LOVING my Sientra, 385cc, High Profile, Round, Textured, Dual Pane implants...

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Very new to this on-line community. Posting my...

Very new to this on-line community. Posting my goal pictures. Have 2 consultation appointments (with 2 different surgeons) on June 29th! I'm 5', 5 3/4" and about 135 lbs (athletic frame). Considering highly cohesive "Gummy Bear" implants with one surgeon offering a $500. price reduction for choosing that implant.

42 Yo, 5' 5 3/4", 135 Lbs - Pre Op Photos. Looking at All Option, but Likely Going for 400cc

Hoping these photos post onto my page for realself.com as Before/pre-op breast augmentation photos. Looking at all options including Saline versus silicone or the gummy bear/highly cohesive implant. I would like a full but, natural look. Breast fed for a total of six years. I'm ready to get my breast back to a fuller look, especially on the upper pole where the skin is loose!

Booked to BA surgery for August 20th, 2015!!

Super confident with going forward with BA after meeting Dr. Stridde in Kirkland, WA. Thinking 385 cc Sientra (highly cohesive) Textured, High Profile Round implants. Would live to hear others experiences of outcomes with is implant! ????

My Measurements and what 385cc Sientra, High Profile, Round, Textured implant sizer

My ribcage measures 29 inches around. The measurements below are what were taken at my PS's office!

*Wish* Boob photos

Breasts I would love to own!

*wish* boobs

Pre-op in 3 days! Excited and hopeful I'll choose the right size for Sientra, textured, high profile, round, under the muscle. BA date is August 20th, 2015!

Pre-Op Review

Very pleased with having Dr. Stridde, MD (in Kirkland, WA) as my Board Certified PS. He has been so patient and reassuring to me. While I'm still nervous, I do trust him and have GREAT expectations for my BA on August 20, 2015! Planning on Sientra, High Profile, Round, Textured, Sub Muscular implants!

Made it to the other side! Sientra, 385cc, Textured, High Profile, Round, Under muscle

Here's my post op photo! Will take more and load more later. Tired and drugged on Oxy. At home and in bed right now. :) Upon waking felt drugged (prior hernia surgery was alert and chatty last Sept.) and had a hard time catching breath upon waking and a bit emotional when my husband and 2 daughters came in. However, I did really well going into surgery - calm and collected. Amazing administration of IV from the Anesthesiologist, Dr. Brandford! Worth it so far!! Many, many thanks to Dr. Stridde, MD, Dr. Brandford, MD and nurse, Tracie and other nurse (sorry, can't recall name) in Kirkland, WA! Awesome team!

And the post op swelling begins!

And the post op swelling begins! I'm trying to remember to be patient about this! The size I know will settle eventually as they definitely did not look this big a few hours ago – LOL! Sientra 385cc, HP, textured, round,submuscular. I am almost 5'6" and weigh 135 pounds and previously were a 34B bra.

Was too embarrassed of nipples before

Here are photos taken this morning before surgery and after surgery. I was too embarrassed to show them before - Nice to see them back to how they used to be! Obviously very swollen from the surgery 10 hours ago. Sientra, 385cc, high profile, round, textured, submuscular. 5 foot five and three-quarter inches and 135 pounds. Previously was a 34B cup. :)

One day postop breast augmentation

One day postop breast augmentation - feeling tight and sore and have a little reddish inflammation under my left breast – I think from the surgical bra. I slept up right last night to avoid implants moving up. First time I saw myself without my bra on – here are some of those photos...

Another before/after comparison photo with sport bra...

Top photo was morning of BA and bottom photo day after BA. Good news is I was able to switch off OxyContin by day 2 (Taking 2 Tylenol every 6 hours, Arnica Montana, Bromelain & VitaMedica Clinical Support). Bad news is that day 2 was the worst day of bloat and swelling! Now that it's day 4, I'm seeing progress of decreased bloat. It was a challenge feeling 5 months pregnant again though! This Danksin Sport Bra is a Medium. I'm on the hunt for a Large tomorrow as this is too small!

11 days post op appointment

Today I had my stitches removed. Not uncomfortable. I think I'm almost off from Tylenol. I still have 325 mg every six hours or so – mostly during work hours or right before sleep. I also received a strap to help my Sientra, textured, high-profile implants come down about a centimeter. I'm looking forward to starting the scar treatment at the end of the week and returning to the gym for the first time! I still have 6 1/2 weeks weightlifting and yoga. I'm looking forward to seeing progress after using the strap! I'm also now going to start sleepin flat on my back instead of incline. :) right breast needs to come down to match left – the reverse image if looking at my picture...


13 days post op and starting ScarAway! Off Tylenol now and looking forward to a light workout (not using upper body) at the gym tomorrow!

