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Hello beauties, I'm scheduled for a periareolar...

Hello beauties,

I'm scheduled for a periareolar lift and fat transfer to breast on August 31 with Dr. Lisa Sowder in Seattle, WA. And I am so excited!!!

A little about me -- I'm 36, and a mom of one. I've never really been very happy with my breasts - although I loved the size and fullness of them when I was breastfeeding. They were huge!! However, like many women, the after effect of breast feeding was droopy, deflated boobs with no upper pole fullness whatsoever. And my already giant areloas were left even bigger!

For me to get any cleavage these days takes a defiance of gravity, ha! And I am sick of ultra padded push-up bras. So I made the decision to have this procedure done after a ton of research, and reading many reviews here on RealSelf. I couldn't be more excited.

I will post some before pictures soon - I just wanted to get this review started while I have some time. I will be travelling to Seattle for this procedure, and have enlisted a family member to come with me as my caregiver. We are planning to have a lot of fun over the next few days before my procedure :-)

A couple of words about Dr. Sowder. So far, she seems really great. She's very easy to talk to, very responsive to questions, and her office staff have all been very exceptional. Her reviews reveal she is a very talented surgeon -- one that seems to operate on the conservative side, not trying to achieve super dramatic change, but natural looking enhancement. That's exactly what I wanted. Although I've seen very dramatic results from this procedure by other surgeons on this site, I have also noticed that the risk of complications seems to increase dramatically (I'm talking about lumps, etc). So I'll take a more modest result over giant lumps in my breasts any day.

Stay tuned for my before and after pics!!

Morning of surgery!!

The day is here! I just wanted to post a few before shots. My surgery starts in an hour. I'm excited...hoping for some great results :)

The mark-ups and after-math!

I'm through to the other side! Wow - surgery was a total breeze. Dr. Sowder's team was organized, and all very friendly and professional.

I went in, put my gown on, talked to the nurse, anstesiologist, and Dr. Sowder and then headed to the operating room.

It was very bright and high tech in there, and I was quickly to sleep without any discomfort. In fact, they put lovely, warming blanket on my legs. Awesome.

I woke up in recovery and was very quickly escorted out with my friend who was there to drive me. It was a total blur, and honesty I think took all of 5 minutes while I was conscious (although still totally out of it). Kind of weird, but I guess maybe they were running late? Anyway, I was able to get into the car no problem, and walked up a flight of stairs on the other end. So all good.

I took a percocet when I got home, and an antibiotic -- both prescribed - - and lay down for awhile. I wasn't really in any pain, I just took the perc pre-emptively.

That was around 1230 p.m. It's now 6 p.m. I took another perc after 4 hours, and I feel great. Pain is so minimal! I did start to get really itchy about a half hour ago, I think that's a side effect of the pain pills? Super annoying, hoping that will subside. I've had no nausea, and ate some salad and stew about an hour ago. I've also been drinking lots of fluids.

My breasts are starting to show bruising, and are swollen. They don't seem quite as big as I was expecting with the swelling, but maybe that will come tomorrow? They are definitely bigger!

My friend who is taking care of me says she can already see a difference in my outer thighs. I think I can feel that, but inner thighs look the same in pants so far. I'm really hoping that is just swelling and that that little floppy pocket of fat will be gone!! I can't feel or not is anything re stomach or sides, as they are fully covered, and I haven't snuck a peak. I'm waiting until Friday morning when I see the doc. I can't wait to see my smaller areloas, I hope they are super cute.

Will keep you all posted on progress, but so far, so good! I'm about to head out for a little walking!!

Day Two and Feeling Great

I just wanted to post a quick update on my day 2 after surgery. I saw Dr. Sowder this morning for my follow-up appointment and got my first look at my nipples -- they are awesome!!! I am so happy with the results I can see so far. My breasts are already starting to soften a bit, and my bruising is quite minimal. I could tell immediately after surgery that my flanks are already so much better -- it's hard to see any improvement with the inner thighs or stomach as of yet, I guess those areas are a bit swollen. But I'm sure they are going to look great.

My pain has been completely tolerable -- I've been out site seeing both yesterday and today, although I am more tired than usual, and taking mini naps throughout the day. Yesterday, I went to sleep at 8:30 p.m.! I am taking my pain killers, which make me feel a little bit groggy. But honestly, my pain is 2/10 max. Amazing! I will post pictures soon!

