Breast Lift with Augmentation, Lipo on Outer Thighs and Flanks: Very Happy! - Seattle

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I am a working mother with 2 wonderful children...

I am a working mother with 2 wonderful children ages 12 and 20 (C-sections both times). I am 42 years old. I have a fast paced career and stay really busy as a working mom. A few years ago, I lost 30 pounds and I’ve maintained a low calorie diet since, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and lots of water. I go to the gym, and I did a fitness boot camp class, then Yoga, Pilates and cardio. It helped me maintain but didn’t help my problem areas. I’ve always been a C cup and with curves and complimented on my figure since college and as a mom. Although, unfortunately, after my kids it was harder to lose the weight, and when I did, the curves didn’t go back to where they once appeared.

My husband has always been super supportive and thinks I am fine. I just didn’t feel it. It was getting harder to maintain weight even with a lot of work in areas. My thighs became my evil nemesis. I love fashion but hated trying on jeans or pants. I found a few styles that worked but not many. My saddlebags were preventing me from looking good in most of the styles I wanted and I do not want to go to “mom jeans.” Also, the girls were less perky this year. After losing weight and having a couple of biopsies, they were less full. This really bothered me. This year I decided to do something about it. I wanted to get liposuction on my outer thighs and flanks (I started to get a muffin top this year after this not being an issue.)

My Surgery Day was 12/27. Everything went well. I ended up getting 371cc silicone implants with a lift. They look great and I didn’t want to look fake. I am in a professional job, and didn’t want to look fake.

I had my one week follow up this week. My doctor...

I had my one week follow up this week. My doctor took my stitches out for my Breast Aug and lift as lipo. He suggested another bra and strap to help them go down (there is still some swelling and they are riding high. I go back in 5 weeks.

Week #2 - I am back to work. I am sore some days...

Week #2 - I am back to work. I am sore some days and fine others. I was so sore yesterday and today I was fine. The swelling is going down. I changed my tape today on my breasts. I was nervous, but it looks like it is healing.

Week #3 - had a bit of a setback. It appears...

Week #3 - had a bit of a setback. It appears that surgical tape is not my friend and rubbed blisters on my sensitive breasts when I reapplied them. (I have sensitive skin that sometimes blisters with a bad sunburn.) I didn't know what was wrong and I was really worried because I had some oozing from the incisions on the right side and took them off. I was very worried they were infected and contacted Dr. Salemy. He was great and contacted me on Sunday after I emailed, got me in the office first thing Monday morning, and we started treating it. We started antibiotics in case there was infection and he called them in on Sunday.

No more tape and keeping an eye on healing, cleaning twice daily, applying cream (like icing cupcakes!) and gauze on them now.

7 week update - the size looks nice and natural. ...

7 week update - the size looks nice and natural. I'm really happy with the size and glad that I went with the 371cc for my shape. I don't think people would notice at work. I was a 36C before and now I'm fitting into a 36D wireless bra from Victoria's Secret.

The blisters healed on the right side. My doctor stitched it up some a few weeks to help pull it together and that helped. Now the scar from underneath is looking like a v-shape from how it healed, but Dr. S said that he could fix that so I'm not going to let it worry me.

I had absolutely no bruising (except for a small bruise on my hand from the IV for a couple of weeks after my surgery). That was a big surprise for me because I have sensitive skin that typically bruises like a peach. I can't even tell where the lip incisions were on my thighs (or as I called them, my evil nemesis). No more evil nemesis. It looks so much better.

I did have a setback a few weeks after my surgery and developed a seroma from the right flank. It was my doctor's first one from that area (I try to be special, but not in that way). It resulted in me going back for different appointments and working with Dr. S to treat it. He was awesome and I am feeling better now.

Some positive news that I didn't expect: I lost 10 lbs! I thought the implants would cancel out anything I lost from lipo so that was good news. I went down a size which is great and I'm fitting into different styles.

My husband is very happy with how I look (he was the one worried I would end up looking like Joan Rivers if I got any plastic surgery) and now jokes that he needs to see Dr. Salemy!

I had my checkup. Things are going well. I...

I had my checkup. Things are going well.

I get to go back to exercise, gym, etc. (since I had lipo on the outer thighs I need to work and work on the other areas which I haven't been able to work on. I'm determined to look even better).

