28yo, 5'3 and 160#, No Kids. Tubular Breasts, 415 HP with Periareolar Lift

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Since puberty I always thought my breasts looked...

Since puberty I always thought my breasts looked different than other girls my age. Even in my adult like I was very ashamed to change in public or show my breasts to boyfriends. In the back of my mind I always thought that I needed a breast aug. It wasn't until I really started doing serious research on BA and I learned that there were other women like me. Tubular breasts were something I had never heard of. Strangely I was relieved to know I wasn't a lone. After realizing what I had to deal with my research got even more intense. I started looking on YouTube which lead me here to RealSelf.

Having found a couple doctors with good reviews on Realself and word of mouth I made a consultation with two doctors in the same day. I had my heart set on the first doctor I saw, I loved his outcomes and he had really good reviews. His office staff was nice but it felt very impersonal, kinda like a boob factory. Sat down and spoke to him before changing and then spending time with he MA trying on sizers. She took some pictures for me for reference when I got home. However once the doctor came back in he informed me that I would need 2 surgeries. Augmentation first then at least 6 weeks later an anchor life. Its not that I didn't trust his opinion but I couldn't afford over $17000 of two surgeries, plus the time off I would need.
Leaving his office I felt completely defeated. My dreams felt crushed and I had lost hope of finally having beautiful breasts.

My next appointment was with Dr. Grenley. I expected him to likely tell me the same. However this appointment went much better. Dr. Grenley spent 1.25 hours in the consult room talking to me and drew lots of pictures along with his explanation. Dr. Grenleys recommendation was augmentation with periareolar lift. I felt more comfortable with this since its just one surgery and done! The entire staff was extremely curtious. The front desk staff were always happy to help when I had a question. During my pre-op appointment I met Dr. Grenleys nurse Stephanie. She is very sweet and empathetic. She helped me try on my sizers. I had picked 350-400max Stephanie called me the night before my surgery to check on me and she helped calm my nerves on the day of my surgery.

After arriving they even put a gold star on my door with my name on it. And after changing into a rob and gown they had a nice paper bag for my clothes instead of the standard plastic hospital bags. They also had a big comfy rob incase I was still cold.

While in the holding room I met my anesthesiologist who was so exceptionally nice and personable. Even in the OR he was gentle starting my IV an talking me through all the meds he was giving me and what to expect.

Also in the holding room Dr. Grenley spent a significant amount of time drawing on me. This showed how much attention to detail he has for his patients.

Post op I was sent home in an ace wrap which was pretty tight but gave good support when I was up and around. I was told that Dr. Grenley had placed 415 high profile. I was kinda shocked and even 400 sizers looked kinda big. However he explained that I needed it to fill out the volume in the lower pole since I didn't have any lower pole fullness before.

Took me a good 12 hours to not be so woozy from the anesthesia meds but it was nice to just go home and sleep. Just snacked on crackers, apple sauce and ginger ale all day. The only time I got nauseated was the first time I got up to use the restroom. My boyfriend just grabbed me a zofran and it passed quickly.

Today was my first post op appointment. Dr. Grenley and Stephanie were there and removed the ace and placed in my surgical bra. I bought my own through amazon since the ones you can buy from the office are doubt 67$. I did buy a couple different sizes. I started out in 36B(barely filled a B cup) and I ended up being put into a 34C post op bra.

My second day post op has been a lot better, I have more energy but I continue to stay on top of my pain meds. I've also found that staying in one position for too long causes more muscle spasms. I'm looking forward to Saturday when I can take this bra off and take a shower! I didn't get to see my breasts today so I'm looking forward to it on Saturday!

2 days post op

So far every day has gotten a little easier. When my boyfriend and I got home from the surgery center I ended up having total care. Couldn't get my pants down or up to go to the restroom and had trouble getting up and down off the couch. Luckily my boyfriend is really strong and works in a hospital so he was use to helping people getting around.

Yesterday was a little better. Got up early and went to my post op appointment. It felt good to get to walk around some and to get the ace wraps off. Although he put me right into a post op bra I didn't get to see my breasts. I'm kinda nervous to see them! Saturday I can take the bra off and remove the gauze so I can shower. I suppose I will get to see my breasts then.

