397cc's, 31, 2 Kids, 5'8", 145lbs, Started as an A- Seattle, W

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Just starting to seriously consider implants and...

Just starting to seriously consider implants and seeing doctors. After hitting my 30's, having 2 kids and recently losing 50lbs, my boobs are GONE! Starting at a small B. I'm not sure what to expect or if I will be brave enough to actually go through with it! I posted some pics to show what I am now (January 2015). I've always been a fan of small boobs, and I'm afraid that having larger boobs might make me look heavier.

Met Dr. Salemy and tried on sizers

So I had my first consultation yesterday and it will be my last. Dr. Salemy was that great. I was so nervous on my way to my appointment and the days leading up. I was afraid of going to someplace with people that were going to really intimidate me. I was afraid of walking into an office of perfect robotic people that would be scrutinizing every inch of me. I even discovered when I went to the restroom before meeting the dr, that when I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror I realized I was wearing about twice as much makeup as normal and my hair was about twice as big. Those are my tell tell signs that I am NERVOUS! My experience was completely opposite of what my fear was. I will admit that the entire staff was quite attractive, but they were all so real, warm and really down to earth. Even though my appointment was at the end of the work day, I never once felt rushed and I never got the impression that they were ready for the day to be done. As for Dr. Salemy, he was so kind and professional. He took his time talking with my husband and I, helping to make us both feel very educated on all of our options based on my body type and what my goals are. We first met in an office and discussed what my goals are and what a breast augmentation would entail. Then we moved to an exam room where Dr. Salemy gave me a brief exam and an extremely comfy robe to wear while we discussed what his suggestions are for how to best reach my goal. I was then given a sports bra and a variety of sizers within the range we decided would be best, and I got to try them all on and take pics. After wrapping up the sizing, I then got to meet with their appointment coordinator and discuss pricing and scheduling. Over all it was way more fun than I expected and everyone was far more friendly than I could have expected. I can't decide what size would look best. I know I won't be wearing shirts that show cleavage all the time, so I want to make sure that I don't get a size that makes me look heavy in sweaters and other more conservative tops. My other concern is not wanting to end up with a bra size that is not easily found in most bra stores. I posted pics of the sizers and I can't remember the exact size of each but I will leave a caption of the approximate cc's of both sizers.

Set a surgery date! April 9th 2015!

It was so hard to pick a date! Between making sure I'd have enough help around , making sure I'll have arrangements for my kids (2 and 4) working around their birthdays, Easter and all other commitments, it was tough to pick the right date, but I think I have. Now to figure out the right implant size! YIKES!!!

Wish boobs!

Here are some pic didn't wish boobs in case he wants to get an idea of what I have in mind. I figure it's better than just holding my hands in front of my chest as saying "this big" ha ha!


So I had my 2 week pre op appointment today. Everything went well... Dr. Salemy was amazing as usual, his staff was awesome as usual, trying on sizers was fun, talking over what I needed to do for prep was overwhelming but the nurse was super patient with answering my questions... All good stuff. Well I thought I'd be clever and take pictures of my sizers so I could look at them when I get home and continue to mull over my choices. I remembered that last time I took pics with sizers in, I forgot to label them which got confusing when I looked at them at home. So I decided that this time I would take a few pics with each sizer then text the pics to myself with the size so I could see which pics were with which sizers. It was a great plan until I realized I accidentally sent a group of photos to a number that wasn't mine! I accidentally hit one wrong number and now someone has a pic of me in a plastic surgery office in a sports bra with my stomach muffin topping over and a stack of implants behind me. SHOOT ME NOW! I spent the rest of the appointment so flustered and embarrassed and distracted that I could barely keep up with conversation. I feel like such a dummy! Well anyway, that was my day! I think I like the look of the 397s which means I think they'll put in 421s. I need to call back tomorrow and ask a few questions that i forgot. Can't wait until two weeks from now! Hopefully I don't find a way to embarrass myself like I did today!!!

More sizers

I think I'm ready! 1week out!

I'm only about a week out and I think I'm ready! I've got a comfy robe, a body pillow, an upright arm pillow (I have no idea what the real name for it is), neck pillow, new sheets and pillowcases which I'll put on my bed the night before, senekot (because the pills clog you up!), all my filled prescriptions, some Lara bars, some Izzy sodas, bendy straws (not pictured), ice packs (in the freezer), throat lozenges, a pill organizer, chap stick and some Lipton soup for when my throat hurts. I also already have a bag packed with some pj pants and a hoodie to wear home from surgery and a pillow for the car.

