I can put my hands above my head, I can operate at prob an 75% capacity which is more than I thought I'd be capable of.

TMI, still no BM. I don't get it. I am on stool softners, have drank coffee, eaten mostly raw healthy foods (even a bowl of broccoli and a smoothie today!). Nothing.

I have my first check up w Dr. Remington tomorrow. He will take the steritapes off and I'll be able to see the scars. My nipple scars are healing nicely. I think these are dissolvable (hope so).

My umbelical hernia is a bit sore still. Very tender to touch so I just don't.

Pains - I only took 3 tylenol total today (plus the last of the antibiotics) and no other meds. I've been feeling a little dizzy so I just want it all out of my system.

Will update again aftrr I meet with the doc.

Day 6

Things are healing very well. Dizziness is gone so must have been meds. The doc did say before he closed me up he injected additional anesthetic so I'm sure that helped but contributed to dizziness.

I started applying vit e 3x/day today. Haven't been able to do it before then bc I was a little weary of touching the wounds to be honest.

Boobs are softening well. I'm basically back to doing most things at about an 80% capacity! I'm more affected by the hernia repair I think. Can't pickup my 2 year old.

I also have a 5 year old. Anyone else have mixed feelings afterwards? I think bc in have daughters and they've walked into the bathroom during wound care and ibe seem them look at me it makes me feel very guilty that I did this out of vanity. The oldest hasn't asked but I feel horrible. And I've had a few random omg what did I do moments.

I do love the look but I just have a lot of emotions and thoughts over it that I wasn't expecting.

^Day 6 edit

Forgot to mention. I'm doing 2 Tylenol in am and 2 in pm. Def helps before bed. Sleeping ducks but getting better.

Day 7 - First Workout

First low impact gym workout and it felt amazing.
15 min walk (2.0 incline at 3.0 speed)
20 min strength (weighted hip thrusts, leg press, leg extensions, good stretching!)
Will go again tmrw felt so good!

Second & Third Workouts

I have a bit of a cold now, just a runny nose but everyday the boobs are getting softer and less sore.

--2 Tylenol after breakfast
--Apply Vit E to scars
--2 Tylenol after dinner
--Apply Vit to scars
--1 Nyquil cup before bed

Sleeping has still difficult although slowly it's less because I'm uncomfortable. I'm just normally a stomach sleeper so this has been an adjustment to learn to lay only on my sides.

Yesterday I did another low impact workout:
15 min elliptical (very easy just to get steady heart rate)
15 min strength training (4 sets of 15-20: weighted hip thrusts [20 lbs], princess lunges, sumo kettle bell squats[25], deadlifts [20]).
5 min stretch

Today's workout: 35 min on treadmill chatting with a gf. So basically my mouth got a better workout than me lol Followed by 5 min stretch.

I'll post another pic tonight. Also, not sure why profile won't let me select my procedure date. It was 12/14/15. But it only lets me choose a date in the future. Odd.
I'll post another ipc

^Edit wokrout - 11 week booty builder

Forgot to mention that I'm working up to doing this program by Heidi Powell. But since I'm easing into this, just doing some of the moves not all!

18 days out

Breasts are softening nicely and I'm even seeing clecage now. My right breast is still slightly lower than my left. And the left feels a little tight. It's not by vwry much but the doc has be wearing the band under my breast sort of holding in my right boob a little until wed.

I hate sleeping on my side and look forward to sleeping on tummy again one day. My back always hurts in the am so every other day or so I take 1 or 2 Tylenol after breakfast.

Nipples look incredible. I love them so much. I've cut down the disolvable stich and even pulled out a couple bc they just came out.

I noticed rippLing for first time when I bent over today. Was on lower side boob. I can see it on both sides. I thought it was less likely to happen w silicone under muscle but there u have it.
I have been trying to walk at least an hour everyday and it feels great. Yesterday I did another lower body workout and this time I'm sore!

3 SETS, 15-20 REPS:
Hip thrust on ground with 20 lb bar (increased to 30 in set 2 & 3)
Princess lunges with a middle step
Sumo squat kettle bell 20lb (increased to 30lb in set 2 & 3)
Deadlift 20lb bar (increased to 30lb in set 2 & 3)

I go back to work Monday. I am ready!
Kirkland Plastic Surgeon

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