33 Years Old, 2 Kids, 5'4 and 120lbs, Finally Getting my BA and Lift!!! Seattle, WA

After breastfeeding, my breasts are completely...

After breastfeeding, my breasts are completely deflated. They have no volume and I'm very insecure about them. I've wanted a BA for years now (my youngest son is 7) and I've finally saved up enough to make it happen. I'm a single mother, and feel guilty about spending so much on a procedure for myself, but the timing is perfect for it. My family is supportive and my kid's dad will be coming with me to my pre-op appointment on July 11th. It's getting so close and I'm excited and nervous! My surgeon is Dr. Sajan in Seattle. I've met with a couple of doctors, and I was impressed with him. He really took the time to figure out exactly what I wanted. I don't want my boobs to be too big, just higher. I assumed that a BA would naturally lift them, but that's not the case. My doc informed me that a BA makes them bigger. Not higher. So I needed a lift too. I was frustrated because that tacked on another $4,000 to the total cost, but I'd rather spend more to get exactly what I want otherwise I'd rather not do it at all. We decided on 255cc...
Not sure if that's too small, so could someone maybe suggest what I should do?
They will be silicone, under the muscle.
My doc said saline will def cause rippling due to my size, and that silicone provides a more natural look. Any opinions on silicone vs saline will be appreciated!

Wanted to lose a little weight before surgery...

I wanted to lose a bit of weight before my BA on the 20th. I have less than two weeks before my preop appointment, and I just have not been very good as far as eating healthy and exercising. Oh well. I'll do what I can and see what happens.
I'm not nervous at all at this point. Three weeks from today!!! I can't believe this is actually happening!! I'm really excited and have been looking forward to this for a long time. I just hope I get exactly what I want.

More pics

Before pics in a strapless bikini (that I kept having to pull up)

One more week!!! Pre-op on 7/11 went great!!

I'm getting nervous and excited!! Picked up my medications yesterday. An antibiotic, oxycodone, anti-nausea patch, and a muscle relaxer. I'm planning on purchasing some Benedryl and Arnica Montana for itching and bruising. I'm also making sure I have all my errands done...just have to do a ton of housework and make a grocery run. So much to prepare for and I don't have much time, considering I'm working nearly every day.
I had my preop on Monday and I ended up changing my implants to 300cc hp instead of 255 mod plus. I'm really excited now, because I feel that I'll get the exact look I want, especially with the lift as well.
Posting wish boobie photos!

Wish boobies

Photos of wish boobs!

Got my boobs yesterday!

Yesterday, I got to Lynnwood WA to get my surgery done at the Alderwood Surgical center. I waited until approx noon before they started the procedure. Dr. Sajan told me that it looked perfect and there weren't any issues whatsoever. The 2 hour drive home was torture, since every bump put me in pain. I just wanted to go home and sleep.
So now it's 3am and I keep waking up every few hours or so. I took some arnica Montana to help with muscle pain and bruising. I'm actually falling asleep now, so I'll post more once I have more energy ...

More post-op pics

Some more pics
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