Decided to love myself the way God Created me :)

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I have been going back and forth for years about...

I have been going back and forth for years about this decision. Like many of you other ladies I have been teased about being flat or looking like a 12 year old boy. I have wanted boobs even before I hit puberty! I was so excited to to grow boobs when I was younger and feel feminine like a girl! I always thought that since my mom had boobs I would too but now I know that I take after my dads side. Twiggy... and essentially flat.

I have told all of my friends and family about my decision and where I am at. However the one person I have yet to tell is my boyfriend because I am scared that he will try to "protect me from myself" and strongly encourage me not too. I think that is why I have been avoiding telling him. I am a strong christian and I have been struggling with this decision morally. Some days I say screw it! This life is so short and I am ready to feel confident with my body. Other days I worry and feel that I am being selfish. :/

I have been reading everyone else's stories on here for about 4 months now and I am so thankful that I am not alone! Your stories have helped me more than you will ever know and I am so thankful for this website!.

I am 21 years old, 5'8in, and 120pounds. My ribcage measures at 28in. I want my results to be as natural as possible! Currently I am in nursing school. I have not had any children and I would like to breastfeed my children when I have them. Currently I am an A 34 I would like to be a full C eventually.. That is if my doctor believes that my small frame could hold full C's. I am thinking about setting up a consultation with Dr. Salemy. He seems like the best doctor for what I am looking for. I am hoping to get my surgery done in December of this year.

Ladies, I would love some emotional support. Thoughts on how to explain my decision to others who do not agree or understand what it is like to feel insecure about breast size. Thoughts from other Christians. Success stories.. Really anything! Thank you for reading ladies!

First of all I would just like to say THANK YOU to...

First of all I would just like to say THANK YOU to all of the ladies who have taken the time to write to me! It means SO much to me to have your support after feeling so alone about my BA decision! You ladies are a true blessing. I literally teared up when I got my first few comments. :)
Today I have decided that Monday I will "Break the news" to my bf about my plans with my potential upcoming surgery... yikes. I am freaking out. I have been scared for about 19 months to talk to him about this... We live about three hours away from each other but he will be in my town next week. He will be here for about three days Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday staying at a hotel locally working through the days and spending time with me during the afternoon. His opinion means so much to me. If he told me it was the BA or the relationship I would choose him. (He would never make me choose though) If he supports me in this.. I will have nothing left to be on the fence about.. I am learning to accept things that I can not change about others opinions and am ready to stop talking about this and start doing. P.S. I think his parents might pass out if they ever found out hahaha ... oh well!

I am not really sure how to start the conversation but I have thought of a few points I could make throughout our talk.

-This is not a decision I am making on a whim; I have thought long and hard.
-My feelings about BA have not changed since I was a girl even after several years of telling myself no.
-I will be paying for this myself.
-Woman spend hundreds even thousands of dollar on clothes, make-up, hair products, cuts, colors, gym memberships, etc how is this any different.
-I am not getting a BA for purposes of attracting other male attention. I dress conservatively and I want these to be only within a marriage..
-My friends and family all know about my decision and have learned to accept what I would like to do.
-I know that you may not agree with my decision but I hope that you can stand by me when I get this done.

How does this sound so far? Anything thoughts ladies?
Thanks for your input and reading!

I emailed Dr. Salemy's office! Woo that was nerve...

I emailed Dr. Salemy's office! Woo that was nerve wracking I wasn't sure if I really wanted to hit send and give their office my name and phone number.. Gosh all of this time researching, researching, researching and remaining anonymous and now I am finally contacting an office to potentially start the beginning of my story! WEIRD! I asked his office when I should schedule a consultation, or if it was too early to get a consultation to have surgery in December, and additionally if they are open after Christmas in December. Considering that I emailed their office at about 1:15AM in the morning. I didn't think that I would hear from them for a while. Soooo I was SHOCKED... SHOCKED the next morning when I received an email back at 8:30AM on the way to school the next morning from I COULDN"T BELIEVE IT... DR. SALEMY HIMSELF! I literally screamed/yelled/wigged out/laughed in the car for about 2 minutes straight.. Mostly screamed. It felt surreal. I couldn't believe He had actually contacted me.. knew my name.. this could be real.. wow.

This is what he said:

"Hi Allison,
I got your email about your interest in a breast augmentation so I
wanted to write you back personally to say hello. To answer your
question, the holidays are a very popular time for surgery and many
patients schedule well in advance for their procedure. I'd be happy
to see you anytime and I'll have my patient care coordinator Rebecca
contact you to answer any questions you may have as well as set up a
day and time for a consultation--in the meantime, feel free to call or
email me with any questions you have."

Pretty standard but I was very happy that he took the time to contact me personally.!

I decided I would put some new photos up! One of my special jelly inserts I used to (at least I hope I don't have to continue using them) bra inserts to add a cup size or two! Oh and some standard bra shots!

Two days until the big talk with me man! :////!! ahhh.. Will update on Monday!

Well I did it.. One of the hardest things I had to...