We even went to the grocery store yesterday and I think just being outside for a little bit gave me some more energy. I've been sleeping with 4 pillows stacked behind me and the a pillow under each of my arms which helps the muscle spams in my chest.

Today I woke up feeling so much better. I was able to get up off the couch without any help, got my own food and meds. Im hoping this improvement stays the way it is or even gets better cause after tomorrow I will be home a lone during the days.

My breast don't hurt near as bad as they did even yesterday which I was very thankful for. I do have a bandeau strap on across my upper chest and it causes a little pressure on the outsides of each breast. I definitely was expecting recovery to be a lot worse but so far very tolerable.

One Week Post-Op

Sorry this is a little late, I'm currently about 1.5 weeks out from surgery, I had trouble getting images loaded.

Life was sort of strange after my boyfriend went back to work on day 3. You never realize how much simple limitations can be so difficult. Not much appetite the first week, lived mostly off applesauce and crackers. However I am so happy with the results so far. I know they haven't settled like they will eventually but just having the fullness I never had before has been pleasing.

My doctor gave me different options of post op bras or I could purchase one from the office. I found it cheaper to buy them off amazon. My favorite by far has been the Amoena brand. I believe the one he sells in office is the Lunaire brand. However, the Lunaire brand is very uncomfortable and the Amoena is made of much smoother material is the one I've been wearing the majority of the time.

I was also instructed to wear a bandeau 24/7. I wasn't prepared to wear this so its been a little difficult hiding it with my current wardrobe. Luckily its turning cooler so I can wear sweaters, scarves and jackets a little easier than if it was still summer.

Current I'm about 1.5 weeks out and I've noticed more energy and needing meds a lot less. The muscle relaxer is my go to and then tylenol for pain. During this second week I've needed the narcotic pain meds a whole lot less and I've found icing to help when I do get some muscle spasms.

Feeling in my areoles are starting to return, sometimes it feels like there are ice cubs on my nipples and other times its almost like a shooting pain but nothing unbearable. Feeling in my right nipple is stronger than left so I'm hoping they both return to normal as that was a pre-op concern I had.

Next week is my two week follow up so I'm very ready to see my breasts without all the tape.

One thing that I found really horrible in the first couple days that I forgot to mention in earlier posts was the hiccups! I very rarely get hiccups and for some reason I had multiple episodes in the first couple days. I'm not sure if it was being intubated during the surgery or some meds but they were literally horrible when it did happen. I hope it doesn't happen to any of you post op!

Alost a month post op

Sorry my updates haven't been as frequent as I would have liked. Just been busy getting back to work and what not. My pics will be my 3 week post op pics. My incisions are still taped, my surgeon replaced the tape at my 2 week appointment and I'm too leave the tape on until it falls off. When the tape falls off I have to start taping with silicone gel tape for about 6 months. Currently I'm still taking an antibiotic and after 2 weeks I started taking 800 of Vitamin E. I'm no longer on pain meds, some days after work I will take some ibuprofen if I'm feeling kinda tight. Having to sleep on only my back has been difficult. I'm normally a side sleeper and sleeping only on my back makes my back hurt when I wake up.
My surgeon has also had me keep wearing the elastic band that pushes my implants down into the pocket. I have to wear it 24/7 for 6 weeks total. Its a little difficult cause I have to work hard to conceal it. Luckily its fall so I can just throw a scarf on but at work I can't do that.
At my follow up appointment my doctor said they had to work really hard to resolved my constricted breasts. I went into surgery at 9 and didn't get out until around 2 so I guess it was worse then I thought.
I love my results so far, its nice having fullness in the lower pole. However, I kinda wish I would have gone a little bigger on my implant size to get some more fullness in the upper pole. Maybe once I get the post-op weight off they will look better.
Initially I had planned on going back to work after 2 weeks but I had to take 3 weeks off. I was still in a lot of pain and my job is physically demanding. My first day back I had a lot of muscle spams and I was just really uncomfortable.
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