30 Yrs Old/ 3 Kids/ 5'10" 150lbs. BA - Ready to Feel Sexy Again! - Seattle, WA

After three pregnancies and breastfeeding all my...

After three pregnancies and breastfeeding all my children my breasts have lost their fullness. I used to be a full D/ DD and would like to restore them somewhat to their original state! I am done having kids and it's time to focus on myself and my marriage! I will be getting a consultation tomorrow with Dr Salemy tomorrow and I am SO excited!! Hoping for a January surgery date. I am prepared to get a lift but would rather not, of course. We will see what he says! I'd like a natural look to them, not too large and not too round or full on top.


Saw Dr. Salemy today! I was so excited I don't remember having nerves like that! Very happy to hear I won't need a lift at this time. Hooray!!! Going for 330-360 ccs, with a little more for my left than right. I was really impressed with Dr. Salemy and his staff. A very private and comfortable setting. Really sweet and friendly staff, too. Augmentation will be $7990.

Wish boobies


I didn't realize how difficult it would be to decide!!!

Surgery scheduled!!!

February 13!!
Dr. Sharham Salemy

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