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After three pregnancies and breastfeeding all my...

After three pregnancies and breastfeeding all my children my breasts have lost their fullness. I used to be a full D/ DD and would like to restore them somewhat to their original state! I am done having kids and it's time to focus on myself and my marriage! I will be getting a consultation tomorrow with Dr Salemy tomorrow and I am SO excited!! Hoping for a January surgery date. I am prepared to get a lift but would rather not, of course. We will see what he says! I'd like a natural look to them, not too large and not too round or full on top.


Saw Dr. Salemy today! I was so excited I don't remember having nerves like that! Very happy to hear I won't need a lift at this time. Hooray!!! Going for 330-360 ccs, with a little more for my left than right. I was really impressed with Dr. Salemy and his staff. A very private and comfortable setting. Really sweet and friendly staff, too. Augmentation will be $7990.

Wish boobies


I didn't realize how difficult it would be to decide!!!

Surgery scheduled!!!

February 13!!

Almost time!

Had my pre op on the 25th. Dr Salemy has a great team of staff. The nurses were really sweet and informative. I forgot to ask the dr something and they got him right back in. It seemed weird that I only saw the dr. For a total of probably 5 minutes throughout both my consult and pre op. That being said I have done a lot of research and I am 100% confident in Salemy and my decision. I didn't have many questions to ask. Going with 345cc and 360cc (my R is larger) medium profile. So excited!!! I have started to make lists and buy supplies for after surgery. If you have any tips I'd love to hear them!! So far I have pillows up the yin yang and a post surgery bra in addition to what the dr provides. :) :)

It's done!! Yay!

Had my surgery today!! It went so well. I anticipated more anxiety but it wasn't too bad. I didn't take any medication prior to surgery. The staff is so lovely. Very happy with the whole experience.

When I woke up I wanted to giggle with joy because it actually happened. It's been all very surreal. The nurse was so sweet. I asked her to hold my hand and she did. I felt a little nervous waking up, thought I was dreaming.

Just looking at my chest with my sweatshirt on I'm very happy. I was terrified of being too big. I'm so excited to see them tomorrow with dressings off. They provided a nice zip up bra and I have a compression band so no point in taking pictures today. I'll get photos tomorrow!!!

Beautiful Boobies!!!!

24 hr post op today, and I'm SO Fucking happy!!! Just amazing staff, amazing results!!!

Recovery day 3

The last few days have been a blur! Pain is getting less and less every day and I'm no where's near as stiff. I as lucky enough to not get any nausea. Very minimal constipation and bloating, made sure to take my stool softeners before surgery day and eat lots of soft foods- lots of fruit and water and soup. NO fast food ladies!!!! ;) I was able to get up and move around a little this morning but probably shouldn't have. Tiny bits every so often are better. Took bra off for an hour and it was glorious. Right now the itchy compression band is bugging me more than anything. Breasts are changing already! Looking great. Like they were mine all along. They are JUST what I wanted and they're only going to get better. I'm elated and still feel it's all a bit surreal.

1 week post op

Feeling so much better and just about done with meds. If I didn't have children I could probably do with out them, but I end up doing too much and and either my breasts are in pain or spasming. I'm ready to be done and back to driving and such but I have to be patient! It's not worth screwing anything up. My arm movement isn't painful anymore and I generally have more energy which is nice. My kids are happy about that too. If you have kids GET LOTS of HELP!!!! I'm so grateful for my supportive family. I only had to do one day on my own so far. (Yesterday) Breasts are feeling a bit like heavy rocks but otherwise good. No incision pain. Nipples are becoming sensitive and feeling is coming back. Still numb but not anywhere near as much. Excited for another week of progress. I'm ready to get back to working out! Can wait to go bikini shopping!!! Woot!
Dr. Sharham Salemy

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