I'm starting with Merderma for the breast lift scars. The shape of the breasts are fantastic. I'm glad I went with 371cc. I can go braless to bed now, which is weird for me. I had my son at age 22 and after breast feeding I was afraid of sagging so I wore a bra since - so this is a new adventure at 42! :)

I bought some pretty wireless bras in different colors and prints in 36D. The girls look fuller, perkier and much better in clothing! I go on vacation in a week and I get to wear a new bathing suit.

The lipo on the outer thighs is great (why didn't I do inner?) I sometimes have tingling in my flank area. Dr. Salemy said that's a normal sensation with nerves.

I just got back from the beach. I was able to...

I just got back from the beach. I was able to wear strapless dresses and feel confident. I'm feeling like normal now.

Things have settled nicely. My scars are...

Things have settled nicely.

My scars are fading from breast lift (left side better than right side due to the blister I had). The breasts feel like they belong to me now (the tingling and tightening have stopped 99% - I feel normal).

From the lipo - I went clothing shopping and got to fit into a smaller size, which was fun. I'm back to exercising and doing hot yoga and weights, which also helps.

Doing both procedures have given me a better shape. I am in a professional job in meetings and presentations with executives. I feel more confident in my appearance.

Update 1 year later - Best compliment ever - I...

Update 1 year later - Best compliment ever - I went for my annual breast exam at the breast clinic. Obviously, things have changed since last year! I identified it on the paperwork, but as they were preparing me for the mammogram, I reminded the technician. She was surprised, said they looked amazing, natural and perky. She had new equipment that day and had to bring her co-worker in to help. Both of them commented that they see implants all the time and more frequently than ever. Both commented that mine were perky and natural looking. She said my doctor did an amazing job and they see implants all the time. One technician said if she could guarantee she would turn out like mine she'd do it in a minute! That was validation! :)

Dr. S is awesome. He did a great job!

Dr. Salemy is awesome. I researched several doctors in the Seattle and Bellevue area and spoke to their offices. I had a lot of apprehension because this is a big personal decision. Some were very pushy or less approachable. I researched Dr. Salemy and contacted his website. He contacted me directly and responded to my questions. This was a big difference from the other surgeons I contacted. When I had my initial appointment, Dr. Salemy was excellent answering my concerns. He was approachable and authentic. Dr. Salemy listened to my concerns and gave honest feedback. It’s a bit intimidating to have a conversation about your body and problem areas but he made me feel at ease. Dr. Salemy also didn’t try to over sell me on things I wasn’t quite ready for. I trust his judgment. My husband was really concerned with scaring from breast lift. I was afraid of scars, as well. My husband was happy with how everything looked before, and didn’t want to me scar after we researched some photos of breast lifts. We got cold feet and both panicked and almost backed out altogether. I was concerned and my husband was worried about me and the risks (looking at other doctor's photos online). I reached out to the Dr. Salemy office and he contacted me directly (via email). He recommended if I’m not comfortable with the incisions of a full lift and are instead just looking for a bit more fullness just have the augmentation and hold off on the lift for now - and I can always come back and have a lift in the future. I felt more at ease with that information. I trusted Dr. Salemy and wanted to move forward with the lipo (outer thighs and flanks and augmentation). Dr. Salemy’s office staff was very helpful with my crazy schedule. I had international travel in the middle of all of this so finding a pre-op meeting was challenging. At the pre-op meeting, Dr.Salemy discussed the lift again in person. He told me the augmentation would give me the fullness but won’t give the lift, but I would probably want a lift later, which I could do. I went home and discussed with my husband. I decided on the lift with augmentation and liposuction in two areas (outer thighs and flanks). I am so impressed with Dr. Salemy. I trust him. I had my surgery on 12/27/2011. I can see a difference with the lipo and can't wait to see the the results of lift and augmentation after I heal. Dr. Salemy's been very responsive and supportive throughout my recovery. Dr. Salemy called and checked on me the next day and has been extremely responsive to questions throughout my recovery. He is very personable and I trust him. I am such a fan of Dr. Salemy. I think he is stellar and I am very happy with my choice. I highly recommend him as a surgeon.

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