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I spent years wanting to have a breast...

I spent years wanting to have a breast augmentation to correct my dramatically asymmetrical breasts. Yes, I know most women have uneven breasts, however, mine were incredibly so. REALLY UNEVEN. I had a large A/small B on one side, and basically nothing but a nipple on the other side. Nada. I spent my whole life stuffing those gel-like pads (I called them chicken cutlets) into the left side of every bra, bikini and dress I ever owned. I was unable to wear so many things. I would hide my body from people, and I was in good shape and so happy with my life, but felt so undesirable because of my incredibly asymmetrical chest. I was miserable. Last year, mid 20s, I finally decided it was time to do it. I was somewhat nervous because I know that asymmetry is very hard to correct and sometimes nipples don't line up, but nothing could be as bad as what I had to begin with.

I did not want a boob job for the sake of bigger boobs. I just wanted evenness, and my frame would not allow that large of implants that would still look natural anyway. I did a lot of research, and realized that correcting an asymmetry to the degree that I had was pretty much impossible. But that getting very close was definitely possible with a good surgeon. I wanted a natural look and feel, and had decided on silicone implants. I just wanted them evened out, so I could feel better about myself and my body. I am 5’7” and a fit 130.

I also knew this was a situation where you get what you pay for! So ladies…you get what you pay for! This is an investment, and I’m so happy I didn’t let cost cloud my judgment on the type of implants or the surgeon.

Dr. Sattler was my first consult and even though I went on 3 others, I had a feeling he would be my surgeon from the minute we left his office. My fiancé even said, “Cancel your other consults! This is your surgeon.” Sattler is that great! But I wanted to do my due diligence and it solidified my decision!

Dr. Sattler is an excellent augmentation surgeon, with lots of experience with breast cancer reconstruction, so he can make something out of nothing, so the speak. He really pays attention to aestethics, and to a beautiful final product. I knew he would do a great job correcting my tiny side and helping it even out. He talked to me about the fact that we were limited on size because my small side could only stretch so much to accommodate an implant. I was disappointed, but completely understood. This is the kind of honesty you want in a surgeon. He also explained that since my larger side has breast tissue, it will age a little different than my small side, which will basically be all implant. He was confident that my nipples would align post surgery, and that I would have much more symmetrical breasts. His confidence in achieving my goals was fantastic.

He also explained that my small breast would have to undergo quite a journey. It would need to stretch quite a bit, and it would be a slower recovery. He explained that there was also not a crease under my breast, like my other side had, because the breast never developed and so that would affect how it would end up looking. I knew a lot was going to depend on how he placed them, and how my body recovered, and I had ultimate confidence in both his skill and on my ability to do whatever it takes to help my “little” boob become closer in size and shape to her sister!

He also told me that a brand new generation of silicone implants were now in use, and that they were a great option for me. The form stable, “gummy bear” silicone. They are incredibly safe, and very natural looking. Because my small side was basically just a nipple and ZERO breast tissue, going with an anatomical gummy bear implant would impart the shape of a breast where there isn’t a shape. And since looking natural was so important to me, this was the best option. I am so glad we went this route! We chose 375 cc for my small side and 210 for my large side. Under the muscle, form stable silicone.

A few weeks prior to the surgery I filled up nylons with some uncooked rice and put them in a sports bra to wear under my work clothes, so that just in case they were SUPER swollen for a few weeks or ended up way bigger than anticipated (which I didn’t think they would but I was nervous and prepared for anything) coworkers and family wouldn’t find it obvious that my chest had grown. I didn’t want it to be obvious at work, and had no idea what to expect.

Before my surgery I was nervous, but just so excited. I don’t even remember being put to sleep. Afterwards I woke up and felt like there were two humongous rocks taped to my chest and oh my god was I in pain. The whole ride home I was moaning, the pain meds didn’t really help. I slept sitting up on the couch for a few nights, and had to take my pain meds around the clock, because when I didn’t the pain would wake me up. I had drains, and those were a bit annoying. My fiancé was a dream and took such amazing care of me. I don’t know what I would have done without him. My chest felt so tight for the week following the surgery I could hardly stand it. After a few days the pain became more tolerable and at that point the meds really helped. I was able to get up and walk around.

My boobs looked pretty crazy at first. My former small one looked like a Snoopy head! The implant was way high up, constricted by my chest muscle. And the nipple was pointing down! The other side, with the small implant and breast tissue to begin with, looked a little wacky, but it looked like most of the normal post op photos on here.