Well I did it.. One of the hardest things I had to do was tell my BF about my potential upcoming BA.. I made him his favorite beef stew slow cooked in wine with vegetables and set the table.. I felt confident even happy to get it over with but as we approached the end of dinner and the time to sit down and talk I felt myself eating slower and after dinner wanting clean more and more.. I ended up doing just about anything other than sitting down on the couch together. But after we put the leftovers away my heart began pounding because I knew I was going to finally tell him.
I help lead a youth group for high school kids that usually meets on Monday, all of the other female leaders knew that I was going to be telling him tonight and they were praying for me in my absence so there was no going back!
The word boob job never even left my mouth or breast augmentation.. I literally started off with telling him that since I was 12 I have felt insecure..As soon as I started in I could tell that he knew something was wrong and he looked scared and I felt so nervous and I didn't want to disappoint him so I just started balling... Like snot running from my nose balling. I explained most of the points that I had bulleted before which took a while.. He just held me close and tried to comfort me and tell me that he loved me for how God made me. He asked me how it I would change if I got it done and I told him that I would have a lot more confidence within my self. He asked what the complications were and I told him. He told me that on one hand he wants to make me happy and on the other hand he feels like it would make it look like he wanted me to get them done to other people and that he has to say no because other people might feel that he wanted me too.. or that he would look bad because he didn't stop me to other people. He asked if I wanted to tell his parents... I said no it's not there personal business. He asked who would pay for it, I said me. He asked how my parents feel I told them that my mom and I agree to disagree and that my dad wants to see me happy. He was worried because he knows I already get looks from guys without my boobs and boobs would draw extra attention! I told him.. Well, I already get looks now... If they are going to look at me without the boobs.. an extra inch or two more of boobs isn't going to do a whole lot of damage! Plus I wear padded bras now it might even look relatively the same with a sports bra after the BA. Over all he wasn't super happy about it, but he didn't shut it down. I think he knows that the decision is mine. Now I know he won't shun me for saying yes.. Now I am just giving him some space to think about what I have just downloaded on him! THANK YOU LADIES FOR ALL OF YOUR PRAYERS AND POSITIVE THOUGHTS!

Tried to make a Consultation:/

Well I got up enough courage to call and try and set up a consultation with Dr. Salemy!... I wasn't sure how busy the doctor was so I asked if they had anything this week and I think the lady on the other end about laughed at me.. :/ They didn't have any openings until the middle of June... Oops I felt pretty embarrassed.. Well I guess I will call back and try to schedule an appointment for June! Yikes still nervous abut everything!

Consultation Scheduled! ONLY 6 more days!

I scheduled my consultation next Wednesday on May 29th with Dr. Salemy! I am pretty nervous! Ah any advice ladies on what to bring? Expect? Do before??!

RUSHED consultation

It has been about a week since my initial consultation with Dr. Salemy and over all I would say that It went... OK. During my time in the office I was very nervous there were lots of people coming in and out of the waiting room. It seemed very busy; however, I remember that most of you girls had said that their doctor made them feel at ease about the entire process so I was hoping that once I was out of the waiting room my nerves would settle. I paid my upfront consultation cost of $100 dollars and was placed into a room. The nurse working there was very nice and friendly. I had forgotten my printed list of all of my question in the car in the rush of finding the office while in traffic so I frantically wrote down all of the questions I could remember on my phone while in the room. Dr. Salemy came in and seemed very friendly and knowledgeable. Because I have been searching this website so much I knew exactly what I wanted. I believe we spent at most 15 minutes together before he left the room so I could change and he could take a look at me. The office was very busy so I felt like if I didn't get all of my questions out right there he was about to leave. It sort of felt like I was another girl in line... of MANY.. It didn't really feel like I mattered as much at that moment I was just on the check list of what they needed to run through that day... Dr. Salemy came in with a nurse and assessed me. He told me things that I didn't even know before. He pointed out that my left breast is larger and sits slightly higher than the right one. I had never noticed but he was absolutely right. I was impressed. He left after jotting down some quick measurements. Then came the process of trying on sizers. We both agreed that a smaller implant would look better on me so he placed sizers from the range of 254-324CC's I had not yet tried on all of the sizers yet when Dr. Salemy came in and asked what size I wanted. I had no idea yet. All of this time I had been waiting and researching and instantly I was supposed to make a decision. I chose the 304 because it was the third largest. But I'm still not positive that is what I want.. After I was done trying on the sizers. I was ushered into a room and given the run down on the price, fee's and asked when I would like to schedule my surgery. I told them when I wanted to have it done and the patient specialist then said it will be $500 dollars to save your surgery date how will you be paying us today?.. I was kind of shocked.. not only did I feel rushed not get my questions answered but then all of a sudden they were trying to seal the deal and I was paying a total of $600 dollars today... No. I was not ready for that. Hmmmm I left feeling like I had just been spit out of a tornado and didn't know whether I wanted to cry, get upset, change Dr.s? I got teary eyed as I was telling my best friend on the phone because I was very much looking forward to a positive experience with Dr. Salemy's staff.. I feel like I should go back again and give their office another chance? I emailed their office to schedule another appointment to get all of my questions answered.
Did anyone else have a similar experience? Felt rushed? Is it just because I was nervous? Please comment!

Second Consultation.. MUCH BETTER.

Today I went in to Dr. Salemy's office and I felt MUCH better this time! I still had a difficult time with parking and my dog threw up on the way to the office... ( I was dog sitting for my parents and I was on my way home from Seattle so I had all of my luggage and puppy dog in the car.) However, the atmosphere within the office felt much more relaxed. There was only one other patient in the waiting room and Dr. Salemy felt much more present while I was with him. He seems like a busy man still, but I felt like he did a better job addressing me. His patient coordinator Rebecca was much more personal this time and tried to listen to me. I really appreciated the fact that this time I felt like I was a patient and just not a pay check. I asked Dr. Salemy about his preventative care for capsular contracture. He literally does all of the things that I have researched to prevent CC. I was very pleased with his answers. He uses the keller funnel method, an antibacterial soap and other various techniques. Rebecca and I talked about dates and I actually SCHEDULED MY DATE!... I think I am finally ready. I'm tired of worrying and I want to take the plunge!
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