27 Year Old Explant and Fat Transfer- No Kids - Seattle, WA

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I've been wanting to do this for a long long time....

I've been wanting to do this for a long long time. Got my silicone implants in 2007 and two consecutive revisions in 2014, 2015 and they both gave me severe capsular contracture and seroma.
Terrifyed of what my results will look like also because i'm a smoker and i'm not sure if my skin is elastic enough but hoping the fat transfer will help.
I want to remind myself here that anything is better than this.. That i should go though with this without second thoughts because anything real will feel better than these toxic hard bags sitting on my ribs.. I will do this and i'll pray tonight.. I just want to be my old self again..

Done today!

My befores from last night

Back home hospital.. No fat transfer!

So the doctor was supposed to do lipo on my back and give me a fast transfer.. But he didn't! I woke up with no pain in my back so they told me that he just explanted.. The doctor later came to my room and said there was some decent breast tissue and didn't feel the need to transfer fat (i told him to only do it if the breasts collapsed).. I'm actually relieved because i was really worried about fat transfer pain and complications.. Thank God for everything.

One day post op (sneak peak)

Drains are out, sports bra on!
I already feel free!!!
When i touched them i almost cried.. For the first time in 10 years i felt nothing but toxic bags stuck under my skin.. They were rippling, contracting, flipping and bottoming out.. They were rock hard.. But now they're so so so soft! When i walk i can feel my breasts moving with me! Not run.. Just walking makes them jiggle :D forgot how that felt.
I can't wait to shop for a big padded push up bra ??
Don't believe surgeons who tell you not to explant and who convince you to replace.. Don't be afraid and just follow your guts.. Now my doctor gave me arnica cream, i will be taking the tablets too with bromelain and collagen pills.. Might also take some Pueraria mirifica for natural breast growth or fenugreek + fennel and primrose oil.. And when i heal i'll use some derma rollers With the collagen and arnica cream for extra perkiness. Also i need to buy lots of firming creams and massage!!! I hope they fluff over the next weeks <3 will keep you updated!

One day post op

Tape and drains off

2 days post op

I hope they will fluff! Will start with collagen pills, breast supplements and firming creams tomorrow! If you're still thinking about explanting i say do it!!! I know you're afraid i was too for two years i was following reviews of women who explanted but only recently had the guts to do it. To get over your fear and to stay safe i say get a surgeon you trust blindly, who answers all your questions and who listens attentively.. Ask him/her to transfer fat if the breasts totally collapse and to leave them alone if you have some decent breast tissue. They can get a proper evaluation after explanting in the surgery room.
Will update and post more photos when i see some change!

Threw them .. Screw them

Oh and did i mention that i threw my implants And hard capsules in the hospital trash? :D. I didn't even think about it.. They said here are your implants i said wait let me trash them now!
Man it felt so good to throw something that was giving me so much pain and causing me so much suffering.. like breaking up with a piece of trash boyfriend.. 10 years of consultations, complications, discomfort, insecurity and embarrassment. Can't recommend explanting more.. If you're still hesitant like i was please take action and do it.
I can't wait to hug my loved ones without feeling those rocks coming between us. All my love and please ask me anything if you need advice xo

Stretch marks & Wrinkles :(

The skin on my breasts is super thin and wrinky.. They need to be firmer.. My doctor says time will fluff them but i don't really trust nature so i think i'll try my luck with certain things.
Right now i'm exploring my options.. Flaxeed oil heat massages , dermarollers, overnight wraps, fenugreek/fennel teas and supplements and i just ordered two bottles of puereria mirifica.
Anything is better than implants definitely but i want to make the best of what i've got and i hope my breasts will forgive me for what i did to them and erase 10 years of stretching.

Before and after

The thin skin i live in

The skin on my right breast is so thin and loose the doctor told me it will fluff and will look better with time.. Don't get me wrong i'm not complaining.. I would do it all over again.. I'm just showing you the pros and cons so you can have the right expectations.. I wish you all a great recovery and a wonderful result xoxo
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