Got 397cc's

Had my surgery yesterday and it was a million times easier than I expected. And that's not me trying to put a positive spin on it or trying to say that I'm tough or anything, but I can truly say it went really well and easy. Maybe it is that I listened to my Dr when he told me I could get 421's if I wanted, but he felt like 397's would be a better fit for me. Maybe had I gone bigger it would have been a more painful recovery. But I came home yesterday and definitely felt like I had bruising on my sternum (which I don't but that's the only feeling I can compare it to). As I do feel pressure and well as a tightness or resistance when I forget to use minimal arm motions. But none of it really hurts necessarily. I'm able to get in and out of bed on my own, make myself a snack or drink, and so on. I can't, however, open pill bottles on my own or do anything that involves pulling something for either of my sides. Like if I'm in bed and need the covers to my left, I can't just pull them over me like normal. I either have to have someone help me or I have to roll to my side and pull the covers to my chest then roll to my back. My arm pillow (pictured in my last post) has been a life saver.
I had my 1st post op appointment today almost exactly 24 hours after my surgery, and Dr. Salemy was pleased with how things are looking. The worst part so far has just been what the meds are doing to my digestion (giving me extremely painful gas that I have to breath through the pain, and making me constipated.). So after talking to him about it, he suggested I take Valium for it to work as a muscle relaxer as well as some extra strength Tylenol in replacement of the oxycodone that I was taking. I am completely on board with that since I'm not in much pain and it was tearing my stomach up. It seems to be working and I'm still very comfortable. I've been drinking a ton of water and that is helping too. Getting to see myself with boobs for the first time was crazy! And exciting! If I think of anything else from my experience, I will be sure to update. Just taking it pretty easy today. Dr. Salemy and his staff are really amazing!

Before & 1 day after

2 day post op 397cc's

One week update

Feeling really good. Right one (left in pictures) is still really firm and sore, but over all I am so surprised at how great I feel. Hoping that once my right drops, my nipples won't look like lazy eyes pointing different directions anymore ha ha! Also included pics of my incisions which I saw for the first time today since I'm now on a routine of changing my own steri strips every few days. I know I'll be glad to have these photos to look back on when I make more progress.

One week progress

Comparisons for the first week. I will probably wait until about a month post of to pat another comparison photo.

One month update!

Righty still not fully dropped. Well not as dropped as the lefty yet. But I am SO HAPPY WITH THEM! I feel so comfortable with them, and I feel like they are a perfect size for me. I was afraid I'd have to play them down in my clothes most of the time, but since I wore such padded bras before, it hasn't been an extreme change from what I looked like pre surgery. I have little piece of a stitch that didn't quite dissolve on my right side, but it doesn't hurt or bother me at all and I think they'll likely just take it out during my 6 week check up. Otherwise, incisions are making great progress as well! I'm to the point where I forget that I had the augmentation, with the exception of when I go to turn my steering wheel hard or when I have to pull down on something. Then I feel a tightness but not necessarily pain. I'll post another update at the next milestone date!

Incision progress

One week post op to four weeks post op.

Free Latisse!

So I found out (by reading someone else's review here one Real Self) that the manufacturer of my breast implants, Allergan, often has promotions where they give free Botox or free Latisse (which they also manufacture) when you get their implants. So I asked my Dr's office about it and sure enough, Allergan was offering the deal. So I chose Latisse and it came in the mail today :) so excited!

3 month post op

Still waiting for righty to drop. It's still firm (not hard). Also have roundness on the top. I am in love with my left one though so just hoping the right will catch up sooner than later!

Called my dr today

After taking a few more looks at my photos I posted yesterday, I thought it would be best to call Dr. Salemy. Can I just say again, I LOVE MY DOCTOR! I love his whole office. They were so nice and the gal who answered was very helpful and offered for me to come in if I was concerned about the rate at which my left was dropping on comparison to my right. I explained that it doesn't bother me much and that until I took my 3 month post op photos, I didn't realize how much different they were. So she have me the option of emailing them a picture which I thought was a perfect solution. I was so surprised that they called me back same day. They explained that my breasts look normal for the stage of recovery I'm in and that some just take longer to drop than others. So now I'm going to give it until about 6 months or so and see where they are and then check back in with them if my right hasn't caught up to my left. I will say that my left feels so natural and soft. The right isn't bad, it's just that my left is so amazing I'm excited for them to both be equally amazing. Maybe I'm being greedy though, because over all, I'm happy :)
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

I don't know how to explain how happy I am with Dr. Salemy. Every time I left his office I felt more confident in my decision. I never once left feeling confused, and always felt like all of my questions were answered (mostly before I had even asked), and when I had any further questions I always felt comfortable asking. I never felt as though I was inconveniencing him or his staff by having a list of questions or by calling after an appointment when I thought of a new question. Not only were they amazing at all of my appointments, more importantly, he did such an amazing job on my augmentation. I am so happy with my results and after literally years of building up the courage, the surgery came and went so fast that I can't believe I didn't do it sooner! Anyone would be lucky to have Dr. Salemy and his staff perform their surgery.

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