Day 3

Well, I've hit day three ladies, and Im heading home today. I was very thankful to get a few days of R and R away from my little one where I could just focus on my recovery. I think three days was the perfect amount of time because I woke up today with very little pain, and took only Tylenol today. Feeling great!!

I took my first shower today and snapped some pics -- I'm really happy with how everything is looking! My only concern is my right boob looks bigger than the left right now (they were pretty much the same before), but Im hoping that's just swelling and they will even out over the coming days.

My incision sites are so small! I can barely believe it - Dr. Sowder is truly an artist. So stoked I found her :)

Day 5

A quick update from Day 5. I've attached pictures of my nipple incisions up close - so impressed with Dr. Sowder's sewing skills! I'm still doing well, enjoying having a long weekend, and heading back to work tomorrow. I have a desk job, so no concerns there, and only taking Tylenol here and there. The bruising is getting a bit worse, but the soreness is lessening. My incision sites are starting to get a bit itchy -- I'm not sure if there's anything that can be done about that? I'm not putting anything on them, as I don't want to mess up the dissolvable stitches. Anyone know any good tips for taking care of them?

Day 11

Hello beauties! A quick update on day 11 after my procedure.

My healing continues to go well. My dissolvable stitches are almost all gone, and actually one incision site (front right in leg crease) is almost entirely invisible now.

My breasts continue to decrease in size, but I'm happy that I seems to be maintaining a fuller shape. I haven't tried any real bras on on anything yet, so not sure what size they are now. I'm feeling like my flanks are coming back?!? Is that possible? I don't think I've gained weight...Ive been eating pretty healthy and given up alcohol, so even though I'm not exercising, I'm pretty sure my weight is holding steady. But I feel like those damn saddlebags just want to return sooo badly! Also, the right breast remains larger than the left so far, despite all the swelling being done. I'm really hoping they even out, as I imagine buying bras with uneven boobs is tough.

I'm pretty sick of wearing these compression garments, but I do every minute of everyday except a quick shower - looking forward to the end of the month when I don't have to pick outfits on the basis on what will conceal the best.

Other than that, things are about the same. I did get bruising several days after my procedure that remains today (hard to see due to my arm placement), but my legs don't hurt. I've been feeling great - cant wait to try on a proper bra and a cute outfit!

Loving my results!

Well, I'm past 3 weeks now, and I am super stoked with the results of my surgery. It's only within the past couple days that I've truly come to appreciate what great changes Dr. Sowder achieved. You kind of get used to looking at your new self, and forget how you used to look. Also, I was wearing compression 24/7, so felt bulky in my clothes, and very limited in what I could wear. And I'm sure I was swollen too -- so it was really hard to appreciate how good things have turned out.

My saddlebags look soooo much better, as does my stomach. And my breasts are so much fuller on top. I'm not sure what size I will end up -- I might still be a C cup actually, but a full one, whereas I used to wear a C but I had nothing up top, and the bras would drape a bit.

My new smaller nipples are also amazing -- they stitches are finally starting to dissolve and the incision is closing. I can definitely envision what they will look like in a few months when there is no more scar. So excited for these changes -- I can truly recommend Dr. Sowder to anyone, She has been very accommodating, listened to exactly what I wanted, and is exceptionally skilled. Her results are subtle but natural looking -- which is exactly what I had hoped for. I am already planning to see her again in a few years to take some arm fat and fill out my hollow under eyes and perhaps plump up my breasts a bit more :-) I will post pictures closer to my one month. Stay tuned!

One month update!!

Well, my husband is not the best photographer (and I am not the best model!), but I wanted to get a few pics up. Everything is looking really great - my breasts are the same size, nice and full, and my incisions are healing well. As you can see, most of the marks are still quite red -- funny, the one in my belly button, and two right in my crotch crease are almost all entirely gone, but the others are still quite noticeable. But they are hidden even in a bikini, and I know they will fade eventually! I'm using those scar strips daily...hopefully they will help.

As for bra size, I actually have remained a C cup, as I was before surgery. But the shape of my breasts is completely changed, and they are definitely noticeably bigger. I am very satisfied with how they look, and I love the results of the liposuction too. I feel like myself 5 years ago and pre-baby. Huge thanks to Dr. Sowder and her team - I highly recommend

2.5 months post

Just a couple of quick snaps I took myself -- as you can see, I've lost a lot of volume. But I've maintained a much better shape to my breath, and absolutely love my new smaller nipples and increased fullness. Wish more had stayed, but still very pleased overall with the results -- both my breasts and the lipo. It really is a full body transformation, although the results are subtle.
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