Sharing my Journey of New Boobies! ( . Y . ) - Seattle, WA

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Hi RealSelf! After reading all of the reviews and...

Hi RealSelf! After reading all of the reviews and stories from you beautiful ladies, I knew this was the place to be. I could relate to so many of you, and it made me soooo EXCITED and hopeful to get my new boobies!

Here are my stats:
19 years old
Pre-op 32A
99.4 pounds (I know, not even a buck! Trying to gain 20 lbs lower half)
Broader shoulders

After tons of research and examining before and afters I decided on Dr. Partington as my PS, I made a consultation for Tuesday and if everything works out (PS willing to go as big as I want) my surgery should be early Dec! ***Estimated cost between 5,000 & 7,500***

NOW, this is where I need you ladies... :)
Since I'm tiny my first thought was a medium C result. But honestly the A to C before and afters aren't much of a difference to me. Afterall, if I'm going through all of this, I'm gonna get what I WANT. I think with my broader shoulders, a small D cup would fit perfectly. (I don't want a gap between, I want it all filled up so I have cleavage even without a bra). My inspiration was this girl on Youtube who got 500CC filled to 700CC Saline TUBA -->

BTW, I am taking the SALINE route as in my state you have to be 22 for silicone.
When I first decided to go bigger, I thought 625 overfilled to 650 CC. Now I think that may be too big with the end of result of 32DD or 32DDD? The before and after I saw of that looked great, but now I'm leaning more towards 450-550 CC. Any ladies reading this that are similar to my stats that went with 425-600 cc? Or final result was a D cup, and what CC was that?

I'm also thinking moderate plus profile bc of my broad shoulders, I think high profile would look like two mini melons on my chest LOL. Will this prevent them from being like airplane tits (nipples pointed outwards and/or boobs curving out towards the bottom)?

I've included some pics. Photos of my pre-op nude and clothed, close up and full body. As well as reference photos that I will show my PS.

Sorry it was so long, but thank you for reading! Looking forward to any and all responses - especially if you have similar status pre-op and are currently post-op with pics of results!

So sad...:( Friend/ BA sponsor may be bailing... Know of a website w/ sponsors?

I am currently on after realizing my friend may be flaking out after saying he would definitely help me financially with my ba. It is not certain, I may be jumping the gun. But I got SO excited my dream was finally coming true. So in order not to fully let myself down, I am still going hard towards this and looking for other ways just in case! I am saving up from my job (which is not alot, and pretty hard with living expenses) and also on! Only problem is, it takes too freaken long! I don't really feel like doing strip teases via webcam for 20 bucks everyday (like the guys are suggesting), taking a year for me to even get my ba goal! And I'm super shy/awkward over webcam talking to those guys, so I feel it would take a long while for me to get my goal on MFI.

Does anyone know of a website that provides sponsors for girls to get cosmetic surgery? Or financing plans, etc? Please let me know! My heart has been stuck on this since 13-14, even more now that the situation arose and I even was told to schedule a consultation :(

Consultation tomorrow!

I found a very good plastic surgery place that does financing plans. I was weary about that because I thought if they were willing, maybe they aren't that great? But the before and afters are actually maybe the best I saw! I called the lady, who was very nice, and she made my consultation RIGHT away. It's tomorrow! I'm so excited! The place is called Athenix Body Sculpting? if I'm remembering correctly... So I'm gonna bring some different shirts, and an open mind to going smaller (I don't want to regret not listening to my doctor to go huge and have it look bad w/ a ton of rippling. So I may go smaller until I'm over the silicone age limit and get them redone). But ya im so excited!! any ladies have tips for my consultation? Questions, what to bring, etc? xoxoxo
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