Started wearing strap

Wearing strap since day 11 post op. Much more comfortable under arm pits to wear over clothes when not in public. Seeing progress happening in just a few days of wearing! :)

14 days Post Op - feeling great and getting closer to goal look

14 days after BA now. I've returned to the gym and put several miles in on the recumbent bike and lower body weight machines (not activating upper body or abs - per PS orders). After wearing my strap, there is slight progress in dropping my textured implants. Still waiting for the right side to drop. Wearing ScarAway strips and seeing progress already! Loving my boobs! ;) Receiving compliments from the who know and no one else has seemed to notice - win/win! :)

Loving the cleavage today!

Each day is like receiving a new gift! When changing, I was surprised glancing in the mirror and seeing the cleavage – so I had to take a photo and post – LOL! So glad all of the swelling and everything will be settled by a swimsuit season next year!

Textured implants dropping

So happy the strap I'm using is working! Still some work to do on the right breast, but it's coming along!! :) yay!!!

At 4 weeks post op - squishiness has arrived!

I just had my 3rd post op appointment this week and was asking my PS when I could expect my breast tissue to soften. My period started this week and it was early and unusually heavy from the beginning, 3 days ago.

4 weeks ago today was my surgery and literally overnight they softened! My righty has been the slowest to move down, but it is the softer of both! :)

Scar update

Post op 4 weeks scars. Using ScarAway strips. Redness from taking them off.

NightLift Bra arrived!

So my new NightLift Bra arrived in the mail yesterday and I wore it last night to sleep. Super, Duper comfortable!! There are seven ways to adjust the fit. I wish I had more money to spend to buy more!

5 weeks post op- could not wait to see what my size was at Victoria's Secret!

So even though I'm a month out from being able to purchase bras ( given my size might still change), I did go to Victoria's Secret to find out my size and tried on bras without underwire. These were some of my favorites! I ended up being sized at 32 DD / 34 D. :)

Sorting out the clothes that no longer fit in my closet

I'm so glad I had my BA! It's been fun sorting through my Fall clothes that no longer fit, to consign and donate! When trying on this shirt, it was so nice to see real cleavage - no more push up bras needed!! :)

Comparison… Five days after surgery versus 49 days after surgery

Comparison… Five days after surgery versus 49 days after surgery and current scar photos.

Sientra, Highly Cohesive, Textured implants can be pushed together!

A real self member had asked if I could push my breasts together - so I am demonstrating how easily they move. I have a larger separation between them, then the average – but still able to push them together! This photo is 50 days post op!

Finding clothing for a small frame and bigger boobs...

So if you are smaller framed (size 6 or under) and bigger boobs (size D cup or larger) you may have found that clothes shopping is a little challenging unless you find clothes with stretchy material! It's not fun to buy say cotton top or dress and have it billow out because of the boobs creating an appearance of potentially pregnant or as if some weight was gained in the mid section!! I've looked online for stores in the US and haven't really found something geared for this new body I have... however, thanks to a post @tallaura on RS made, I'm so pleased to find Bravissimo (for bras, etc.) and Pepperberry (for clothing) from the UK! I'm very pleased the company has a conversion to USD$ on the upper tab of their web page, too! The prices aren't incredibly expensive and neither is the shipping cost (about $7.) to the USA! So while I have yet to order or receive anything so far, I thought I'd post my recent discovery! If anyone knows of US companies that make contemporary, attractive clothing for smaller framed (not petite, as I'm almost 5', 6") and bigger boobs women
, please let me know! T.I.A. :)

Pepperberry sizing... clothing for smaller frame/larger boobs..

Wish I could add this on to my previous post. Maybe I could get away with being a US size 6, but order Pepperberry size 8 based on this size table...

Before and 65 Days after BA

Comparison photos pre-op to 65 days post op!

More photos 65 days Post Op - different arm position and angles

34B to 32DDD - Before / After 65 days post op

Post op, 3 month, bra shopping!!

So fun to go to VS and try on underwire bras! No discomfort these days at the incision sites and the lumpiness of the scar tissue is gone, too. My breasts are continuing to soften and haven't really changed in size. So happy to now do pushups with much less pectoral muscle awkwardness (felt like they lifted and became tight previously). Happy to be healing and to now wear underwire bras without the push up padding! I did however choose this one that has slight foam padding on the bottom. I could not resist the color! :)

Size still the same, yet getting softer breast tissue each week! Yay!

I wondered just how much my textured, highly cohesive Sientra implants would soften and they have! Just in the past month especially! Really happy with the outcome! Can't thank Dr. Stridde, MD enough! Here are a few photos from a shopping trip to VS yesterday!
Kirkland Plastic Surgeon

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