At my follow up Dr. Sattler explained that because of the circumstances I began with we may need to do some post op work, like wearing a strap to help the large implant move down into the pocket. I was also experiencing some nerve pain, which he explained is completely normal for what my former small side went through.

I continued to wake up with morning boob for weeks. I slept inclined and would sometimes wake up in pain because I had rolled to my side. It was slow going, especially on my former small side, which hurt all the time. Also, taking my drains out hurt so bad! I totally made a fool of myself and shrieked when they took them out.

After about 2 weeks my side that had the 210 implant (the former larger side, with breast tissue) had pretty much totally healed. It had dropped into the pocket, the pain was pretty much gone, and it looked fantastic. I sometimes would have some zingers in either breast, and in the nipples, but they weren’t bad and my side with the breast tissue regained ALL sensation in about 3 weeks.

My former small side was a different story. I began experiencing very bad nerve pain, which I knew I might have, but wow was it bad. At first I freaked out but Dr. Sattler called me and explained what was going on. It would stop me dead in my tracks and last for anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Just deep, sharp pains all around my left breast (former small side). That breast had basically been sliced open and made to expand to 10x its size. This happened daily for a couple weeks, and sloooowly started to get better. The nerve pain would come more infrequently, and wouldn’t last as long. I was wearing a strap almost 24-7 for maybe 3 months. This greatly helped my left side drop into the pocket. The strap sucks, its terrible!!! But ladies, if your surgeon says wear it, wear it!

Once the nerve pain subsided and another month or so went by things got exponentially better every few days. My former small side retained a bit of a cone shape for months. The implants themselves stayed very firm until about 7/8 months, and my side that is all implant is softening up really well. People that I’ve shown my before and afters to are so shocked and so impressed with how great the results are.

Best decision of my life! My final results are so perfect. The nerve pain was the worst part of the process. But again, it had a lot to do with how dramatic of a surgery my small side went through. The recovery itself was weird for me, because like I said, my side with the breast tissue and small implant was back in business within a couple weeks! Currently, I am 11 months out from surgery, and the lower half of my former small side (the one that’s all implant) is pretty numb still. The nipple is also very sensitive and hurts to touch sometimes. I try to do light massaging in the hopes that the nipple will come back to life. Honestly though, that means so little to me in the long run because having symmetrical breasts has changed my life and I feel so amazing about myself.

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Dr. Sattler is fantastic. He was my first consult and even though I went on 3 others, I had a feeling he would be my surgeon from the minute we left his office. My fiancé even said, “Cancel your other consults! This is your surgeon.” Sattler is that great! But I wanted to do my due diligence and wow did it solidify my decision! He truly cares about his patients and from the moment you meet him, it's obvious he is listening to you. Dr. Sattler has years and years of experience with plastic surgery, and his entire team is caring and skilled. Dr. Sattler genuinely wants the best results for his patients and he can make sure you get them! I started with extremely asymmetrical breasts and I have beautiful, even breasts now that look great, naked and in clothes! I even emailed him after hours several times with random questions/worries that would pop up in my head due to the nature of my upcoming surgery. He was always prompt in responding. He described the procedure in great detail, and due to my situation, even went over different options for me. His honesty and knowledge of surgery makes him a standout choice for a breast augmentation. The staff is prompt with everything, and gives you plenty of time to ask questions. Dr. Sattler goes above and beyond and I highly recommend him. His staff of nurses are so kind, and so compassionate, and the doctor himself is warm and genuine. I felt like he actually cared about my situation, about how miserable I felt with such extremely asymmetrical breasts. This was not the case with the other consults I went on. I can't remember the name of his right hand woman, but she was one of the highlights of the experience. Never before have I met a nurse who was so empathetic, sweet, and knowledgeable. The morning of my surgery I was actually really excited to see her! I looked forward to chatting with her at every post op! Post surgery, he called to check on me, made sure my meds were working for my pain, and assured both my fiance and myself that he was available anytime. As the healing process began, I never once felt like I couldn't call him. When my former small side was slow to drop and fluff, and it seemed like it would never heal properly, he reassured me and explained all the steps I could take at home to keep things healing. I didn't have a single complication, and 11 months later the girls look and feel amazing! My before and afters speak for themselves. I was not an easy patient, and Dr. Sattler's skills and caring medical attention truly changed my life. He rocks. Go see him!

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