All Nipples!! Considering Mentor MemoryShape Anatomicals - Seattle, WA

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I've always been flat chested. With very few...

I've always been flat chested. With very few exceptions, 32AA bras gap on my flat chest. And even if I'm lucky enough for the top of the cup to not gap, the center is basically empty. Honestly, the only reason to wear a bra is to provide some shape resembling breasts and to hide my very prominent nipples. After 2 kids (that quite remarkably, I was able to breastfeed!), my breasts are no less than they were, but that's nothing to cheer. I'm ready for some boobs!

I've probably browsed this site for ~1year, have made a few rice sizers, and think I'm ready. My consult was last month, and I felt very comfortable with the PS. Prior to the consult, I saw before and after photos of several of his patients. I don't think any had quite as little breast tissue as I do, but some were close! The results were very encouraging.

I'm 5'7", 120lbs. My BWD, as measured by my PS, is 12.5cm. I was told that, for several reasons, anatomicals are most suitable for me. My PS uses the Mentor brand.

In both the rice sizer and PS consult actual sizers, I preferred the 250cc. However, I really hate the "meatball" look and love the full-look that the balance of just the right gap in the middle with just the right amount of side-boob. If I can maintain the projection from the 250 sizers while giving a little side-boob and "filling in" the center appropriately, I would def consider ~275ish. There is one girl here on RealSelf, in particular, that has my Wish Boobs, for sure (and thank you sooooo much for posting the video today :) )!!! Though, I think she is starting with a little bit more (but not that much more, and I mean that in the most joyous, best possible way!!!!)

The bikini in my before photo is just about the most flattering bikini top I own. It is even slightly padded, and you can see the are around the nipple basically empty and wrinkled :(

consult visit

These are 250cc sizers at the consult. Considering I have basically nothing currently, they really felt huge at the time. I really like the proportion, but the more I look, I think I could accept a slightly larger size. I'm very conflicted. At the PS office, I basically only tried 250's and 275's and really preferred the 250's...but now I'm second guessing myself. I certainly don't have a cup-size target....I will be happy to just have boobs that suit my figure, lol!
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