5'9" 145 Lbs, 600-650cc, 36 No Kids- Turkey Day Ta Ta's! - Seattle, WA

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Like many I have stalked this sight for quite some...

Like many I have stalked this sight for quite some time and thought I would pass along the good karma by also posting my experiences not to mention selfishly this will help me to document and keep track of my progress.

So I am 5'9", 145lbs, no kids with no plans, and my goal is to get 650cc silicon high profile submuscular, inframammary.

My consultation experience was interesting. At first I wasn't sure what size my wish pics equated to. My first couple of consultations were good but the doctors didn't want to go bigger than 450-500cc although that didn't seem to get me the look I wanted. The doctor's reco's were not necessarily because of my body's ability to handle the implant (I asked), but more because the doctor's felt any more was too big and not natural (I am in the Seattle area so it can be body conservative). I was on the same page because hey you should listen to what the doctors say right? Except that I kept looking at my wish pics and they were not a 100% natural look. My goal is is to be full chested for my body size plus just a tad more. Well I proceeded to go to three more consults after that. At each consult I started out with my desired size a little higher than the last just to see what the reaction would be (same wish pics however). Each time the doctors would "negotiate" but the cc size got larger and larger. Now mind you I was looking for consistency between what the doctors would say not just looking for a doc to say "I can do anything" (which one doc pretty much did say and I ran away from that place).

So the big thing I found them to all say is that I would need a high profile to get the look I want (my pocket area is 13.1 right and 13.3 left). The max size I can get is 650cc though they prefer a bit less than that. If I truly wanted anything bigger than that I would need to plan for another procedure later.

So after 5 consults and with some consistent messages, I had to choose between doctor #3 (Dr Marosan) and #5 (Dr. Salemy). They were both really wonderful, essentially the same cost, both with very good reputations. They were sooo close in my mind, but ultimately I went with Dr. Salemy because of the shear amount of good reviews out there for him and then the dumb little things too (the atmosphere at the office, the robe material, the t-shirt they give you- oh yeah I am a sucker but I liked it I am not going to lie!).

Anyway, I wanted my surgery to occur over the holidays so that a) I wouldn't have to take off too many days of work b) its colder out so I can wear bigger clothes and scarves to work so the change will be less noticeable. So I put down my $500 non-refundable deposit and scheduled my appointment for Nov 23, 2015. I will have some new ta ta's to be thankful for this year!

Pre-op consult complete

On Monday I went in for my last consult before surgery on Mon 23rd. It went well. I sort of had in my head that they might come back and push back on the 650 size but all they said was "it's a bigger implant than many women want but it will fit your frame and it will look great". So that was great to hear. The rest of the appointment was paperwork, what to expect the day of surgery, perscriptiob, and of course payment. Now it's just a matter of prepping for Monday. Excited, a little nervous and anxious, but also ready to finally do this.

Surgery over.. Recovery on going

So surgery was on Monday morning. Everything went well and had my follow up appointment yesterday. No bruising but super tight skin and swollen. Sleeping is tough so I am up every 3.5 hours as the pain meds wear off. I am hoping I can start to ween myself off the meds soon but it's tough once they wear off. The pain feels a bit more accute/sensitive as the days go on especially on the sides but it's bearable. I hope to make big strides in recovery the remainder of the week. I am sure turkey dinner will help the healing :-)

5 days post op

So I did it and got 650 cc ultra high profile. I am 5'9" 145 lbs so i think they fit my body pretty well. They are of course still riding high and have not settled at all but based on looking at a million other profiles, they seem to be at the standard torpedo boob stage.

My doc did not give me the dreaded strap because he said he didn't want to put any more pressure on the stitches than necessary at first. I have my weekly (well 9 day) checkup on wed so I'll have to see if he adds the strap to my wardrobe or not then.

Otherwise recovery has been interesting. Day 1-3 were pretty sucky. Just lots of pressure and sore back. Day 4 I started to drop the pain meds and by day 6 I wasn't on any pain meds. Today is my weekly anniversary and I will " celebrate" by going back to work. I have a feeling it will be a long day but luckily I have a desk job so it shouldn't be too physically demanding.

8 days post op

The strap and a little bruising

I had my 9 day checkin on wed. The doc was pleased and said everything is going as it should. He said it may take longer than 6 weeks for things to really start shifting due to the 650cc size but that's to be expected.
They changed my incision covers and I am cleared to take a real shower (just no pools). He did end up giving me the dreaded strap however to help push things down. A couple weeks in the strap and I also started massaging. 5 movements/5 times per day for 5 weeks. Pretty much on a bathroom break I should stop and do some massage. My right side doesn't like the massage too much yet but the left side is softer and I have more movement.
I have also had a little bruising on both outside sides. You can see in the pic. Again doc wasn't worried and they are slowly going away.
Otherwise I am feeling relatively normal. Sleep can still be uncomfortable if I don't have enough support but I can do a semi- side sleep without a lot of discomfort.

Now it is the waiting game...massage, sleep and repeat.

3.5 wk post

Well it is almost Christmas and it has almost been a month since surgery. Updates at this point:
- all bruising is gone (not that I had much)
- I don't have to wear the strap anymore
-I don't have to apply tape anymore to the incisions. My right side is totally healed but the left had a little discharge even as of yesterday. The tape had a tendency to pull the scabs off the incision so it seemed to take longer to heal on the left side. I am watching it closely to make sure it doesn't continue to discharge without the tape on.
-I am still massaging although that part is boring. Doing it 5 times a day can be annoying but I am keeping up most of the time.
-the right side is still riding higher and not as soft as the left. Patience...
-I have some numbness on the underside of the breast and my nipples are pretty sensitive still. Not necessarily a bad thing but as the numbness goes away the nipple sensitivity seems stronger. Just need to be a little more gentle is all.
- I am starting to get dryness and itchiness so it's good that I can now apply bio oil to calm things down.
- I have some pimples on the top/ chest area from wearing bras so much but they are more like heat pimples vs real acne.
- I am still weak and remind myself not to push it. I.e. 50lb of cat litter is too much even just to push around!
- I am still wearing a lot of scarves to work and so far there hasn't been any obvious notices from co- workers.
-they are fun! I have gone through most of my closet and retried just about everything. It's fun to play dress up and to get rid of stuff that no longer fits. Actually most clothes just fit better than before so it's a good thing I didn't go purge my wardrobe prior to surgery.

That's about all for now. Happy holidays everyone!

Before and after (3.5 wk post op)

They are so different and so much better! :-)
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Consultation was great. Dr. salemy was very calming and confident (in a good way). More review to come after pre-op.

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