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I'm a 38 year old mom of 1 fabulous little boy....

I'm a 38 year old mom of 1 fabulous little boy. I've always wanted implants but never really "needed" them until after my son. Post child birth I was was down to around 5'2, 100 lbs (sorry please don't hate me but I was one of the lucky few who lost weight after childbirth - most from my boobs). Over the past 6 years I worked my way back up to about 110lbs. Unfortunately little to none of that made its way back up to my breasts.

With my 39 th bday looming I decided it was now or never. So I opted for now! My husband was not all that in favour, but being a really great guy he supported whatever decision I made.

I agonizingly researched drs. Anyone who knows me knows I am super pedantic. I am from Vancouver Canada. I looked local, across Canada, North America, even Thailand. I ended up choosing Dr. Salemy in Seattle. As this was permanent I was not really letting price be a factor. He had great reviews, credentials, pics looked fantastic, had the same idea about size as me and was close enough to home for me to be comfortable.

Added bonus with exchange he was the same or less expensive!

Once we met in person we talked about my size goals. He gave me a choice of 4 implant sizes. That proved to be the hardest decision all. I have a somewhat professional career so didn't want to go too big, but the same time didn't want to waste my money. I think he knew exactly what would work best for me, but let me come to the decision on my own.

I came back several times trying to get it just right. Everyone , even the dr said if you're in between pick the bigger one.

So I did.
I wanted to go from a deflated 32/34 A to a nice 32 C. I went with 371cc silicone unders.

Had surgery Friday. I was so busy with work before u didn't have time to freak out. It wasn't until I got to the office fri morning my nerves kicked in.

I met the anesthesiologist and and the dr. Told them my feet were sweating I was so scared. EVERYONE was so nice and supportive. They all reassured me I was normal and would be fine.

After taking some vitals they told me we were running early and ready to go. Before I had any more chance to panic they walked me to the surgical room, got me comfy, and 2 mins later I was out. 1.5 hours later DONE!

They brought my husband in and gave me a bit of fentinol for the pain. The nurse gave my husband some instructions and off we went to then hotel.

I had no nausea. NONE! I really credit that to taking really good care 2 weeks pre op. lots of water, juice cleanse etc.

I will say the ride back to the hotel was hard core. Needed food in my stomach before the meds and I was in some pretty intense! Pain. Thank you oxycodone! Once I got on Regular med schedule it was all good. Lol, no secrets though , totally confessed to my husband I'd had Botox before. Lol.

As I was coming from out of town dr salemy made time in his Saturday to see me is that we could back home.

He told me all went well and showed me the results. It was pretty stunned for 1 day post op. No blood, just a little incision.

Not sure if they get bigger smaller. I think they are great, hoping for no change or maybe a tad bigger. ;)

Day 3 ... Starting to ease off the meds

Despite my best efforts I've been pretty useless for the past few days. Once I take my med cocktail I'm pretty much out of it. On the bright side I really am not experiencing that much in the way of pain.

My husband continues to be super supportive. He's not letting me lift a finger. As for my son, I wasn't quite sure what to tell him. Somehow mom's getting new boobs didn't seem quite right. That said he really doesn't seem to bothered by any of it, other than he needs to cut mom some slack.

Still unsure about size. I think I may be having a bit of boob greed... Maybe I should have gone just a little bigger??? 396cc.

I literally told my PS to make them "freakin' awesome" before we went into surgery. So I am going to trust he did :).

I decided to writr this review because I had so many questions going in. So if I can help anyone or answer any questions, I am happy to do so.

Day 6 - was 371 cc too small?

The pain has not been bad at all. To be honest I think I just keep taking my meds so they knock me out and I don't over do it.

I have no a ability to relax normally, so I'm trying to be extra cautious so I so have to start the process all over again.

My PS has me in the torture chamber of a bra. After reading a number of other reviews I wasn't sure why as most people were in way less constructive things. Now I totally get it. It pushing the implants exactly where he want them. No issues with riding too high. Again, yay for dr. Salemy, he's awesome.

My only two concerns today.

Did I go a little too small? I started with nothing and said I wanted a solid C. Starting to think maybe my boob greed really wanted a D.

And two, I really am having bathroom issues!!! I've tried just about everything. Hoping getting off pain meds will help.

Ps I have taken a shower but I'm too wimpy to run too hard to get off the surgical markings.

Day 1

They look a little uneven but I'm pretty sure that's 'cause I took the pic myself - lol and there were pain med involved
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Fantastic! I said make them "freakin" awesome, and he did.

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